How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2009 on CBS

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  • Barney advises Marshall on realtionships

    Future Ted has at times kept from telling his kids the wold part of his story. Some of them include sandwiches (done numerous times), grinch, and too old for this stuff. In this episode another one introduced in bagpipes. It's obvious what's being said but funny nonetheless.

    At this point Barney has been dating Robin for a while. Barney has always been confident so much that he thinks he can give Marshall advice on relationships. It's funny how Marshall dismisses Barney at first. I also like how Barney thinks things are in trouble when Lilly asks Marshall with the dish. However like when Barney decides to sleep with a women he changes Marshall's mind. The result ends up in a fourth slap and no it's not the fourth slap. I enjoyed how the fight between Lilly and Marshall never got that serious where you were worried about them. Another funny part is when Barney told what Marshall what he would do if he were in the same situation. Speaking of fights if you are wondering why Robin and Barney didn't have one, you find out why in this one. I enjoyed how Barney and Robin tried to get out of their fights. When you find out how serious the fights were it did a good job of setting up the next episode.
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