How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 14

46 Minutes

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2012 on CBS

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  • Do I see a shark?

    I gave up in the strip club. This season has been one of the slowest shark pool jumps I've witnessed in television. The writers are obviously terrified to try progressing the original premise of the show. It's wandering every which way but forward. My sympathies to an exceptional cast... who were exceptional when they still had worthy scripts to work with.
  • Russian HIMYM! LOL! Epic!

    The storylien in this episode was - admitteldly - dull. However, it was hilarious!!!

    I partiocularly loved the HIMYM intros with 'How I Met Your Barney' and the Russian HIMYM with Better Lily and New Marshall! That just had me laughing!

    So I have to say, if you're after the storyline of how Ted meets the mother, this isn't the episode for you, and this would normally result in me giving a low score. However, there were some hilarious moments, which is why I gave it a ten!

    I do expect a little more next week, though!
  • Lack of progression

    Sadly this episode is just another in a long line this season of episodes that do everything but tell the story of how Ted met his wife. The story isn't even so much about Ted anymore but focuses too much on Marshall and Lily, which in itself is ok, but this is meant to be the story of "how I met your mother".

    The show is awesome!! Can never had a bad episode!!!! Lighten up and enjoy it!!!!

  • It's not so bad

    Everyone is complaining that they would like the writers to start showing us the mother. The show is called "how I met your mother" and I'm assuming that is when the show will end so clearly, if they start telling us about the mother, the show is done. HIMYM signed on for 2 more seasons so they need to stretch out the story line.

    Yes the show is about how he met their mother but it's also just a bunch of adventures between friends. If you're waiting for the episode when Ted will meet the mother, then just wait 2 years and watch the final episode. For those who enjoy the wacky adventures of the gang, this episode is not horrible. Yes the show has seen better days but stop hating on the writers just because they haven't introduced the "mother".
  • Bring The Mother Already

    I've said, before this season even began that if they don't make progress in revealing the mother, this show is going to go south fast. There will simply be a lack of ideas and this episode is proof of it. I hate to quote Community (actually I love quoting Community) but "6 seasons and a movie."
  • My God...

    Worst episode of the season, possibly the worst of the entire series.

    Lily and Marshall's storyline was unwatchable. Lily's dad is such a terrible character, worse even than Robin's psychiatrist boyfriend (I hope they break up soon). The Blair Witch camera angles thing was old 10 years ago, so I don't know what made the writers think it would be funny now. I don't care that Lily and Marshall have minor troubles with their house, I just want to see some progress on who the mother is.

    The difference between the hilarious and the lame episodes in any given season has always been pretty big. However, this episode was a new low for me given the brilliance of the first few episodes of this season.
  • Repeat?

    Although this episode is not up to the usual cavalier as all the others it was better than thoses who rated it. But i think they didn't need to
  • horrible...

    this is the worst episode of this season... 150th episode... and my expectations are more.. but.. trash
  • What happened?

    I had high hopes for this season. Started off well but episodes like this show me how much it fell off.

    Compare it to episodes from seasons 2-3 and you feel like you're watching 2 different shows.

    The dialogue is terrible. The jokes are corny.

    The content has become very.. adult rated, yet the way they act makes me feel like I'm in grade 3.

    I really hope they get back on course to the main plot of the show, and stop trying too hard to be funny.
  • 46 Minutes

    Meh sort of sums up my opinion of this episode. I liked their little jokes about the start up and the fact that they brought Lily's doppelganger into it for a bit, but I just didn't care all that much for the plot. I thought it was a given already that Lily and Marshall were at LongIsland, but this episode didn't seem to agree with me. Also, Lily's dad is a reeeeaaaally annoying character, the little bit in last weeks episode was nice, but this one was just stupid.

    Still, love the show, this episode did have some moments which I enjoyed, so fingers crossed for the next episode :)
  • Horrendous...

    if it wasn't for Chris Elliott, it might have been lower. this show is sooooooo done...