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    Seriously over shows with makeovers that suddenly give the contestant 20/20 vision! Have you noticed not ONE makeover on this show that has worn glasses gets to keep them on for the reveal. All of a sudden the contestant can see. It's an insult to people that HAVE to wear glasses (that cannot wear contacts) that they obviously think glasses are so ugly and make the person ugly - what other conclusion is there! Seriously they need to take a good hard look at themselves over this mistake.
  • Good show but...

    ... can you make miracle with someone like me? will be second hand show if you succeed with someone from Europe and especially with me because from USA is not so interesting. You guys expect everybody looks nice and swelty but reality is something very different and difficult. I invite and tent you to do so, thx, rgds+++

  • how do I look

    Can you please advise me on how I to register my daughter to take part in the show

    She really needs a change in her wardrobe and style, as you are one of the best , I know

    she can change for the best

    Thank You from her mum


  • from macedonia

    Hi I love the just telling you to follow your broadcast via satellite and it's great. In my country something like this does not this show I am learning how do I look?My meil is

  • Revisit


    I love the show. I would love to see some of the ladies that have been on the show and how they are going now. To see if they have kept theie new look or returned to their old ways
  • how do i look

    I love this program is cool
  • From Croatia


    My name is Marina and I am writing to you from a distant Croatian.

    I'm just telling you to follow your broadcast via satellite and it's great.

    I'm sorry that something like this does not show in our country and what we do not have such an opportunity to apply and change look.

    Basically I'm learning a lot from your show, and I'm glad I got the chance to do and see it.

    You are great.

    Your help would be great because I have 32 years and I have not found my style

    Forgive me for the bad english;)

  • bullshit

    In my opinion, this show is selfish, judgmental and fickle. I can't believe it has gone on so long. It's shameful.


    My name is Mapule Hazel Thwala ,I AM 30 yeears old and a mother of two kids, a girl 11 years old , a boy 2 years and 6 am currently unemployed. i live in South Africa (QwaQwa Free State)

    i really need your help i have gained a weight and now i don't know what to wear and also the issue of me not working is very serious. i have a dream to have my own TV talk show and i am struggling on how to bring it live, i was struggling since i was 26 years old till now and this is affecting me a lot even the way i dress i cant go out with my friend and family because i always feel embarrassed and ashamed of my self and i cant even afford to buy new clothes for myself .

    And now i am an angry person i am always angry and shout at my kids for nothing ,i take this issue i am having out of them which is not fair to them at all. their father he also doesn't want to go with me to town also he said he doesn't go with a person who cant dress herself well, and it hurts me very bad.

    my contact details 083 883 2377/ 071 459 2916 my sister 072 329 3754 my mom 073 870 3938 my twin sister 071 964 6584 my email address mapskutlwi@gmail,com

    i really need your help a lot Jennie please please help me out. I describe myself like this way





  • Jeannie, I hate your hair

    What the hell with blue and purple? Seriously?

    Before you criticize someone's style you should get your self together first.

    I hate your choice of color also. It's cheap and it's not classy at all. I'm not a fashionista but I've seen better. Now, HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE CRITICIZED by someone who don't even understand your style?

    You pretend to know about fashion but I don't think you know about the purpose of fashion. What you are doing is like forcing cats into a jar.

    Giving style to non-style people is one thing but giving style to stylish people is another thing. Yes, their style might not be accepted by the society, but it's who they are and what they chose to be.

    Plus, goth, punk, street, vintage, and rockabilly is fashion. There are big industries for these underground fashions. And these people also get any good jobs they want to be. Yeah, they couldn't be a lawyer or lawyer but it doesn't matter. If you want to help them improve their style, you should study more. Not just taking away their identity.

    If you really know fashion, you should have known that already. It's ok to be weird. Jesus and Gandhi had done that before.

  • no respect

    I don't like that tv programm at all!!!

    We shouldn't judge the people by looking how they are dressed!

    I like wenn people have an unique style. I find very boring when all the people wear the same clothes and have the same style.

    I can understand that the poor people that have to do that relooking programm feels raped. the friends say that they do it because they love her..... think that when somebody really loves you, he doesn't care about what your are wearing!

    What a shame!!! That ist NOT EVOLUTION.

    I would like to rate 0 but I can't.... What a bummer!!!

  • Change Your Own Style

    Jeannie Mai needs to take the advice she gives everyone else and change her OWN style! I mean, seriously? Most of the styles she wears are awful! And her long, black, and has blue streaks in it! And she makes the others change their style and color! Why doesn't she change hers?! I know I need to change my own looks; and if I could afford to, I would. But Jeannie is supposed to be a professional and she needs to look like it!
  • How do I participate?

    I lost all my clothes in the storage after a bad financial situation my husband put all my furniture and clothes in the storage and we moving to our sisten in law house and I took only home clothes,now after 2 years i'm still never recovery my wardrobe and I dress with friends clothes and goodwill clothes,I fell so depressed and I don't have any wish to go out to nowhere, the time pass and I become fat and I am so frustrated with my big stomach, pray for a liposuction and back to my own style clothes. Please I really need some help,I do have taste and style but I must use what my friends give to me since I don't have conditions to go to a fashion store..
  • I like some of the confidence it seems to give the ladies but

    I'm sad that most of the ladies, lose of their identity at the end of the makeovers and become

    this cookie cutter version of the Norm.. It kind reminds me of TV Stepford wives or Twilight Zone "Number 12 Looks Just like You".. I wish they would just make a better versions of them.. Not the latest celebrity looks..
  • my mom needs a shove in the right direction

    im 13 years old and my mom is turning 34 shes a young and beautiful mom but she dresses like she doesn't have nice clothes every once in awhile she will but on a dress and her clothes are not horrible but i think she needs some advice on how to be comfortable and classy at the same time can u please help i dont know where to apply her for this !
  • choose the right way

    love to watch the show but hate when the makeovers are stuck with bad out fits that everyone agrees look terrible just because they like "ONE" of the out fits. I think the show would be more successful if they could choose the three out fits out of all three collections, we have all cringed at the collection that has that one bad out fit, and leave the show thinking ewww, now they're stuck with one good out fit, a so so out fit and one terrible one because they have to choose the whomp, show stopper, kinda kills the thought of their great new look, any way food for thought
  • I need help

    I am trying to apply for the show but do not know how can anyone help?????
  • my mother needs help!

    I LOVE your show so much, and i'm thinking my mom REALLY need's your help so much. can you help?
  • Inspiration!

    I love the show. Gives you the idea that you can wear things that look appropriate, sexy, classy, no matter what your size is. I still struggle with changing my style because I hate how most clothes look on me. Gives ppl inspiration that may have insecurity issues or just don't or want to get out of their comfort zone. Also gives you many ideas on different styles. Love it!
  • Narrow Shoes/Back Injury

    I DONT know where to buy Narrow Shoes at on line. DSW and other popular sites WONT let me know where I can get Narrow Shoes + I have a Bad back injury and I CANT wear 3 + inches heels. Can anyone out there help me? Thank you for your time and help.
  • Jeannie needs a Make UNDER

    She is so cute & wears clothes well - but she is OVERdressed and not necessarily the best role model. Sometimes she looks like a barbie doll teetering around on those overly high heels, waving her fake nails around, She needs to tone her own look down. Tonight on the Twisted Sister episode, she was telling a punk rock fashion victim, and in the reveal, Jeannie had blue hair extensions in! Nevertheless, I enjoy seeing the before & afters.
  • Inspiration!

    I am inspired by this show normally I feel that TV is just a way to brainwash human beings by the government but the girl on this show she looks fabulous and she has an amazing sense of humor and great taste, I love her style some day Id love to meet her and hang out with her. My mom and I are best friends and we are some what lowered by our self esteem, her a lot more than I. I want her to be happy and me to be happy as well. I don't think I dress bad but theres always room for improvement. My mom on the other had she only wears jeans and complains about her weight, I know she can look slim and beautiful in other styles but she just wont give. I someday hope to run my own fashion line but I must capture the look before starting one.
  • Are we all controlled by what other think and assume what we should look like.

    Its a chain reaction in human society that we feel that we should go with the flow, Dress as others do, WHY?

    team and gang up. but in side are you truly happy to who you are? Its a fact that people in a group fear to step out side the circle. Some of the people who dress, or over dress set trends for the future. If they are wearing an item. thats not in time, So what, it was designed by some one who made it big once, look back in time, Are we all to be come Stereo types ?

    just watching Alishia Season 11 no way . Ok she over dresses, But I liked her as she was, she shone her personality shone, That silver dress , all the make over , its not her, she looks older and fatter. What are you on, As they say, humans act in packs, like wolfs, Bulling up on those who don,t fit in, Well she does , just not the right people, better then looking Ummm better not go there. Yes i will say it, the host as i said on the advertising in asia. She looks like a thailand lady boy.
  • authorisation need

    please i work with a compnay here that is willing to buy rights from your show. i'd love o have a direct link or contact with the management or admin. anyone to help email . thank you
  • Not sure

    I loved the previous host..she was great..loved the location for the shows however i thought the people picked for the shows were extremely over the top. The new show and host.......Now the people are real..however i find the show boring. the location is dull and boring and its lost the fun factor about it. Shame. Bring back the old host and location but keep the guests from the current show coming.

    I love the show and Jeannie brings it alive. My only problem though is that Jeannie is ridiculously overdressed for the reveal, far outshining her fashion victim, and also worse considering her audience are mostly in jeans and teeshirts. I'm also fed up with the drag queen look every victim seems to get for the reveal: long stringy extensions, heavy makeup, the same short coloured dress etc, which are not at all relatable to the ordinary viewer. All the victims are first shown in their atrocious day wear so it would be nice to see them revealed in their revamped chic daytime looks, perhaps in jeans, Jackets and heels, or chic little day dresses and for the office wear challenged ones, in a nice work suit or dress. Then the rest of their looks from their chosen collection: evening, casual etc., can be shown on the screen by the victims in full hair and makeup. The hair could also be made to look more realistic and less high maintenance. Otherwise I love what the show does for the victims. Hope there'll be a change soon.
  • Heather and the Girls

    Just finished watching the show for the first time ever. It was very good, and I really like how Jeannie interacted with Heather. Very genuine, very honest, but not at all in a hurtful way. I love that Heather has so much self-confidence, but it wasn't congruent with the way she dressed. I think the makeover was absolutely fantastic, and especially loved her hair and make up!!! She easily looked 15 years younger! Way to represent us curvy girls! Looking forward to watching again.
  • Oh my...

    I'm watching the "Passing the Fashion Bar" Episode and I can not believe how rude the people are! I think the way her daughter is talking to/about her is totally unacceptable, she should have got a slap in the lips for that kind of disrespect!!! This woman has five kids and has just finished school. I'm sure anyone who has kids knows, you put them first and most times you don't have time for yourself after you've made sure everyone else's needs have been met. Some people may need a little or alot of help with their appearance, but you don't have to be so hurtful about it!! I love how on the website it says "Meet Jeannie and her Style Team", yet they only show her picture!! I'm sure even Jeanie has a bad hair day...I find it all so disgusting!! I love it when people sit on their high horse and judge others...not!! Tear them down and build them up, I guess??
  • How do I look?

    I want to agree with Jrosens, so many of the ladies on this show wear spectacles to begin with but no-one ever wears them after the make-over. This reinforces the idea that you cannot look sexy/smart while wearing specs and is especially upsetting for those of us who are unable, for opthalmic reasons, to wear contact lenses. It seems we still believe, as Dorothy Parker said: Men never make passes at girls who wear glasses.

  • new you New jersey

    this show was my favorite of all this was showing that the producers are so nice and i loved this one i loike the show. this was just my fav. I'm from Philly, so i have the shore in NJ, that i love so this was just sweet. to me.
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