How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 8

Atlantic City

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • Lilly & Marshall decide to elope.

    This was definitely one of my favorite episodes of HIMYM. A good balance on the comedy, and the drama. A good setting stone in Lilly & Marshall's relationship, and it's definitely a good story to tell to your kids. Lilly can't face Marshall's parents after calling off the first engagement they had. So they decide to elope in Atlantic City, and bring along all their friends: Ted, Robin & Barney. I love the pedicure scene, hilarious. Anyways they of course stumble on some trouble on the way, they have to wait 3 days so they wait for a judge to pass by so he can marry them. The bench scene was hilarious as well. "Jeez, you go to the vending machine for 30 seconds... vultures" Another hilarious scene. Lilly & Marshall find a way to get married that day. The just have to get married on international waters. So they have to gamble money to get 5000 dollars for a boat. Barney ends up winning the money, and Ted is strangely turned on by Robin's shirt and they end up doing it in the closet. While getting married, Lilly & Marshall decide they want to wait to get married, after being married for 12 seconds, they unpronounced them man & wife. A hysterical situation with a lot of jokes on the way. The boat scene was definitely my favorite. This was definitely a proper re-engagement of Marshall & Lilly. Amazing episode.
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