How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 6

Baby Talk

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2010 on CBS

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  • Who's the daddy?

    As Lilly and Marshall decided to have a baby, they ran into their old friends (Stuart and Claudia) who just had theirs. To the surprise of no one, again they are having trouble. It was good to see them back. They are having a fight on what the name should be. I do find it interesting that Stuart is (or least was) back on the booze.

    This leads a discussion between Lilly and Marshall on what their baby should be named. I liked all the stories on Lilly and Marshall turning down baby names. One of my favorite was the kid who went to second base on Lilly. It was a reference to the pilot. What I liked even more was Marshall thinking if they had a daughter that Barney would date her.

    Speaking of Barney, he tries a new way to pick up women while talking like a little boy. His attempts and failures were hilarious. I liked the ending but we'll get to that. Ted is dating Becky. She feels that need to be needed for Ted. She was funny again but thankfully she was shown only a little amount. Too much and she would be annoying. I liked that Ted dumped her before the episode ended. How he dumped her remained me a little bit of how he dumped the girl in the Wedding Bride episode.

    I think the best part was the ending. I can't reveal too much on why I liked it but having watched the whole series, it made me appreciate this ending more.
  • Lily and Marshall start thinking of baby names since they are trying to have a baby.


    "Baby Talk" is an hilarious How I Met Your Mother episode! I love how Lily and Marshall are thinking of baby names since they are trying to have a baby. I love how Lily hates all the names on Marshall's list because they remind her the name of students in her class who annoy her. It was so cute how Lily said she wanted to name her daughter Tara because Alyson Hannigan who played Willow Buffy and her girlfriend was Tara. I thought Robin's new co-anchor who talks like a baby was funny. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Probably one of the worst episodes I've seen from this entire series.

    Probably one of the worst episodes I've seen from this entire series. These last two seasons have really gone downhill in my opinion. I had hope when Season Five was drawing to a close, as it was starting to get better again. But every now and there there's a turd of an episode and this is one of them. It's really sad as I loved this show when it originally aired. Now, I'm not sure I'll carry on watching if it continues down the road it's heading. The freshness this series once showed has been replaced by stale, corny humour. I think this series needs new writers or needs to end... At least there's The Big Bang Theory.
  • What's with all the hate? The episode might not have been impeccable, but I still think it was enjoyable.

    I really enjoyed this episode, as the theme was 'babies', and in more ways than just one, or two.

    Firstly, Marshall and Lily can't decide on a baby name, while they both undertake methods to control the gender of their baby.

    Next, Barney tries to get a date, while acting like a bby.

    And lastly, Robin's new co-anchor is an overgrown baby - who Ted dates.

    Theer was a lot of funny moments right throughout the episode, particularly Marhsall & Lily's gendercontrol methods, which were absolutely hilarious!

    Becky was really funny, and I see why Robin finds her to be annoying!

    All up, a good episode. Not perfect or imacculate, but still good enough for 10/10.
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    So today I review an episode I did not really like and it is a first for me because usually I prefer writing about the episodes I like it is easier.
    So this episode was not so good. Ok Barney made so funny stuff and was sweet to Robin but we all know that he is still a little bit in love with her; Ted is becoming a jerk with the girls is dating and with Robin too. And that is No good for the show he is suppose to be the sweet, caring sensitive one... Robin's problems with her co-host are funny. What I like about this show is that Marshall and Lily have some a priori about names for their baby (which by the way is not conceive yet!!!) and I think it was funny to see that how meeting people can influence on how we perceive a name. I hope next week is better! and I wanted an Halloween episode Lily and Marshall are so funny when it comes to costumes!!!
  • An episode where Ted's the icky misogynist and Barney's the enlightened one?

    An episode where Ted's the icky misogynist and Barney's the enlightened one? No good can come of this. Besides messing with Robin and Ted's history (I just can't believe that season 2 Ted had any problems with Robin being self-sufficient), this is not a Ted I'm rooting for, but a Ted I'm rooting for to fall in horse crap. While Barney's side-plot of trying to get a chick by talking like a little boy was mildly amusing, the show failed to then show how "Who's Your Daddy" is equally creepy. The Marshall/Lily baby-name/baby-gender plotline is boring, unfunny, and generally a waste of time. In short, skip this filler episode. I know the season started off stronger, but it's quickly heading down into season 5 territory.
  • 606

    Wow, after a good first four episodes, this episode and the last one were just definitely not up to How I Met Your Mother's original standards. I have been re-watching earlier episodes of the show, and when you compare, there really is no comparison.

    The last episode was weak in comedy, but this episode was just weak all around, no enjoyable tie ins that this show usually does, and this episode just spelled out filler episode. I maybe laughed twice throughout the episode, and I bet this episode will be rated a 10 by every user because of the one scene with Barney & Robin.

    Jason Segel is really bringing this show down, especially Lilly. Lilly needs to have a plot that doesn't include Marshall, maybe a plot with Ted or Barney. Something like that, because Marshall has easily become my least favorite character of the whole cast.

    I assume it's not his fault, it's the writers for giving him such ridiculous unfunny lines. Poor episode this week, the past few weeks have been way better.
  • 10/25

    I have started watching the show again this year after essentially giving up on it two years ago, and this was an okay half hour of television. Nothing stood out as really terrible, a good sign for the show. Ted Mosby was kept to a minimum and they had a very real problem for a lot of parents with the naming of the child. Essentially everything was okay. Now, was it funny enough for me to score it higher than 5 out of 10? No, it really was not, but you can still say this was better than the last one.
  • Boring...

    The beginning of this season was really exciting. I enjoyed first four episodes. I hoped that Jennifer Morrison's Zoey will be a great addition to the show but she was just uninteresting and last episode wasn't good. This time it's even worse. Ted dating Becky? Stupid. Ted having problem with Robin being self-sufficient? I haven't noticed something like that before. Lily and Marshall baby problems? Unfunny. And I usually love Barney - he can save even worst episodes - but this time his plot was also nothing special. All in all not the worst episode ever but I probably won't remember tomorrow what it was about.
  • A step in the right direction.

    This episodes infiltrated some new areas of himym. It s not anymore about the feeling good stuff. Now the humor creeps you out in some way. I think it s because of the theme of this episode seeing partly your father or your mother in your sexual partner. while it is certanily true in psychological terms, normal people feel sick hearing it. This prohibits laughter. But letting out this fact i enjoied that there was some character developement: like ted beeing the mean guy or robin dealing with her toughness. the hole daddy daughter thing feeled consistent and without the fact that i descriped, i think it would ve been a really good episode. But to be honest, a good writer would have calculated that risk. somehow i feel like since the writers strike 2008 the writers of himym lost their appetite.