How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 8

Atlantic City

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • A 12 second marriage

    After Lilly and Marshall get back together they decide to get married right away to avoid the awkwardness of dealing with Marshall's family. This was a great story. I like how Lilly proposed and Marshall wanted it to be special. A great callback to the pilot after Marshall proposed. It's things like this why I like this so much. If you have seen all the episodes at this point, you appreciate it more. While I am not a fan of quick marriages, especially for great couples like Marshall and Lilly, I am glad there was a sense of realism to getting the wedding together. Most shows the wedding just happens with little conflict or happens because of beer. It was funny how Ted was turned on by Robin's shirt. The scene with the first Registrar was very funny. She delivered with the perfect touch of empathy and yet still knowing how to do her job.

    Another good thing was Barney. You are left wondering on why he is doing what he is doing. (many episodes you do, but this one especially) While the show did explain what Barney is doing, I don't feel like the whole story is explained. I really like this. Another callback to season one when Marshall figuring out the game.

    It was real nice ending and good turnaround for Robin. My only complaint was it gives people hope who want Robin as the future mother. Overall this was a good episode that left some mystery up in the air and sets up nicely for the next episode which also has some mystery.
  • Marshall and Lily rush to get married.

    Marshall and Lily decide they still want to get married, so they are quickly engaged again. Not just that, but they drag the rest of the gang with them to Atlantic City to elope. While I love Marshall and Lily together, I felt if they went through with this, the writers would just be rushing the characters to get married. Thankfully, they don't which was good. However, the rest of the episode was just, "eh" as nothing else happened. Before they called it off, Marshall and Lily scrambled to get a marriage license or find someone that could marry them. Ted falls in love with a sexy shirt Robin buys. Then Barney reveals his gambling problem for the first time, and he wins the couple money to get married in foreign waters off the shore of Atlantic City. Ultimately, they decide against it and want the same traditional wedding they planned for prior to Lily going to San Francisco.
  • Lily and Marshall plan to elope.


    "Atlantic City" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Lily and Marshall plan to elope. I love how Ted, Robin, and Barney quit what their doing and they all follow Marshall and Lily to Atlantic City to elope. I love how they are trying to find different ways they can elope, so Barney enters a Chinese gambling game and Marshall figures out how to play and the win the money they need to elope. I love how Lily and Marshall get married, but they share a certain look, which means they want a big wedding with their family there, and so they are married for only 12 seconds and they instantly get a divorce, so they have the big wedding they want. I give this episode a 9.5/10.

  • A losing bet!

    The gang go to Atlantic City so that Marshall and Lily could get married. Plus the rest of the cast gamble, no surprise here. it's just another example of "How I Met Your Mother," is becoming just another rip-off of "friends." You know the show, six friends gather around the coffee house and making funny jokes. This show is just about the same. Marshall and Lily wanted to get married, but end up on a boat, when they change their mind. Just another way of say it's the November Sweeps and most the people woh wewre watching this show may have switch to "Prison Break."
  • Lilly & Marshall decide to elope.

    This was definitely one of my favorite episodes of HIMYM. A good balance on the comedy, and the drama. A good setting stone in Lilly & Marshall's relationship, and it's definitely a good story to tell to your kids. Lilly can't face Marshall's parents after calling off the first engagement they had. So they decide to elope in Atlantic City, and bring along all their friends: Ted, Robin & Barney. I love the pedicure scene, hilarious. Anyways they of course stumble on some trouble on the way, they have to wait 3 days so they wait for a judge to pass by so he can marry them. The bench scene was hilarious as well. "Jeez, you go to the vending machine for 30 seconds... vultures" Another hilarious scene. Lilly & Marshall find a way to get married that day. The just have to get married on international waters. So they have to gamble money to get 5000 dollars for a boat. Barney ends up winning the money, and Ted is strangely turned on by Robin's shirt and they end up doing it in the closet. While getting married, Lilly & Marshall decide they want to wait to get married, after being married for 12 seconds, they unpronounced them man & wife. A hysterical situation with a lot of jokes on the way. The boat scene was definitely my favorite. This was definitely a proper re-engagement of Marshall & Lilly. Amazing episode.
  • Season 2, Episode 8.

    Ah, this is awesome. Lily and Marshall go to Atlantic City and Ted, Robin, and Barney decide to join them. Lily and Marshall decide to get married while in Atlantic City, because Lily wants to avoid all the Runaway Bride judgment. Ted and Robin had sex in the closet at the courthouse. Haha, rawr, that must have looked hot. Anyway, this was an awesome episode. I loved the scene where it made it look like 50 years passed and the old people were sitting on the bench, when the gang was really at a vending machine. I like that they're waiting to have a big wedding, which would actually come in the season finale six months later. Awesome episode.
  • First episode I have watched for ages.

    It's no day at the beach for Lily and Marshall when complications alter their Atlantic City wedding plans. Ok so I haven't watch this show for ages since it was taken off the bbc I thought the show was good and I enjoyed some of the episodes and last night was the first time I had watched How I met your mother for ages it was a decent episode and I was surprised to see it on TV now I know what channel it gets shown on now so I will be looking out for it, the only thing is that it is on very late.
  • marshall and lily try to elope! barney has a crazy gambling problem!

    funnnny episode.. some slower parts, but hilarious. classic barney episode. "uh yeah, courthouse? oath? we're under it?" very good. great to see lily and marshall headed toward the alter again, and get stopped every step of the way... ted and robin's story a bit boring and getting slow... but its barney who steals the episode. he's uber popular at atlantic city, and apprently has a crazy gambling problem with a chinese game no one can understand. and his whole, freak out and tell the truth to the judge. perfect. all in all a good episode, not one of the best, but pretty good.
  • -Contains Spoliers- Great episode with some new stuff learned about the characters.

    This really was a nice episode. Lily and Marshall are back together and they went to Atlantic City to get married. I really did think they were going to do it but apparently we have to look forward to their real wedding. We learned that Barney has a gambling problem, the scene were he is recognized at the casino reminded me of Joey when Michael is recognized in Las Vegas. Robin and Ted shared a moment which I find very nice becuase I love seeing them together and I hope that this show somehow will end with Ted marrying Robin, don't know how though.
  • hillarious ( spoilers )

    i think that this ep is hillarious. it all started when lilly and marshall go on hunts to get married they go to atlantic city but they refused to marry them today, so they go to a judge and lilly runs after him in the mens room and when the judge was about to agree to marry them he saw a look on marshall and lillys face so refuses. so they head out to find a sea captain to marry them and when they finally find one they get over the boarder and he sees a look and then lilly and marshall call it off.

    so i gave this show a 9.5 because it drags on a bit but its so funny when it gets there.

    p.s. sorry if i gave out too much info. lol.
  • I thought for a minute they would do it!

    I really thought for a minute Marshall and Lily were gonna do the quickie wedding in Atlantic City, especially considering Lily's big bail out last season. But they skipped it, well technicly anyway.

    Barney was great in this episode with his gambling problem and somehow managing to get the entire gang to get pedicure's, that was excellent!

    And Ted just couldn't stop looking at that shirt. Come on, it wasn't that attractive? Had a very trailer trash vibe. I liked that they through in a little 'I never said never' comment from Robin about marriage. It was a nice little touch that I really like from this show.

    Overall though the proposal scene at the beginning of the episode, with the pancakes, was my favorite. It was just to cute!

    This was a pretty decent episode, though I don't really watch this show to often so I can't really judge fairly. I've only watched maybe...4 ot 5 episodes, give or take.
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