How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2009 on CBS
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Barney convinces Marshall to stand up to Lily's desire he wash all dirty dishes immediately, getting them into a major fight. Ted and Robin deal with upstairs neighbors continually having sex.

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  • They don't focus on the actual plot anymore!

    Obviously, the whole 5th season is focused on the relationships of both Marshall and Lily as well as Barney and Robin, while totally getting away from the actual story of how Ted met the mother of his future kids. In the past seasons, Ted was telling stories of how important things in his life happened or how he did something that was necessary for him to find his future wife, but now? None of the stories in season 5 have anything to do with Ted's life. Basically, he's the most unimportant cast member of the 5.

    Aside of that, this episode is fun to watch and the writers had some nice ideas, . bagpipes as a euphemism for intercourse, or Barney and Robin's neighbour who practically did nothing but sitting there. This stuff is nothing compared to the hilarious gags of season 1 (and sometimes seasons 2 and 3) which made me laugh about 5 times per episode. By now, I'm at 1 actual laugh in the whole season 5 which already lasted for 2 hours.

    So, this episode sums the current status of the show up very well: unnecessary to the actual plot, unfunny and - what I didn't mention until now - it just copies stuff that we've had in former episodes already. At least this episode isn't as stupid as the last one.moreless
  • Barney advises Marshall on realtionships

    Future Ted has at times kept from telling his kids the wold part of his story. Some of them include sandwiches (done numerous times), grinch, and too old for this stuff. In this episode another one introduced in bagpipes. It's obvious what's being said but funny nonetheless.

    At this point Barney has been dating Robin for a while. Barney has always been confident so much that he thinks he can give Marshall advice on relationships. It's funny how Marshall dismisses Barney at first. I also like how Barney thinks things are in trouble when Lilly asks Marshall with the dish. However like when Barney decides to sleep with a women he changes Marshall's mind. The result ends up in a fourth slap and no it's not the fourth slap. I enjoyed how the fight between Lilly and Marshall never got that serious where you were worried about them. Another funny part is when Barney told what Marshall what he would do if he were in the same situation. Speaking of fights if you are wondering why Robin and Barney didn't have one, you find out why in this one. I enjoyed how Barney and Robin tried to get out of their fights. When you find out how serious the fights were it did a good job of setting up the next episode.moreless
  • Ted can't sleep because of the couple "playing the bagpipes" upstairs.

    "Bagpipes" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Future Ted is telling his children about the new neighbours having loud sex upstairs, but he uses "Playing the bagpipes" to make the story more appropriate for his children. I love the end of the episode when you find out the couple upstairs is an old couple. I love how Barney explains that he and Robin avoid fighting by either leaving the room or getting naked. I love how Robin and Barney pretend to be all romantic to hide the fact that they are fighting. I thought the Marshall being upset by not wanting to do the dishes stupid, but I love the fight they had. I love how seeing how messed up Robin and Barney's relationship gets them to stop fighting and forgive each other. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • Almost but not quite....

    Agreable its the best episode yet of season five but still not close to the past seasons. It is becoming a brand new show. A show about Barney and Robin with side story of Marshall and Lily. But wait, is the title said How I met Your Mother? And where are the kids? No more budget to show the kids once in a while? And the Barney Robin couple is getting old and annoying. Not like Ted and Robin when they were a couple its romantic and funny and interesting. Because Ted is the lead guy in the show. The show is suppose to be about Ted!!!!moreless
  • I am astonished at how much this show has improved.

    And I thought that season 1-2 were the only golden years? This season has kicked comedy ass so far. I am in love with this episode. They started focusing more on the comedy which is amazing. This was sort of a relationship episode, with fighting, but it wasn't dramatic at all. This is also amazing; in this episode Barney & Robin seem like perfect couple. Ted suspects that something is up between those two when they start using nick names. And he doesn't believe that they never ever fought. Meanwhile Ted has his own issues when he always hears the neighbors "bag piping," which is a euphemism for having sex. "Ugh, shut the bag pipe up!" That is hilarious. There were other scenes that really stood out such as Robin & Barney trying to avoid fighting, Barney, by walking out of the room and Robin by taking off her clothes. When Ted still suspects something else is going on, he pays their neighbor a visit, and it turns out they've been fighting like crazy. It all started on their ski trip, when they were on the sky lift. Barney had nowhere to go, and it was too cold for Robin to take off her clothes. So the honeymoon is over. They start fighting. Meanwhile, Marshall takes relationship advice from Barney, and gets in a huge fight with Lilly. Their arguments were hilarious. My favorite scene is when Barney & Robin come to Marshall and Lilly for advice, turns out Robin & Barney's fights are insane. I love the metal montage! So hilarious, Barney saying "Stab me, stab me!" While the metal music goes on, hilarious, Marshall and Lilly set aside their differences and make up. I love the Barney & Robin relationship. The fact that Ted hasn't been in much lately is helping for some strange reason. An amazing funny episode, it's the first favorite of the season.moreless

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    • Barney: It's like Gandhi said: "Smile don't cost nothin', sugar!"
      Ted: I'm not sure you know who Gandhi is.

    • Ted: I see what's going on. You, my friend, are suffering from a little known condition—"little known" because I just made it up—called New Relationship Smugness.

    • Lily: I teach kindergarten! I am molding the minds of the leaders of tomorrow!
      Marshall: You eat cookies and glue stuff!

    • Ted: You can't be serious! Listening to Barney is what got you in trouble with Lily in the first place!
      Marshall: No! Those dishes are my manhood, and if I want to leave my manhood in the sink caked with ketchup and pasta—
      Barney: What are you eating?
      Marshall: I'll wash my manhood when I'm good and ready!

    • Ted: I know for a fact that Robin hates nicknames. (flashback to 2006)
      Ted: Thanks, Robzie-Wobzie.
      Robin: Yeah, I don't do nicknames.
      Ted: Finished with the sports section, Scherbs?
      Robin: Seriously, stop.
      Ted: Hey, Robin, it's T-Moz.
      Robin: Yeah, I don't like nicknames on you, either. (back to present)
      Marshall: Well, she obviously likes them now. And come on, someone had to put an end to T-Moz.
      Ted: No, T-Moz was awesome. I'm thinking about bringing it back.

    • Marshall: I don't care if the dishes are done! If you care, YOU do it!
      Lily: Well, I don't care if you have an orgasm! If you care, YOU do it!
      Marshall: I went eighteen years without the touch of a woman, I can do it again!
      Lily: You might have to!

    • Robin: (about the bagpipers) They're old?
      Ted: Really old.
      Robin: So what did you do?
      Ted: I didn't have the heart to tell them to stop because, well, good for them. So I just welcomed them to the building, had some hard candy, nodded politely at some racist comments, and then left.

    • Ted: So, anytime you think you might have a fight, you just get up and leave?
      Barney: 100% effective. Can't fight if you're not there. That's what Gandhi taught us.
      Ted: Boy, that's not true.

    • Barney: Well, now, I am the best at relationships. Even better than you and Lily.
      Marshall: Whoa, look at you. Had a girlfriend for five minutes and you could play with the big boys. Adorable. Son, I've been in a relationship since you had a ponytail while you were still playing Dave Matthews Band on yo mama's Casio. I'm a good boyfriend in my sleep. I can rock a killer rub with my hand and brew a kick-ass pot of chamomile that will make you weep. Hell, I've forgotten more about baking microwave and fat-free popcorn and watching Sandra Bullock movies than you'll ever know, but... thanks for your concern, rook'.

    • Barney: Okay, we all have our assignments for the weekend. Ted, you're gonna stand up to your neighbors. Marshall, you're going to stand up to Lily. And Robin, I'm gonna need you in some sort of a crouching position in the bear-skinned rug of our skiing chalet. Ready? Great!!

  • NOTES (2)

    • The Italian episode title is "La cornamusa", an exact translation.

    • International Airdates: Australia: March 18, 2010 on Channel 7; United Kingdom: July 1, 2010 on E4; India: October 6, 2010 on Star World; Czech Republic: December 13, 2010 on Prima COOL; Germany: January 19, 2011 on ProSieben; Slovakia: November 18, 2011 on JOJ Plus