How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 18

A Change Of Heart

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2011 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Barney is frightened by his growing feelings for Nora. Robin's new boyfriend exhibits canine tendencies.

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  • Barney's Heart

    One of the reasons this season was one of the best if not the best of this series was that other characters got a chance to shine. Not that that they were doing a a great job before but this season they really stepped up.

    Barney has always been someone who enjoys life to the fullest. Besides when is going after Robin, you don't see a serious side of Barney that much. There were snippets this season but this would be a two episode arc that you see Barney in a different light. After Marshall's father dies, everyone decides to get their hearts checked. After everyone (even Marshall twice) Barney is the only one who doesn't get one. Eventually he does decide to get one. I love that he takes Lilly along with him. Between the time Barney first puts on the monitor and the results a lot happens. As with stories on this series it was done very well.

    Robin's new boyfriend/dog is one to remember. All the jokes said about him were funny with one obvious one missing. I loved the way this guy acted. He remained me a little of like Andy from Parks and Recreation but more dog like. It was good Scooby was here for only a short time. This storyline helped balanced the other one out.

    My only complaint about this episode (and it's a minor one) was the telling of Barney's story. It sometimes got a little confusing on what story was being told like in the Oh Honey episode. However this story was much better. Before Barney dated Robin, he never considered kids unless having a kid meant he could get a women. I do believe he was telling the truth when he told Nora he wanted kids. When pressured he does the right thing, but he wants to do it in his way. If it wasn't for the countdown episode the ending while amazing would be one of the saddest of the series. Just a awesome song at the end.moreless
  • The gang decides to get their hearts checked.

    "A Change of Heart" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. The beginning of the episode was so cute with everyone getting their hearts checked out. I love how Barney gets slapped all the time and he still has one slap left from Marshall. I think it's cool that Barney has fallen in love with Nora. I love how Robin's new boyfriend acts exactly like a pet dog.I give this episode a 8.5/10.moreless
  • 618

    And the Spring Finale of How I Met Your Mother does not disappoint. We've got a lot of character development with Barney, is he ready to settle down with Nora? We won't know, at least for a while, but you couldn't help but feel bad for Barney at the end of the episode.

    The whole Scooby thing was a little ridiculous but it was funny at times, even though I really don't like Robbie Amell, and it was just strange seeing him on a show like How I Met Your Mother, considering I'm usually used to seeing him on Disney/Nickelodeon.

    Looking forward to what the rest of the season has in store for us, we've definitely been getting a lot of setting stones this season, maybe Barney settling down will be one of them...moreless
  • A Change of Heart...

    Whilst not necessarily being the funniest episode of How I Met Your Mother this season, "A Change of Heart" will definitely go down as one of my favourites. For a while now the writers have switched up the focus of the show and moved on from the childish humour in a series of mostly unconnected episodes, to a more serious character driven set of episodes that do well to follow on from one another. This week, we see a topic a that has been addressed a few times throughout the show's six seasons but never really felt as genuine as it did in "A Change of Heart." In the wake of Marshall's fathers death, save for Barney, the gang all get their hearts checked out. When Barney finally decides to follow suit and is tasked with wearing a heart monitor, we get to see a fairly cheesy, but nonetheless, charming account of an evening Barney spends with his new "love" interest Nora.

    For the past couple of episodes it seems like they have been setting up Barney's character for a paradigm shift toward a more serious and respectable outlook, and given that the show ultimately has to drive towards some conclusion, I accepted that it was about time for the change. However, at the last moment after Barney realises that he truly has feelings for Nora, he backs out and decides not to tell her. Personally I was a little annoyed at the writers choice of prolonging the inevitable, but I suppose if it can allow them to deliver more character centric episodes like this before he finally gets there, maybe it will have been worth it? Either way, a pretty solid episode of How I Met Your Mother.moreless
  • Barney is getting his heart checked out because after marshals dad dies they all go and get checked out, everyones hearts are fine but barney had a few small irregularities on his, leading into a Barney love story with Nora.moreless

    i thought it was a super great episode.

    at the End when Barney goes into the cafe to tell Nora his feeling and meet her parents, it was lovely and would have been a great way to end the episode... but thats not Barney, we all knew that if barney had done that the show would be about to wrap up, and NO we want more single barney jokes, we want Ted to find the mother, but we want drama there too. when ted meets the mother we need them to fit as a perfect couple and for there to be a backstory to why she is perfect for ted, involving the yellow umbrella and the saint Patricks day party. We want lily and marshal to be the perfect couple, we want robin to hate kids but as time goes on her heart slightly warms to the idea, and we want single barney!

    not to mention we have seen relationship barney before, he got fat and stopped trying to get laid, for god sakes he wiped his hands on his suit! if barney ever gets into a committed long term relationship again, it had to be after Ted has met the mother, if Ted is single then Barney is too

    When Barney walked away from the door at the very end of the episode, that was true season 1 barney. true barney never confronts his feelings, he runs off to score girls, drink scotch and play laser tag. 10/10moreless
Suzy Nakamura

Suzy Nakamura

Dr. Susan Kirby

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Robbie Amell

Robbie Amell

Nate "Scooby" Scooberman

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Bob Saget

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