How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 19

Bachelor Party

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ted throws a Bachelor Party for Marshall, despite efforts to thwart Barney's plans for a crazy stripper, Barney prevails with a stripper who must be rushed to the er. Robin brings an inappropriate gift to Lily's shower, great mix up with grandma's gift.

    This was a great episode, starting off with the Marshall's Bachelor Party, the whole switcheroo by moving the party to Foxwoods and how Barney was able to get a stripper who needed two power strips, a pot of warm water, and a hippity hop. The car scene where they take her to the hospital and Barney wants to dump her in the desert, I have been to Foxwoods many times, there is no desert, this was priceless as hse is sitting in the car. The stripper performs despite her injury. Then the guys are eating the steak that Ted requested online and Barney is the only one who can eat after what they just saw. This was a classic scene

    Now to the Bridal Shower, Robin brings a vibrator. How great was it that there were grandmas, little girls, and a soon to be nun in attendance? So Robin and Lily's grandma's present was wrapped similary so as Lily is unwrapping Robin's gift but believes it is from her grandma, her grandma is going on abotu how every generation has used it, including her grandfather in secret, and her great-grandmother who had to do it by hand. As Ted said 25 years in the future it is a miniature sewing machine. When Lily and Robin reveal it is a vibrator the reaction from Lily's mother and aunt is priceless, comparing themselves to Sex and the City characters.

    The episode concluded with Brad (the guy Ted says they will not see during the party) getting piked up after losing his shirt and who knows what else at blackjack.

    This was a classic episode.
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