How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 19

Bachelor Party

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • Marshall's Bachleor Party and Lilly's bridal shower

    This was the start of the four episode arc of Lilly's and Marshall's wedding. It was a very good start and a great way to end a awesome season. Both parties were interesting and fun. Let's start with Marshall's wedding shower.

    When Barney tried to take control it was not surprising even though he was not the best man at the time. The way he plans it is funny. I really like the back and forth between Ted. I have a theory on why Barney plans the bachelor parties the way he does. It's not just because he's Barney but because the number of women and strip clubs he's been with or to. It's amusing that the stripper still performed her exhibition. Am I the only one who finds it interesting that future Ted didn't stop with the second show as he did with the first. After the bachelor party Marshall makes a decision on Barney. (more on that later and don't read beyond this if you not have seen the episode yet)

    Lilly's bridal shower may have been more funny. I liked the mini stories before some of the events of the story. (And we are back in) It was a party that was awkward but hilarious. Something that happened before and something that will happen again is the telepathic conservations the characters have. This episode shows that Lilly and Robin need to work on theirs. However it was still a funny scene. The best part of the party was after Robin switched her gift with Lilly's grandma and Lilly's grandma gave the story her gift. Lilly's reaction was something to remember. What followed next was more awkward but a little less funny. I like that because it shows that women can be dirty too.

    And we now we are back in. (Sorry I just like that) Marshall decides he might not invite Barney. Lilly's gives a story on why Barney should come and it's a good one. I enjoyed the reference to a previous episode even thought the timing of it was off. It shows Barney's good side and one of the sweeter things he did. I like that not just because it was very nice but Barney didn't want anyone to find out.

    This was a wonderful episode and hard as it to believe it gets better.