How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 13

Band or DJ?

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2013 on CBS
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    How I Met Your Mother "Band or DJ" Review: Everything's Falling Into Place

    Kids, How I Met Your Mother is back. Oh, and How I Met Your Mother is BACK.

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    After Robin and Barney get engaged they start planning the wedding, however they still need Robin's dad's permission for it to happen. Meanwhile Tedstruggleswith letting Robin go. Marshall and Lily have troubles with Marvin, who never stops crying.

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    • Definitely a classic episode...

      Wow, what an episode.

      As always, How I Met Your Mother spends an entire episode of misdirection and covering up secrets, and it saves the big moments for the final 5 minutes. But man, those 5 minutes were sure worth the wait.

      What a brilliant scene it was -- yes, the one with Lilly and Ted up on that roof. Definitely one of the most heart-breaking and also uplifting scenes in this show's history. The chemistry between Alyson and Josh is just so amusing to watch, you feel like you're up there on that rooftop with them, watching them fight with their inner-selves.

      It was beautiful for Lilly to say that she sometimes she wishes she wasn't a mom, therefore helping Ted admit that "Robin shouldn't be with Barney; she should be with me And then he just sits down.

      Before that, the flashbacks to every time Ted has gotten "hurt" was also so beautifully-done. This show never fails to disappoint in how creative and original it can be sometimes. Thank you, writers, for such a wonderful show.moreless
    • Kinda liked it, kinda hated it.

      I'm stuck halfway between really liking this episode and really hating it. I mean are we seriously back to the whole Ted and Robin thing? Really? It's just far too repetitive t o be considered interesting any more.

      But there were good elements to the episode for sure, mainly with Robin's dad being seen and some interesting interactiosn there.

      I don't really know what more should be said. Half good, half bad.moreless
    • Good so Far

      I have been a fan of HIMYM since 2005 when season one came out. I was greatly disappointed with Season 7, except for the last episode, and the beginning of season 8. However in the past few episodes the old charm of HIMYM is coming back. Now that Robin and Barney are engaged, the merry-go-round of random relationships we know won't work have slowed down... "the autumn of break-ups"? Come on... However, this episode, while it may not have been a series best, was funny and brought the old chemistry of the gang back together. The rooftop scene between Ted and Lily was emotional. Robin's dad wasn't very consistent, which took away from that portion of the episode. However, I believe HIMYM is moving in the right direction and now that all the characters have signed on for season 9, renewal is a high possibility. I hope they keep this up!moreless
    • Getting sick of it!

      After having 2 good episodes, which did not suck at all, now this again...

      why is Robins father so poorly introduced?? And then he has completely changed without a realistic reason.

      It is just horrible work of the authors. And I must confess I dont want to see the next season,

      curiosity would be the only reason.... and I am sick of it!
    • Hands Up - who has given up on this show and is just watching it for the final episode?

      So, what did we learn about 1) Mom, 2) Meeting Mom, 3) How he met Mom, 4) Anything in general - Nothing we didn't already know.

      That's right, please tell me the same information in an oh so different way.

      What has happened to this show? How did it go so stale? Even Barney is now just some

      I don't know about you guys, but the trend setting HIMYM is dead. (remember legendary and lemon law) What we have don't know.

      Whatever. This show is ripe.moreless

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