How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 6

Aldrin Justice

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2006 on CBS

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  • Bryan Cranston changes anything for the better!

    Bryan Cranston did - unsurprisingly - an awesome cameo role! I also likd the rest of the plot and Neil Patrick Harris was great, trying to prove himself to a "cougar". The Lily Part, "Justice Stealing", was sometimes too ridiculous, but the gags were still good.
  • Barney and the older women: Lilly works with Ted

    This was a good episode in that it didn't leave u guessing what happened. Lilly tries to continue to find herself by working with Ted. On a personal note, I really enjoyed Ted's boss. It was probably from watching Bryan Craston from Malcolm in the Middle. He played the jerk boss in a very likeable role. It was funny how he didn't realize that building was well you watch the show. The second story with Barney, Marshall, and his law professor. You wouldn't realize that she was on Dr. Quinn Medicine Women. I liked how Barney was falling in love with her. This episode has a nice ending for Lilly and Ted.
  • Lily stands up to Ted's boss for him and Barney helps Marshall out with his tough grading law teacher.

    Lily wants to find her dream job, and after embarrassing herself at a Hawaiian restaurant, Ted offers her an available job at his architectural firm. (The story of how that opening became about was funny as well) She takes the job and is quickly disgusted by Ted's boss, Hammond Druthers, so she takes his baseball autographed by Pete Rose and leaves a note. Ted thinks she's nuts but Lily is out to prove a point, but instead, Druthers threatens to fire people. When they both come clean, things seem to be back to normal. In the mean time, Druthers presents his design for a building in Spokane to the firm manager and he doesn't like it because it, well, looks like a penis. Lily urges Ted to present his design and it is immediately approved, Ted is appointed project manager, and ultimately thanks Lily. I liked this storyline the most of the two. I was kind of annoyed but happy with Lily at the same time. And that Druthers. Oh that Druthers! I hate that Druthers! Meanwhile, Marshall is upset with how his tough law professor grades and Barney offers to help. He sleeps with her three times and gets Marshall's grade up to a B+, and that's all I'm going to say, because honestly, I hate these disgusting Cougar storylines.
  • Lily tries to figure out her calling.


    "Aldrin Justice" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Lily gets a job at Ted's workplace and she doesn't like that Hammon Druthers is a jerk so she teachers him a lesson. I love how she takes away his baseball because that's what she would do with her kindergarten class. I love how Lily realizes that she's supposed to be a kindergarten teacher. I love how Barney sleeps with Marshall's professor so she'll give Marshall good grades. I love how She grades Barney on the sex they have and he keeps going back to get a higher grade. I love how Barney ended up in the hospital. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • Lilly stands up to Ted's boss in an unusual way.

    A definite solid episode, I'm glad they got some Lilly/Ted interaction, I'm glad it's not all Ted/Robin. Lilly is still trying to find herself, just in New York. So she tries out different careers. She starts being the office assistant at Ted's firm. She finds out that Ted's boss is mean to him, so she starts stealing things from his office, because that's how she always did it in her kindergarten class. Ted's boss continues to be mean, and Lilly refuses to return the things she stole. So Ted fires her, then later one, the skyscraper that Ted's boss has been building: the one that looks like male genitalia gets rejected by the builders, so Ted finally stand up for himself and takes Lilly's advice. he shows his skyscraper that he built, last shown in 204. Lilly finds out that what she wants to do with her life is be a kindergarten teacher, what she was from the very beginning. Made me think this plot was a big filler, but still funny. The funniest was Barney trying to sleep with Marshall's teacher so Marshall can get an A. But Barney keeps on doing poorly in bed since "the cougar" is very experienced. Him trying to impress her and nearly falling in love with her by the end was hysterical. He ends up dislocating his hip, and his final score is a B+. A hilarious episode that brought development in Ted's career. Solid episode.
  • Even better than the last episode.

    Ted gets Lily a job at his firm, but she only makes trouble for Ted when he refuses to stand up to his boss. And Barney sleeps with Marshall's law school professor to help his grades, but she's less than impressed with his prowess.
    This episode is the best episode yet it had me laughting from the start to the end Barney was brilliant as usual very funny when he went after the Cougar. Lily was also great, she was great when she stole the baseball and written that letter, great stuff exactly why I watch How I met your mother and sitcoms all together.
  • Modern skyscraper

    That was to great. A "modern skyscraper", I mean they weren't kidding it's a giant...Johnson, what's that in the sky. *wink*

    Lily was very funny in this episode as well, she seems like a great teachers...for little kids. With adults...she needs some work. As most people could probably tell. Although the baseball idea wasn't a bad teaching technique...for children.
  • Overall a solid episode brought as usual up a notch by Neil Patrick Harris

    I had been kinda looking forward to this episode for a while, mainly because i heard that Jane Seymour was guest-starring and i just love her dry wit and humour.

    As for the main plotline.... I'm not sure, it was cool and as always i love Alyson Hannigan but it just seemed a little less awesome than some of the recent episodes. However considering the calibre of those its not really something to be that unhappy about.

    What made this episode great was the Cougar storyline with Barney trying to get Marshal a better grade by sleeping with his lecturer played by Jane Seymour. Neil as always nailed the character and the lines and once again completely stole the episode.

    So all in all a very solid episode that while not a masterpiece continues a (so far) better second season than i ever dreamed.
  • Barnacles Best

    The episode seems to play out as a way of getting as much of the quintessential Barney as possible.

    Whilst Lilly gets a job at Teds office and promptly steals Teds bosses favourite baseball because he \"was being mean\". This prompts the guy to threaten to sack 3 people every hour until it is returned. Ted, realising that Lilly will not return the ball and instead steal something different has to resort to firing her to save the company.

    Elsewhere Marshall is annoyed as his new law professor has recently been divorced and is taking it out on everyone else. After suggesting she needs to get laid Barney takes it upon himself to rise (pardon the pun) to Marshalls challenge.

    Describing his professor (special guest star Jane Seymour) as a cougar, Barney sets off and succeeds only to find he was given a C rating, which then effects Marhsalls latest paper rating. Desperate to improve his grade he quickly tries again, and again until he dislocates his hip. Fortunately he receives a B+ grade much to Marshalls relief.

    Elsewhere Ted manages to save his company a lot of money by submitting his design for the new skyscraper after the \"Penis Building\" design is rejected.

    Whilst the season story is not developed in this episode it\'s good to see Barney having a bigger story as he was sidestepped in series 1 for Ted & Robin and Marshall & Lilly. He seems to be coming into the sotries now and as my favourite character that is great to see.
  • Jane Seymour is wasted

    this is my first review of "How I Met Your Mother" and it won't be the last. But this episode is terrible, because the way they treated Jane Seymour, an actress that I admired vvery much. it a good idea that an older is cast to seduce an younger guy, but nothing much has come from this episode. the only reason why I watch that is bercause of Alyson Hanningan and that terrific theme song. Nothing much has happened in that episode. I have better things to say in future episode, but not this one. I love Jane Seymour, but not in the way the series has treated her.
  • And how I met your mother is back on track!! (SPOILERS inside)

    After the last episode the show left me full of hope for the forthcoming installments. And my hope wasn't betrayed. In this episode the story progresses a little, Lily-wise and Barney provides tons and tons of laughter. The fact that he's judged a C- in bed is quite unexpected and the challenge to do better are wonderful. The only thing I didn't like about the episode is Lily stealing objects from people in order to teach them a lesson. That was quite awful, but whatever a Barney story like that one has to be rewarded. Autors: B+ and now keep it up!
  • Aldrin Justice does this show justice! [Spoilers]

    Aldrin Justice is just another hilarious episode of this light hearted comedy! The story this time evolves around Lilly. Lilly hasn't decided on what she wants to do and so is trying different jobs, each with no luck. To keep her going (so that she can afford to change jobs/careers) Lilly works at a resteraunt which she quits after the gang visit her. Lilly then takes up an offer to work at Ted's company as an assisstant. We, for the first time, meet Ted's boss who is quite arrogant and up himself. He is the one that designed the penis shaped building. Because Ted's boss is so mean, Lilly decides to teach him a lesson by stealing his favourite baseball which is signed by pete rose three times. Ted finds out that Lilly has stolen the ball and finds out why she did it, thus the name of the episode Aldrin Justice! Ted eventually fired Lilly but at the end realises that it is important to speak up for yourself and tells his boss and client his plans for the building, which is a success. Barney, though out this episode, is sleeping with Marshall's 40 year old professor who Barney describes as a cougar. Through out the episode Barney promises Marshall that by sleeping with her, she will mark their essays and exams easier but unfortunatley for the first time (according to Barney) he cannot satisfy a woman.