How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 13

Band or DJ?

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2013 on CBS

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  • Good so Far

    I have been a fan of HIMYM since 2005 when season one came out. I was greatly disappointed with Season 7, except for the last episode, and the beginning of season 8. However in the past few episodes the old charm of HIMYM is coming back. Now that Robin and Barney are engaged, the merry-go-round of random relationships we know won't work have slowed down... "the autumn of break-ups"? Come on... However, this episode, while it may not have been a series best, was funny and brought the old chemistry of the gang back together. The rooftop scene between Ted and Lily was emotional. Robin's dad wasn't very consistent, which took away from that portion of the episode. However, I believe HIMYM is moving in the right direction and now that all the characters have signed on for season 9, renewal is a high possibility. I hope they keep this up!