How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2009 on CBS

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  • I am astonished at how much this show has improved.

    And I thought that season 1-2 were the only golden years? This season has kicked comedy ass so far. I am in love with this episode. They started focusing more on the comedy which is amazing. This was sort of a relationship episode, with fighting, but it wasn't dramatic at all. This is also amazing; in this episode Barney & Robin seem like perfect couple. Ted suspects that something is up between those two when they start using nick names. And he doesn't believe that they never ever fought. Meanwhile Ted has his own issues when he always hears the neighbors "bag piping," which is a euphemism for having sex. "Ugh, shut the bag pipe up!" That is hilarious. There were other scenes that really stood out such as Robin & Barney trying to avoid fighting, Barney, by walking out of the room and Robin by taking off her clothes. When Ted still suspects something else is going on, he pays their neighbor a visit, and it turns out they've been fighting like crazy. It all started on their ski trip, when they were on the sky lift. Barney had nowhere to go, and it was too cold for Robin to take off her clothes. So the honeymoon is over. They start fighting. Meanwhile, Marshall takes relationship advice from Barney, and gets in a huge fight with Lilly. Their arguments were hilarious. My favorite scene is when Barney & Robin come to Marshall and Lilly for advice, turns out Robin & Barney's fights are insane. I love the metal montage! So hilarious, Barney saying "Stab me, stab me!" While the metal music goes on, hilarious, Marshall and Lilly set aside their differences and make up. I love the Barney & Robin relationship. The fact that Ted hasn't been in much lately is helping for some strange reason. An amazing funny episode, it's the first favorite of the season.