How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 23

As Fast As She Can

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • As Fast As She Can

    I like the analogy which Stella Zinman used, "As Fast as She Can", to actually comfort Ted, that the ideal girl Ted whom Ted has been looking for so long is on her way to meet Ted. In the previous episode, I also thought that Ted has meet his children's mother, as he revealed his yellow umbrella. However, at the end of this season, I bet the mother will still not appear, until few more seasons. In this episode, I found out several things, firstly I could not believe that Tony is so soft-hearted, that Ted can easily changes his mind, it just does not look like Tony. At the beginning, Tony offered Ted several jobs and Ted gave them tries even though he firstly rejected Tony's help. The funny thing was the architecture project that helped the owner to build the murder house. As the episode flowed, I fetl quite satisfied with Ted, who did not fall for Stella again. At least, they went to California together, and Ted still waiting for the mother.
  • Stella is back and Ted acts dumber than ever

    In this episode, Stella and her boyfriend Tony encounter Ted which leads them all to think about what happened. Meanwhile, Barney tries to prove the others that he's able to talk himself out of a speeding ticket, in which he's amusingly unsuccessful. These couple of scenes with Barney (BTW, since when is Barney able to drive a car? Have the screenwriters forgotten how dumbly he acted when Ted tried to teach him how to drive in season 2?) were partly funny, but that was practically it. Alyson Hannigan made her comeback in the final scene which was lame in my eyes, and Cobie Smulders and Jason Segel had really unimportant parts in this episode. And on top of the dunghill: how dumb was the story of Ted, Stella and Tony? I couldn't emphasize with Ted at all because if it was me, I wouldn't have been all nice with Stella like he was in this episode. I mean, she dumped him in front of the altar and he is trying to bring her back together with the love of her life - which isn't him? That was a story part I really hated, especially because I've never liked Sarah Chalke as Stella to begin with. There were clearly some worse episodes in this truly disappointing season of How I Met Your Mother, but this is one also at the lower end. Hopefully, the season finale will be better.
  • Stella comes back

    After a series of random events it leads Ted to Stella. Like I said in my previous review, this could've made you upset or happy. I was happy. Remember for those that were upset about the women being Stella, future Ted says that if it weren't the random series of random events, the kids might have never been born.

    How Ted reacted to seeing was the best way (and also funny). Sorry Robin. Apparently Tony, Stella's husband feels sorry for Ted and tries to get him a job. He declines the first job (professor) but takes the second job (designing a basement) after a big fat check. The scene with Ted, the guy and Tony was pretty funny. How the guy was describing how he wanted the room kind was funny and creepy at the same time. I also liked how Tony couldn't see any problem. Meanwhile Barney has some trouble getting out of a ticket. For those that say Barney was scared of driving, remember Barney will and has done anything to get laid. I find it curious that Barney can talk a stripper to paying him for a lap dance (the stripper not him) but not a ticket. Barney accep (point to Ted) (also one of my favorite Barney quotes) and tries to talk his way out of a ticket. Barney ultimately fails put he tries to put his own spin on it by saying he hooked up with the female cop, The actual story was much funnier. Another amusing scene was when Barney called from the jail. I don't know what is more funny his scream when the cop pointed the gun at him or Barney being scared of the teens. Tony leaves Stella after Ted says why he doesn't want her back. However like in the episode where Ted and Stella are to be married, what Ted says to Tony has an effect on him. In both times you don't hear what Ted says to Tony can't be heard and I like that. I really enjoyed the scene at the end when Stella was talking to Ted about the "one" for him. I also think it's a take on who who are impatient for the mother.
  • Stella returns.


    "As Fast as She Can" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how this episode begins where the last episode left off. I love how it shows Stella with Tony and their daughter. I love how Tony wants to help Ted out. I love how he brings Ted to this creepy guys house and this guy is proposing for Ted to design a "murder room" but he doesn't say it explicitly. It was so sad how Tony reconsider his engagement to Stella and now Stella needs Ted's help to get Tony back. I love how both Marshall and Robin tell their stories of getting out getting a ticket. I love how Barney tries to get out of getting a ticket but he's just put in jail. I love how Ted gets Stella and Tony back together. I love how Lily comes back at the end of this episode. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Ted gets a visit from Stella and Tony... and Tony tries to give Ted some work, but he refuses the jobs. RObin, Marhall and Barny share boring stories of how get out of speeding tickets.

    It wasn't funny, the plot was stupidstupidstupid and Barny driving??? Are you crazy???

    The previous show was bad to no comparisson with this stupid: ooohhh who might touch Ted at the traffic light when he carries the yellow umbrella from the mother of his children... and it wasn't funny at all to waitwaitwait through stupid stories of why he walked so slow. But Stella??? Give me a break!! Disapointment isn't really enough to say!! And after this bad idea you give us this show??? With no plot at all??? And whats funny about getting out of a speeding ticket? I'm very curious about next week. From the last two shows I would say: They jumped the shark!!
  • Stella gets redemption.

    So, Stella isn't the mother. I don't get it, everything was supposed to happen on that street corner, his kids wouldn't have been born if he hadn't of been on the street corner, and in this episode we get no mention of the mother? That makes no sense. Hopefully it will piece together soon. The point of this episode I think was to get Stella redemption. As far as we all knew, Stella was a terrible person who left Ted at the altar for Tony, but they talk it out and get closure in this episode. Tony breaks up with Stella when Ted says what kind of person would leave another person at the altar. So Stella begs Ted to talk to Tony, I'm glad he told her off. But they remain friends in the end, and Ted ends up talking to Tony, and Tony & Stella move to California, and Tony becomes a producer. Stella gets in a new line of dermatology. They've got their "Happily Ever After". The speech that Stella gave to Ted was so heartwarming. "She's trying to get here as fast as she can." It was sad to see Stella go, but it was nice for closure. I just still don't get the last episode. Ted says that that's when he met the mother in the last episode, he bumps in to Stella and we get no mention of the mother in this episode? What? When Marshall says he's talked his way out of a ticket. Barney thinks that's a challenge and tries to talk himself out of a ticket just like Marshall & Robin did. He fails, and Ted & Stella end up picking him up from jail. We finally see Lilly by the end! That means she will be right in time for the season finale in the next episode. Great episode, that brought closure plus a sendoff from a very important person in Ted's life.
  • An amazingly funny episode!

    This episode ws quite an interesting one. The storylines were amazing and very good. They were well-constructed and highly interesting. More importantly, the storylines were definitely very funny! I was cracking up a lot, righ t throughout this episode.

    Overall, I really loved the scenes at the 'murderhouse'. That would be one unusual client for mMosbius Designs, that's for sure!

    I also really enjoyed seeing Barney attempt to talk his way out of a speeding ticket! That was really interesting and amazing! Really great job by the writers!

    Also, great to see Stella back, even though she really is like an evil villain in this show. Great episode, and I hope there are more like this one in the future! Keep it up, guys !
  • Ted bumps into Tony and Stella. Tony visits him later in his apartment begging to make up for stealing Stella by helping him find him a job. Meanwhile, Barney tries to smoothtalk his way out of various speeding tickets because everyone else has done it.

    I'll start off by saying that I didn't like this episode at all. However, it's not for the reason that the woman who tapped Ted's shoulder wasn't the mother. Obviously the creators are going to have to drag it out and that's what makes it funny. The best part is the story to get to the mother, not the mother herself. However, I did have a major problem with Barney all of a sudden having a car when they made such a big issue of him being terrified of driving in Arrivederci, Fiero. Now he's driving on the highway trying to get speeding tickets? That was a huge mistake to make. Also, in this episode I could see the characters trying to be funny. It didn't come natural at all like in previous episodes and felt like they were trying too hard. Overall, it was a disappointing episode, but hopefully it's the last disappointing episode.
  • absolutely amazing

    one of the greatest episodes of season 4 the plot was amazing ...finaly after 5 episode of nothing happening in this one a lot is going on . there were some amazing lines in this episod e . like when barney when he was about to be arrested by the female officer said i have a sausige with your name on it . i also liked the fact that this sitcom does not "erase" things from one episode to the other like robbins song (teds ring tone) or the fact that barney likes italian made products like the suits or the gift certificate or the car (by the way hoe did he learn to drive?) but overall it was an absolutely amazing episode well done
  • Ted bumps into Tony and Stella as Barney tries to talk his way out of a speeding ticket.

    This ep really disappointed me. The ending of the last ep led me to believe that the woman who taps his shoulder would be the mother. And when this person was revealed to be Stella the first thing that came to mind was that the writers were just getting lazy and that the whole plot line was a cop out. But the only way it could get worse is if this encounter ultimately led to nothing. And true to form, that is exactly what happened!

    This week Ted has a conversation with Stella and Tony where he was very pleasant to them. He thought, as did Barney and Marshall, that he did the perfect thing in the situation but soon Tony knocking his door. Tony says he sounded awful and that he felt guilty about it and wanted to make it up to him. Tony has lots of money and wanted to set him up with jobs. First Ted turns down a job to be a professor at Columbia and then has to turn down a "big fat check" to build a rich dude's MURDER HOUSE. Finally Ted asks Tony to stop trying to help him because he doesn't want Stella back as she was the horrible person who left him at the alter. Ted thinks he is done with the both of them but is met by Stella at his apartment and she tells him that Tony left her after something he said. She wants him to talk to Tony and make him change his mind, but he is hesitant as he still harbours alot of hate for what Stella did to him.

    Meanwhile, Barney finds out that both Robin and Marshall had talked their way out of speeding tickets but he hadn't been able to do the same that day or ever for that matter. So he vows to talk his way out of a ticket and devotes his coming days to doing just that. But as each encounter happens it gets worse and worse culminating in him being arrested for 15 speeding violations in 3 days.

    At the end of the day this ep really annoyed me, yeah there were a few moments where it was funny but not really laugh out loud funny. Then there's the issue of that ending last week and the fact that it now means nothing at all, the only thing that that ending did was led to Stella and Tony splitting and then getting back together so one would argue that it did NOTHING AT ALL!!! As this season winds down I'm beginning to think that maybe season 5 isn't worth my time.
  • Will Ted meet the mother?

    Honestly, does anybody care about Ted or who the mother might be? That is the only thing about Seasons 3-4 that the show has deemphasized that storyline and had some new interesting encounters with Barney and Robin (but they blew that by having a brief mention of it only once every five episodes).

    I think the main problem is the show is in search of an identity. Do they want to be an episodic series? Do they want to be a drama? Based on the last five minutes of this episode I would say yes, but I'm sure next year they'll change their mind again.
  • Stella is not the mother...

    So for all those viewers who thought Stella would be the mother, HIMYM just gave you another surprise. For me, it was more of a disappointment. I wanted Stella to the mother, so that they can axe this show once and for all.

    Did anyone notice an inconsistency in this episode. Barney and speeding tickets? In one of the earlier episode, he was depicted as one who couldn't drive a car. Not a surprising occurrence, considering the fact that the writers have no clue what they are writing. Other than that, I see this as a typical 5th season episode. No real comedy or fun moments, its just Ted brooding over his single life. Clearly, a show with no sense of direction.
  • I like the Barney story a lot more than the Ted story to be honest

    After Ted bumps in to Tony and Stella on the street, Tony shows up at Ted's apartment and insists on taking responsibility for his part in Ted being left at the altar. He explains to Ted that his family is very wealthy and can help him with his career, but Ted tells him he has no obligation to help and that the past is behind them. However, Tony won't give up trying to help and finally Ted goes off on him, insisting that he is happy to have Stella out of his life because she is such a terrible person. Tony reflects on this and ends up breaking things off with Stella himself. Stella then asks Ted to talk to Tony for her, to convince him to take her back. Meanwhile, after finding out that Marshall and Robin have successfully gotten themselves out of speeding tickets, Barney gets intentionally pulled over several times to prove that he can as well.
  • Not the sparkliest robin in the sky, but it's flying...

    Hope you all caught the Robin Sparkles reference in the summary :). I had to, because of Ted's ringtone :D. Now to the episode at hand. I have to say I loved this episode even though it wasn't packed with laughs. But it offered something much more important, a giant push to the story. During this whole season I have been somewhat disappointed with the way things were progressing. It was going oh so slow. Ted didn't seam to mention the potential mother, or even that he was talking to his kids. I thought it was just a cheap trick to prolong the series for a season or two. I couldn't have been more wrong, and this episode proved that. I had completely forgot what it was all about. Not just that you have to meet the right person, but that you yourself have to be the right person at that moment. Does it make sense? I had completely forgot about Ted's devastating heartbreak after Stella left him at the altar (!!!). I just took it for granted, and thought it was enough for him to see her happy and realize they were not meant to be together. But I forgot how big a romantic Ted is, and how deeply hurt he must have been.

    In this episode he finally had a chance to set things straight with Stella, and remember that he wants the romance, the whole shebang, and ultimately, that he still believes in it.

    And with that push, we are one step closer to, first meeting the Ted who is ready for The One, and then, eventually, meeting her.
  • Stella returns and promptly exits (thankfully) ...

    I've been reading the reviews on this site and watching the scores for this show drop like crazy and I don't understand it, I honestly don't. I'll be the first to admit that this season hasn't had the newness the first season, the consistency of the second season or the brilliant moments the third season had, but it's been solid television. I think people tend to be too harsh with this show.

    The thing about this show, something the creators have said all along and something many fans tend to forget, is that each season is an arc for the characters. For Marshall season 4 was about adjusting to a life at work and for Barney it was about dealing with his feelings for Robin. Ted too has an arc, albeit a painful one. Ted falls in love with the one he thinks is "the one" and gets left at the alter. On top of that he loses his job. It's probably the worst year of his life. All the crap he has dealt with has changed him from the hopeless romantic he was in season 1 to a cynical, somewhat bitter and frustrated individual in season 4. This is totally logical as we would all likely feel the same way if this had happened to us.

    This episode, while not the funniest episode of the show, is a much needed chapter in the life of Ted Mosby. Ted never got any real closure with Stella when she left him at the alter. As a result he has never really had a chance to get back on track. Even if had found "the one" somewhere in season 4 he wouldn't have been in any place to make a move without closure. The final scene in the car with Stella and Ted is classic HIMYM, mixing humor and heart. It gives Ted the closure he need and will allow him to to get back to finding the mother.

    As always NPH carries the comedic ball when needed (please start giving him the Emmy instead of no talent hacks like Jeremy Piven). The murder house joke was also disturbing but funny. It was also nice to see Lily back. Even though she is rarely the center of the show, her character is often the voice of reason and would be sorely missed if she was gone from the show. Hopefully the finale will deliver and bring this season to a strong end.
  • She is coming as fast as she can :)

    A little silly but with great messages.
    I saw this episode and waited that Stella didn't come back to Ted's life. I can say with gratification that come back but with a reason: Your girl, the One, is coming as fast as she can". There were other things in the episode like the challengings of Barney and the return of Lilly, but if I would have to choose one moment it'd be the car moment between Stella and Ted that gives him a hopeful speech (and also I feel like it was a speech for me too, so I was and I am happpy thanks to this).
    Anyway I keep waiting the explanation of why is so important the re-meeting with Stella... and I know that the writers are going to answer that because this is HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER!!! It's not a normal comedy series. It's just the greatest comedy series that I have ever seen and I love it xD
  • If the creators want us to stick around to find about the REAL mom...they'd better up their game cause this was such a bad episode.

    I keep thinking what could have been done to save this episode. And while i think Barney-smth is the answer , i can't really put my finger on it,probably because there is not answer. This episode was THAT bad.

    To my surprise , i don;t think i smiled once during the whole episode,not even a chuckle.

    Now,let's talk about the plot. So amazingly weak. Tony is rich. right. Tony wants to help Ted get over Stella. right. Tony has a rich-serial killer friend. and it's oke with everybody. RIGHT. Ted says that it's ok and he can have Stella forever..and he dumps her!!! this is the moment when you ask yourself : how stupid are we ? Stella comes back to ted all puppie-eyed and asks him to help her because she has no idea what she can do. She obviously has no other friends or what?! come ooon. oh wait, it makes sense because:it was something that TED said. Well,i heard what Ted said and it was nothing he said. [ side note: robin seems to be the only normal person here. her reactions are just...normally-mean ]

    Ted agrees to help Stella after she drives him to get barney out of jail [ not even the slightest funny..]

    Ted talks tony into gettin back with Stella [ words censored ]. They all move to california and have a great life. BUT we shall heard about them 2010! because it's true : it takes 1 year to write a script. sell a script. create a movie. lunch the movie. etc etc etc.

    now all want to know is :

    WHY oh why was their meeting SO important to the life of TED?! A little respect for the fans writers. please.
  • Catches up from last episode and definitely shows once more how Ted is a great character.

    So... Stella is NOT the mother (internet-5!) and I couldn't be more ecstatic about it ! (not that we didn't realise that anw! - read my last review).

    I am very proud once more of Ted and the way he handled both Tony and Stella. He got a descent closure and Stella is now out of his life and mind for good.

    Loved Robin's reaction when Stella announced that Tony broke up with her! Stella and Tony so deserve each other. The speeding ticket side-story was rather entertaining but I was kinda hoping that Barney would succeed this time (maybe by dropping the tricks and just being honest in the end, it would get him out of a ticket).

    Lilly's surprise appearance was very pleasant, as well as her exit!!

    Overall, he have seen a progression and maturity in Ted's character in this episode. I hated to see him admit those things at the end, the guy seems so tormented. I just wish he would loosen up a bit on the whole "I need to find the right woman". And I enjoyed how everyone else was so supportive to him in this episode, and for a change everyone agreed on something! Even Barney (even though he made sarcastic comments about Stella's back and front) I don't think he would be too happy if Ted got back with Stella (even for just a one-time hook-up). They all acknowledged the fact that Ted deserves someone a lot better and both Barney and Robin rubbed that fact in Stella's face! That's what true friends do! :)

    Cannot wait to see what the season finale has in store! Is Ted going to do something drastic? Will Barney admit his feelings towards Robin? Or maybe she will get a boyfriend? Or maybe she will even start to realise she has feelings too, when Barney hooks up with yet another random girl? Will Lilly come in with a sudden announced pregnancy news?
  • This show is such equal parts silly and sentimental.

    This episode, like so many others in the series has both extremely silly moments with witty humor of all kinds and extremely sentimental moments. The use of the speeding ticket scenario as a metaphor were really awesome. The final moments of the episode especially nearly brought a tear to my eye as I remember times in my past I felt the way Ted did. I too wondered when she was coming and felt like it was hopeless. Some years later, a female friend and I were planning to go out for the day as we were known to do and she asked if this new friend she met at college could come with us, as she was new in town and had no means of transportation. Fast-forward seven+ years and we are married, have a son together and I wonder what I ever did without her. I really hope the show does put Ted with the "mother" character soon as I would hate for this show to end without him finding his soul mate, even if this show is just largely a comedy show. Also... nice to see Lilly back!
  • HIMYM is again in a free fall, and this episode is just a prove...

    I really didn't like this episode, as well as the preceding one, I believe I've devastated 42 minutes of my precious time, and that's not only because of I hate Stella (Sarah Chalke) or Lily was out (because of a cheesy pretext), It's only because I think a TV-Show has to be terminated whenever has got nothing to say.
    They want us to laugh at Ted's ring tone or at Barney's never ending revelations of prono movies? I just want to shoot myself.
    Closing to the final episode, I hope at least they end it great, not like so many other sluggish TV-Shows.
  • Okay episode, definitely not one of their best.

    Ehh, not a particularly great episode. There were a couple good moments, but overall wasn't How I Met Your Mother at its best. I had a couple laughs, but not as many as I would have hoped for from How I Met Your Mother. The episodes only redeeming qualities were that it gave hope for future episodes. Lily might be coming back (probably won't see too much of her till next season though), but more importantly, the show might hopefully be back on track towards the mother. Who knows, maybe the mother will be seen in the season finale (although my guess is no).