How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2009 on CBS

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  • Sex to solve Fight

    This nice episode of How I Met Your Mother revealed itself once again, and this episode is mainly about sex. Robin appeared to finish Ted's milk, without buying to replace it, caused the great anger on Ted. He did not want the fight between Robin to remain unsolved, so he decided to have sex with her to see if their fight can be solved. It indeed worked, and now they promised to each other that they wont reveal this to others, but being spotted by Marshall, who came back home to read magazine. Ted and Robin realised that and thus took this opportunity to blackmail Marshall, yet Marshall blabbed the casual sex incident, which made Barney who was in love with Robin, felt jealous, to the extent of switching the word "Awesome" with "Awful". I personally believed that any episode with concentrated on Barney will be nice, and audience attracting. I like how Barney reacted on Ted and Robin's casual sex, he left the group conversation and threw television in the garbage bin behind MacLaren's pub. There was one day there are no more television in the garbage, and he decided to buy two new ones just to throw them to release his anger. Moreover, he even helped Ted to but stamps and a whole refrigerator of milk, to that both Robin and Ted wont fight, and they will stop having casual sex. This action is just so hilarious. The overall comment I gave to this episode is "Awfsome", and I would like to give a 10.
  • Read that magazine!

    Nice solid episode. Any Barney-centric episode is great. The Marshall subplot was good too and created an interesting divide. After watching this I discovered many men don't think the Marshall subplot was a big deal, because taking a dump at work is fine for them, while women completely understood where Marshall was coming from. Also, when you're the larger person at work people do tend to be more upset when you "read a magazine" because a poor diet leads to smellier excretions. I loved that Barney thought they were talking about masturbation.
  • Ted and Robin have their fights and slove them

    I think this was a wonderful episode but one thing bothered me about it. The thing with the Marshall and the magazine was too over the top. Why can't he read a magazine at home, in his office or the lunchroom. When he talked about it I thought he was talking about what Barney thought: jacking off.

    Kim Kardashian was well there. She did the best job she could. I liked that Barney told Marshall he had a bathroom in his office.

    Ted and Robin are living together at this time and I think it was because both Ted (getting left at the altar) and Robin (unemployed) is why their fights are so big. I can understand why Ted getting upset with the milk carton. Thanks to advice from Barney earlier, Ted and Robin also decide to become friends with benefits. They also realize that their fights were not this big when they were dating. This is why Robin well you know. (read my previous reviews) This has an effect on Barney. He deals with it by breaking televisions. It was funny when he went to the back and found no TV and bought one to only break. He did it twice. This was a classic sitcom. Lilly tries to help Barney but to no avail. Barney tries to deal with the situation by buying stamps and milk. This throws out a red flag for Ted. When he asks about Robin and whether he loves her, the way Barney says no was great acting by Neil Patrick Harris. Another great scene when Marshall tells Barney about his magazine situation which followed Barney coming to tell that he loves tacos. It was sweet of Ted to do what he did for Barney. Also a great song at the end.
  • Robin and Ted become friends with benefits


    "Benefits" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, whenever Ted and Robin get into a fight, they just stop, and have sex instead. I love how Barney decides to solve all of Ted and Robin's problems and Ted figures out that Barney is in love with Robin. I love how Robin and Ted decide to stop having casual sex and saying "Someone would get hurt", and Robin thinks that Ted will get hurt, but when Ted says he means Barney will get hurt. I love how Barney says "I love you" to Robin and she thinks he's imitating Ted. I love Marshall's subplot of being ashamed of using the bathroom at work. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • awf..some

    HIMYM is back with a pretty good episode which however still had its dull moments. So far, season 4 has been weaker than the first 3 seasons but it is still a great show.
    This episode had two storylines. The Barney-Ted-Robin situation and Marshall`s "reading a magazine" storyline.
    Barney-Ted-Robin was great. Barney was like always on the top of his game. Of course, being in love with Robin changes the character a little but as far as he is still that funny, am ok with it. Still, I don`t think this should be dragged too much. Barney-Robin is much like Joey-Rachel in friends except that this time, it is not painful to watch (at least so far). I do think they might end getting together but will realize they don`t fit together or something like not sure I want to see Barney in a long term relationship. The ending was perfect.
    Now on to Marshall. I always found him funny but this season, his storylines are kinda weak. "Reading a magazine" was almost as bad as looking for the best burger thing. I get the joke and all but you can`t drag this through an episode. Marshall was still funny with the "Deals" tho.
    Overall, a nice return for the show.
  • just know that if you like Barney, u will love this episode

    well the marshall subplot about him having reading magazines was stupid, but the Barney, Ted, Robin triangle was genius. Congrats to NPH, his acting was flawless, it was perfect. I could literally see the pain in his eyes, and how hard he fights to hide it, and it really moved me. Barney was always my favorite character, he had the best personality, and was always underestimated in doing good acts, but he always comes through and does something amazing to help his friends pull through. (like when he runs through NY to see Ted after his car accident in like the end of season 3, but everyone thinks that he just hang up and didnt care. Or when he got lily and Marshall back together, when everyone thought he didnt care; well he does care, more than anyone else every does). I always thought robin was hot, and I remember thinking it would be awesome to see her and barney hook up instead of her and ted, in like season 2, it never really seemed possible, but how ted parts with robin in their "affairs" shows that he is actually over her, which really leaves the door wide open for Barney. Plus more people know of Barney's feelings for Robin, I'm convinced that like 2 episodes after everyone knows, excluding Robin, Barney will confess his feelings. So back to the episode, its important b/c it shows emotion and depth to Barney in great detail which hasn't really been done before. I was really moved by it
  • Friends with benefits.

    At first, I thought this episode as going to be a carbon copy of the episode from Seinfeld: "The Deal" in which Jerry & Elaine have the same arrangement Ted & Robin had, so I was kind of annoyed at first, but it definitely developed in to something of it's own. Robin & Ted have a great time for a while, and then Ted kisses her, then they break it off but then they end up sleeping together again. So they had an on & off friends with benefits relationship. Barney realizes he's still in love with Robin when he finds out about Ted & Robin. He tries to stop them from having sex by stopping them fight. Then Ted finally catches on after half a season. He confronts Barney if he has feelings for Robin, Barney of course denies it and storms out. But you can tell by the end that Ted knows that he's in love with her. Barney was about to admit it to Robin and he pretty much did, Robin just took it out of context, and even said it wasn't good to get involved with friends, (she was talking about her & Ted, but it implied for her & Barney as well). How long do we have to wait until Barney & Robin finally hook up again? The writers have been dragging out this plot long enough. I wasn't too sure what to think of Ted & Robin sleeping together again, I liked the couple but the plot did nothing for me regarding shipping. Maybe it was because it was casual. Meanwhile Lilly continues to help Barney with his Robin problems, and Marshall is afraid of using the toilet at work. He always gets a glance from all of his co-workers, and twice he catches Ted & Robin doing it when it was supposed to be a secret. I loved how he kept on saying, "Deal." In the end, he feels confident about going to the bathroom only to find out Barney had a bathroom in his office the whole time. Both great plots and we finally get some development. Enjoyable
  • Best episode this season!

    This is one of my favorite episodes of all time. Ted and Robin hook up, yet again, and Barney is extremely upset by this. So much so, he buys tv's specifically to smash. Marshall finds it difficult to "read a magazine" at work until he finds the perfect solution, a secret bathroom on the 8th floor. This doesn't last long though. Very clever scenes where marshall talks to the characters on his magazine. This is yet another top episode by two fantastic writers - Carter and Bays. I hope this show continues for many more seasons ... Love it, it's a classic !!!
  • on of the best episodes this season! (spoilery)

    ted and robin become friends with benefits! but barney gets depressed by this and starts to breaks tv sets behind the bar!hilarious!i loved it wen he ran out of tvs and started buying new ones just so he could break them later!seriously what does he do for a living?

    marshall has trouble reading a magazine at work!they even got "celebs" like heidi and spencer to guest star....i dnt even noe why kim kardashian is famous! barney later goes to confront ted about his feelings for robin and ends up telling her how he feels...
    but she dsnt realise.the ending almost made me cry. funny and entertaining but equally emotional!classic episode!
  • They really reached for this episode, but the ending was good.

    I have been notorious with my complaints about How I Met Your Mother stealing jokes and content from other shows (mainly Family Guy). Well, this episode was completely ripped from the classic Seinfeld in which Elaine and Jerry decide to become friends with benefits right down to the conversation on the couch and the ground rules.

    The stuntcasting also needs to stop. Was it really necessary to have Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Kim Kardashian come to life from the magazines?

    As a whole this episode was really bad. I mean Marshall has gone from my favorite character to one of the most annoying personalities on television and the scenes with him walking to the bathroom were ridiculous. But, I did like Barney buying a TV just to destroy it and the whole discussion about which set to buy. The ending was also well-done and it produced a genuine sad, but hopeful moment in the show as opposed to when HIMYM tries to force feed it down our throats. For that this episode receives a more than generous score from me.
  • Simply a hilarious episode from start to finish.

    Robin and Ted navigate being exes who are now roommates and discover they get along better when they're sleeping together as "friends with benefits". Barney is trouble by the news and has a hard time dealing with his emotions. In an effort to reduce Ted and Robin's roommate conflicts and stop them from sleeping together, Barney helps out around the apartment, leading Ted to suspect something is up and confront Barney about his feelings towards Robin. Also, the bathroom situation at Marshall's work is super-stressful, and as a result he has trouble doing certain business there. Wonderful episode a must see!
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