How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 19

Bachelor Party

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • This was a very interesting episode and the second in a row that moved the show forward. We see Ted and Marshall's maturity in opting to not have strippers and deciding to eat steak and watch a fight instead. Barney's heart grew 3 sizes in this episode.

    This epsisode really showed the flip side of Barney and shed a different light on "The Scorpion & the Toad" episode from earlier in the season. That was the episode where Barney kept stealing Marshall's girls. As much as I like Barney's character, I found myself saying, "what a jerk!!" during that show. Now I'm thinking he was really doing Marshall a huge favor by taking those girls, and it turns out he had a really big impact on him and Lily getting back together. This is one of the only times we've seen any such thoughtful, caring behavior from Barney. It's also interesting to compare Barney's efforts to get Lily and Marshall back together with his efforts to stop Ted and Robin from moving in together from last episode. Maybe Barney has more insight into the other's lives they give him credit for. It seems in a strange way he may know what's best... something to think about.
    Besides that, this epsiode, like the last is finally moving the show forward again. Some of the mid-season episodes weren't bad, but didn't keep up the anticipation the way last season and first half of this season did. I've come to expect that from this show--to eagerly wait for the next installment. That's been missing for a while. I look for some interesting developments in the last few episodes. I can't imagine this show not sticking around for another season.
  • A strange episode with one good storyline and another not as good storyline.

    Funny story: this episode being about Marshall's bachelor party turned out it was the weakest storyline. Sure it had some funny moments but I think they could have done better with the idea, pushed it further, like they usually does.
    I really found the Robin / Lily / adult - playing - thing - with - battery storyline better! The inappropriate gift idea is a classic but it was well played. The grand-mother's speech was priceless and the conversation with the eyes between Robin and Lily (and it's outcome) really made me laugh.
    And how about what Barney did for Lily? I'm not saying more aside from what was already said: He is the bestman. Ok, co-bestman. Blink.
  • Marshall has his bachelor party and Lily has her bridal shower.


    Bachelor Party" is a funny How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Barney tricks everyone into getting a stripper for Marshall's bachelor party. I love how the stripper breaks her ankle and they have to bring her to the hospital. My favourite part of this episode was Lily's bridal shower. I love how Robin got Lily "battery-powered adult recreational fake penis" but then switched cards. It was so funny how the grandmother was describing the gift she got Lily, and we know that when Lily opens the gift, it's really Robin's gift. The ending was so adorable when Barney revealed that he flew out to see Lily in San Fransisco and convinced her to come back because he thought she was meant to be with Marshall. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • Funny

    This was a good one even though it was another one with everyone split off into groups and there wasn't any everyone together love.
    I think my fave part was the silent Lily and Robin communication. I though that Robin was being pretty clear about the bad present what with the furious head shaking.
    Barney completely disregarded everything that Marshall wanted for his bachelor party, but he did it with a wink and a smile. I am surprised that his character didn't put up more fuss when he found out that they weren't going to Atlantic City with the gambling problem he has. Please tell me that the rumors aren't true and that this show isn't in danger of being cancelled because it's one of the few comedies I watch right now.
  • It all adds up.

    Wow, such a good episode. At first, I thought it was the average funny HIMYM, but by the end, we start understanding Barney more, and it really explains his action throughout the whole season. This episode is based on Marshall's bachelor party and Lilly's bachelor party. I'm glad the writers brought that whole "Reading mind" sequence. Both plots were hilarious, as Marshall's bachelor party approaches, Barney ruins everything, you think Barney is just being a jerk. But by the end, you completely understand him. Remember in the beginning of the season when barney was Marshall's wing man and kept stealing his girls, yeah, he did that for Lilly. It's revealed he went to San Fransisco over the summer to beg Lilly to come home for Marshall. When everything is out in the open, Barney become co-best man, something that Barney has wanted to be pretty much the whole season. I liked that plot the best, but the hilarity definitely came with Robin & Lilly's plot. Barney convinces Robin to get a sex toy for Lilly's wedding shower, only to find out it's filled with older people, kids, and nuns! Definitely an interesting situation, and watching it unfold was completely hilarious. Haha, Lilly kept it in the end. Hilarious episode, that was surprisingly eventful.
  • Some hysterically funny scenes.

    If both of the storylines in this episode had been as good as the inappropriate gift, it would have been a definate ten.

    Lily's grandmother's speech before the opening of the *you know what* was one of the funniest things we've seen so far on HIMYM, and I loved the look upon Lily's face when her older relatives all expressed such enthusiasm towards *it*. The telepathic conversation between the girls and it's unsuccessful outcome was another highlight.

    The bachelor party storyline wasn't quite as amusing, but it's culmination with Barney, made it will worth it. (I will say no more, but it's one of the few times I think I've found him to be so likeable.)
  • Marshall's Bachleor Party and Lilly's bridal shower

    This was the start of the four episode arc of Lilly's and Marshall's wedding. It was a very good start and a great way to end a awesome season. Both parties were interesting and fun. Let's start with Marshall's wedding shower.

    When Barney tried to take control it was not surprising even though he was not the best man at the time. The way he plans it is funny. I really like the back and forth between Ted. I have a theory on why Barney plans the bachelor parties the way he does. It's not just because he's Barney but because the number of women and strip clubs he's been with or to. It's amusing that the stripper still performed her exhibition. Am I the only one who finds it interesting that future Ted didn't stop with the second show as he did with the first. After the bachelor party Marshall makes a decision on Barney. (more on that later and don't read beyond this if you not have seen the episode yet)

    Lilly's bridal shower may have been more funny. I liked the mini stories before some of the events of the story. (And we are back in) It was a party that was awkward but hilarious. Something that happened before and something that will happen again is the telepathic conservations the characters have. This episode shows that Lilly and Robin need to work on theirs. However it was still a funny scene. The best part of the party was after Robin switched her gift with Lilly's grandma and Lilly's grandma gave the story her gift. Lilly's reaction was something to remember. What followed next was more awkward but a little less funny. I like that because it shows that women can be dirty too.

    And we now we are back in. (Sorry I just like that) Marshall decides he might not invite Barney. Lilly's gives a story on why Barney should come and it's a good one. I enjoyed the reference to a previous episode even thought the timing of it was off. It shows Barney's good side and one of the sweeter things he did. I like that not just because it was very nice but Barney didn't want anyone to find out.

    This was a wonderful episode and hard as it to believe it gets better.
  • Barney ruins Marshall's bachelor party, and Robin worries over Lily's bridal shower gift.

    It's that time. Weeks before the wedding, Marshall announces he doesn't want a stripper at his bachelor party, and Ted plans to his wishes as the guys get tickets for a boxing match and large steaks. I really hated Barney in this episode, why can't he just get over his sick obsession of strippers for one episode just for his best friend? He ruins the entire bachelor party by having a stripper prepared. The stripper then breaks her ankle, and when they return, the smoke machine sparks a small fire, and they're kicked out of the resort. Meanwhile, I thought the Robin and Lily storyline was funny when Robin is pressured by Barney into buying Lily a vibrator. Robin thinks it's an okay idea until she sees most of the guests at Lily's bridal shower are elder relatives. Each scene of that plot was funny, especially the two's telepathic messages and Grandma Lois's explanation of the gift she thought was an antique sewing machine. Barney then gets off the hook a little bit when Lily tells Marshall of how Barney came to San Francisco and talked her into coming back to NYC and getting back together with Marshall.
  • Ted throws a Bachelor Party for Marshall, despite efforts to thwart Barney's plans for a crazy stripper, Barney prevails with a stripper who must be rushed to the er. Robin brings an inappropriate gift to Lily's shower, great mix up with grandma's gift.

    This was a great episode, starting off with the Marshall's Bachelor Party, the whole switcheroo by moving the party to Foxwoods and how Barney was able to get a stripper who needed two power strips, a pot of warm water, and a hippity hop. The car scene where they take her to the hospital and Barney wants to dump her in the desert, I have been to Foxwoods many times, there is no desert, this was priceless as hse is sitting in the car. The stripper performs despite her injury. Then the guys are eating the steak that Ted requested online and Barney is the only one who can eat after what they just saw. This was a classic scene

    Now to the Bridal Shower, Robin brings a vibrator. How great was it that there were grandmas, little girls, and a soon to be nun in attendance? So Robin and Lily's grandma's present was wrapped similary so as Lily is unwrapping Robin's gift but believes it is from her grandma, her grandma is going on abotu how every generation has used it, including her grandfather in secret, and her great-grandmother who had to do it by hand. As Ted said 25 years in the future it is a miniature sewing machine. When Lily and Robin reveal it is a vibrator the reaction from Lily's mother and aunt is priceless, comparing themselves to Sex and the City characters.

    The episode concluded with Brad (the guy Ted says they will not see during the party) getting piked up after losing his shirt and who knows what else at blackjack.

    This was a classic episode.
  • Wow...

    Ok, this wasn't the best episode ever, but it was still solid. Ted, Barney, and Marshall's storyline felt boring and slow moving. But wow! Lily and Robins....that was hilarious. I was laughing more than I had in a while. By far the best part of the whole episode is Lily's grandmother telling her everything she did with the "present". That story made the episode worth watching.