How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 23

As Fast As She Can

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • Stella gets redemption.

    So, Stella isn't the mother. I don't get it, everything was supposed to happen on that street corner, his kids wouldn't have been born if he hadn't of been on the street corner, and in this episode we get no mention of the mother? That makes no sense. Hopefully it will piece together soon. The point of this episode I think was to get Stella redemption. As far as we all knew, Stella was a terrible person who left Ted at the altar for Tony, but they talk it out and get closure in this episode. Tony breaks up with Stella when Ted says what kind of person would leave another person at the altar. So Stella begs Ted to talk to Tony, I'm glad he told her off. But they remain friends in the end, and Ted ends up talking to Tony, and Tony & Stella move to California, and Tony becomes a producer. Stella gets in a new line of dermatology. They've got their "Happily Ever After". The speech that Stella gave to Ted was so heartwarming. "She's trying to get here as fast as she can." It was sad to see Stella go, but it was nice for closure. I just still don't get the last episode. Ted says that that's when he met the mother in the last episode, he bumps in to Stella and we get no mention of the mother in this episode? What? When Marshall says he's talked his way out of a ticket. Barney thinks that's a challenge and tries to talk himself out of a ticket just like Marshall & Robin did. He fails, and Ted & Stella end up picking him up from jail. We finally see Lilly by the end! That means she will be right in time for the season finale in the next episode. Great episode, that brought closure plus a sendoff from a very important person in Ted's life.