How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 5

Architect of Destruction

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2010 on CBS

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  • too much info

    Earlier in the series Ted is choosen to lead the design the new building for GNB. The plans were scrapped and Ted was fired. However at this time GNB decides to build a new headquarters and has Ted design it but on his terms. However all of a sudden, Ted decides he doesn't want to do it or have GNB choose new place. Yep you guessed it, If you had been watching this long it's because of a girl, Zoey. She is interesting. I won't reveal who Zoey truly is or whether she has a connection but what future Ted said at the end did foreshadow things. I do wonder why Ted is attracted to her. She seems to hippy chick (see Strawberry) for Ted. Why did Ted keep on lieing to her. I also wonder why the plan to include the buildings designed were not used. Don't worry that is not a big spoiler. I did like Barney's new legendary line. I do wonder why there was no "confernce call" with Ted, Barney and Marshall. However this is not a complaint. I did enjoy seeing Ted in the past flashbacks trying to impress the girl. The best one was Ted is the wizzard costume. (she's really hot) Another funny part is Barney saying boobs? whenever somone mentions a women.

    The 2nd storyline with Robin and her new boyfriend was good too. I do side with the guys not knowing on whehter a guy has a small thing. I do admire Robin for sticking with the guy depsite it. One part of this episode I find true is how guys locker rooms are. I work at a gym and it's not different. I thought the scenes between Marshall and Lilly were amusing.

    Overal this was a fine episode that was maybe silghtly down from the last one but did step an important character in Zoey.
  • Ted meets Zoey.


    "Architect of Destruction" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. I like the introduction of Zoey. I love how she's crazy girl. I like how this episode introduces the Arcadian hotel building which becomes the main focus of the season and it makes this season have a purpose. I thought it was funny how Zoey revealed that she was married. I for one thought the small penis jokes were funny in this episode. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Whats with all this gutter trash reviewing todays episode?

    This is ridiculous. Disregard those other reviews because they're wrong. This episode was funny! I can't say it was as funny as last weeks episode, its definitely not a step backwards. Heard a new Legendary moment (won't spoil it). Its filled with nerdy architecture-ness, wizards, Union soldiers, stoners, sex, and Ted's witty attempts at getting a hot girl. Look, just watch the don't really have an excuse since you stream it through here. Its a funny episode so don't listen to the haters and judge for yourself. Like I said, its not as funny as the race episode but you will laugh and its on track for becoming a successful season
  • HIMYM is back on track!!

    This is the funniest episode in a while! I'm not sure why people gave it such bad reviews. The story was perfect, and had a lot of Mosby-ness that we had hardly seen enough of in the last season and a half. There was definitely a touch of it last week and the week before, but this episode was riddled with his self-absorbed quips! Not only the comedic timing was great, but the script was well written too. Also Marshall's story was beyond funny this time around. The best part is when he imagined Robyn and Lily trash talking his sexual abilities as he tried to make love to Lily. Priceless!and the whole small penis thing was just a riot of a story!!!

    Last but not least, Jennifer Morrison was hilarious!!!I was hoping something would happen between her and Ted, but who knows...she has another episode coming up...I bet its gonna be ridiculously funny!

    All I'm hoping for is for the rest of the season to keep up with this trend! Go HIMYM!
  • new stuff!!

    I liked it. Although it wasn`t especially funny. And the ending of the Ted storyline feeled a bit cheap. when he sees her ring on the finger and it all falls apart.
    And some how the Max story line feeled unstructered, first small penis then the sex live talk, and in the end it didn´t change anything. Max and robin just split and Lily and Robin will always talk about their sex live,
    Marshall doesnt like it. So there s no developement.

    Having all said that. There was, and that s what makes the episode worth watching, plenty of new stuff. You didn t see Marshall fighting against the teamed up Robin and Lily. And Ted´s will to sacrifice all his values for random girl, showed the negative side of his honest search for true love. All this stuff feeled real. I don t know if himym is back on the track. But at least they showed that there still a some stories to tell about Ted and the gang.
  • It had all the humour. That's all I can ask for.

    This was a great episode of How I Met Your Mother, although definitely not as good as its predecessor. Marshall was hilarious in this episode, with basically everything that happened, meanwhile Ted was also interestin, as he falls for a married activist who is preventing the constructino of the building that he is desinging. Weird...

    The episode is funny, and as long as it has that aspect, I really can not fault it, because atfer all, this is a comedy. The storyline might not have been at 100%, but humour-wise, it was brilliant!

    Keep it up, guys, and I hope this standard and calibre is maintained right throughout the season.
  • And the point of this episode was....NOTHING. WASTE OF TIME.

    Is it just me....or is the show starting to lose the plot?

    For goodness sake, its "How I met your mother"?

    Where is the "How" "Meeting" and "MOther"?

    Yes, we know, history lesson. But seriously. We're now in Season 5 and its like they're replaying Season 1 all over again. Hello, has anyone forgotten what happened to "Heroes"? Just like that, the show was lost. And ask all you want, this show risks going down the path. We're 5 seasons in. Enough with lessons. Get straight to the damn stupid point. Who is the mother here. And dont wait for the 6th season to tell us. That's just dumb.
  • 10/18

    Well, so much for How I Met Your Mother being back on track. When I read a few weeks back that Jennifer Morrison was going to be on the show this year I got excited, but wow, her appearance was terrible here. She left House to participate in this garbage?

    That whole small penis thing was almost as bad as the "poop" thing from a few episodes ago. I really have to wonder if How I Met Your Mother is being written by four year olds, and I mean that in no offense to the four year olds out there reading this.
  • 605

    I did laugh at a few things here, but other than that, there was nothing special. The jokes were exaggerated and I didn't really enjoy Jennifer Morrison's stay on How I Met Your Mother. She was great on House, an I was genuinely excited for here appearance here, but she just wasn't that great here.

    Her character was uninteresting, and most of the things that came out of her mouth were completely forced and not really that funny. On Marshall's side of things, the humor was childish like someone else said on here. The ending didn't excite me that much. All I can say that was good about this episode was that How I Met Your Mother has been doing really great with the fast cuts and shots between scenes. Like everything ties together, one minute were with Marshall, Lilly, Max and Robin, and the next we have Barney with a bunny.

    So I'll give it that, the plots coming together and the format was good, it was just definitely lacking in the comedy department here. Not the best episode of How I Met Your Mother.