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How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 20

Best Prom Ever

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 01, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Lily, Barney, and Robin attend a high school prom to scout out a potential band for Lily and Marshall's wedding reception. In order to get in, Lily and Robin pretend to be the dates of two kids who were going alone. Ted and Marshall are back at the apartment where they are preparing the invitations to be sent out.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Not as good as other episodes

    An average episode. Wasn't filled with that many laugh out loud moments, was a little more predictable this time around, with Marshall and Ted contemplating about getting in a fight and then getting in a fight with the two seniors. The heartful moment with Lilly wondering if she's rushing things, wasn't as powerful this episode, and that's what has the episode feeling weaker than usual.

    Once scene I loved thought was when Barney was caught sneaking in through the ventilation while Robin was on the phone with Marshall. A classic kill two birds with one stone technique I don't see too often amymore that I wish I did.moreless
  • Let's go to Prom

    I liked this episode. I thought the producers did a good job with this one. Earlier in previous episodes, they did a good job of what what would happen in the season finale. This time it was advance further. I loved the scene where Marshall meets Lilly for the first time. It was a wonderful song in the background. There was something innocent about that scene. The prom itself was funny. While a small part, I liked the dresses Lilly and Robin wore. It was funny how Barney trying to get in. I also liked how Ted and Robin moved further from their incident. There were also many good songs in this episode.

    When you watch the season finale remember what Lilly says in this episode.moreless
  • The gang must go to prom in order to book a band for Marshall & Lily's wedding.

    Marshall has booked a spot for the wedding in Minnesota, now they still need a band with just two weeks before the event. Marshall knows of the perfect band, The 88, and they're playing at a local high school prom, so they must get in. While Lily and Robin get in by escorting themselves with high school geeks, and Ted and Marshall sneak in through the back, Barney tries to come up with some complicated plan. It's still awkward between Ted and Robin, but they seem to make up by the episode's end. Marshall brings the sheet music of his and Lily's song and has The 88 perform it and they do a splendid job, as they are the official band. The two nerds that served as Lily & Robin's dates had some funny lines in an overall great episode as the wedding finally nears.moreless
  • Lily and Robin go to the prom.

    "Best Prom Ever" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Marshall and Lily try to book The Violent Femmes as a band for their wedding, but she has to let them hear her songs before she can book them. I love how Lily and Robin go to that prom to hear them play and they get in with these teenagers. I love how Robin gives Lily her first lesbian kiss. I seriously love how Ted, Marshall, and Barney try to find a way to get into the prom to give Lily the sheet music. I love Barney's different attempts to get into the prom. I give this episode a 9.5/10.moreless
  • Not good as the others

    Well it was good but not good as the others, like the previous one "mary the paralegal" . It was not that funny. I think they should use Barney more. Barney's plots were not hilarious as it used to be. Ted was completely lost in this episode, i can't remember any lines of Ted now. Well, good but not perfect.
Ira Ungerleider

Ira Ungerleider

Mr. Corker

Guest Star

Alek Friedman

Alek Friedman

Todd Epstein

Guest Star

Richard Brown

Richard Brown

Mr. Corke

Guest Star

Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Voice of Ted, 2030

Recurring Role

David Burtka

David Burtka


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • During Lily's flashback to her prom in 1996, the music playing in the background is Verve Pipe's "Freshman", which wasn't released until 1997.

    • The teacher that stops Lily, Robin, and Barney at the door when they first arrive at the prom is played by Ira Ungerleider, the writer of the episode.

    • Robin says she never went to prom because she had field hockey nationals in the spring, but in "Slutty Pumpkin", she said that she only played solo sports, which field hockey is not.

    • Lily keeps stating that her wedding is only 9 weeks away, but tells Barney and Robin that the wedding is 71 days away on prom night (10 weeks).

  • QUOTES (20)

    • (Marshall and Ted get in and a guy in a turtle costume approaches) Turtle: Ok, just be cool, don't look at me. Ted: Ok. Turtle: How did you get in here? Marshall: What's it to you, giant turtle?  Turtle: It's me, Barney!

    • Barney: We'll just sneak in.
      Marshall: We are not sneaking in to a high school prom.
      Lily: Yes we are, it's the only way.
      Ted: You are getting on board with Barney's idea? Man, you really have snapped.

    • Marshall: It'll be cool. I'll tell you what, we'll make a game out of it. First one to stuff a hundred invitations gets a big prize.
      Ted: Do I look like I'm four? (pause) All right, what kind of prize are we talkin' about?

    • Robin: And look, you can still travel, you can still paint, and as far as your lesbian experience. (kisses Lily) Happy?
      Lily: Yeah. So, field hockey, huh?
      Robin: Shut up.

    • Lily: (waking up suddenly) Crap! Band! We forgot a band! It's just gonna be silence and then people chewing.

    • Lily: Even if a dinosaur should poke his head out of my butt and consume this coffee table, I need you to roll with it.

    • Barney: Guys, I just tasted an amazing caterer.
      Lily: We already have a caterer.
      Barney: Oh right! You're getting married. (to Ted) You see what I did there?

    • Lily: (goes up to the nerds on the side) Hey boys, wanna take two hot girls to the prom?
      Nerd: Sorry, we don't have money.
      Robin: It's free.
      Nerds: Okay then!

    • Lily & Robin: (to Barney about their prom dresses) Alright, what do you think?
      Barney: Horrible!
      Lily: (disgusted) You'd make such a great dad.
      Barney: It's so classy and nice; you're going to stick out like a sore thumb. Have you seen how the kids are dressing these days? With the Ashley, and the Lindsay and the Paris. They all dress like strippers. It's go ho or go home.
      Lily: Well we have to get in. I have to see this band because we have to make a decision by Monday because I'm getting married in 71 days and we still…
      Robin: (cutting off Lily's panicked rant) Shhh shhhh. Sweetie, let's focus on one thing at a time, okay? Right now you just have to dress like a whore and that's it.
      Lily: Alright.
      Barney: That's the spirit. Now ladies, slut up!

    • Ted: So how was your first prom?
      Robin: You tell me. I hated my dress. My date got wasted and puked on me. There was a huge fight. And I kissed a girl.
      Ted: So basically, it was a prom.
      Robin: Okay, I've missed you. Not in a we're going to make out way. Not even in an I forgive you way, just in an "I've missed you" way.
      Ted: I'll take what I can get.

    • Nerd 2: So what's the deal here, am I getting lucky tonight?
      Robin: Oh, Shawn, look, umm, you're a nice guy but I just don't…
      (Nerd 2 throws up all over Robin)
      Robin: No, you're not getting lucky tonight.

    • Scooter: You're breaking up with me?
      Lily: There is so much I still want to do. I want to travel, live overseas, as an artist, maybe have a lesbian relationship, plus I think I was just dating you because you look a little like Kurt Cobain.
      Scooter: I can change; I can look more like Kurt Cobain.

    • Nerd 1: Hey, you ladies want something to take the edge off?
      Robin: (as she takes a flask from him) What the hell, it's prom. (takes a drink and coughs) That tastes like cough syrup!
      Nerd 1: Yeah, we couldn't get any alcohol. Our fake IDs said we're only 20, and we didn't realize it until after we bought them.
      Robin: Nerds who aren't good at math? Life is going to be rough boys.

    • Marshall: Awww. They grow up into skanks so fast, don't they Ted?

    • Barney: (To Ted and Marshall) Wow, hey Thelma, Louise! You all don't drive off no cliffs now, ya hear. Laaaaame! But seriously, leave me a message and we'll meet up later.

    • Robin: I'll go with you.
      Lily: Really?
      Robin: Yea. I never got to go to my prom; we always had field hockey nationals in the spring.
      Barney: (coughs, then speaks) Lesbian!
      Robin: The cough was supposed to cover the lesbian.
      Barney: No, I'm trying to start a thing where the cough is separate.

    • Ted: You are getting on board with Barney's idea? Man, you really have snapped.
      Lily: It's 9 weeks until the wedding, at this point I'd say yes to just about anything.
      Barney: Well…
      Lily: No Barney!

    • (To Barney)
      Lily: Your job is very simple. At the wedding, do not sleep with anyone even remotely related to me.
      Barney: Yea. Lily, you know I can't promise that.

    • Marshall: It is on! It is on like the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan.

    • Lily: Do you think we look young enough to blend in at a high school?
      Barney: Please, I'm ageless. Scherbatsky just needs a good night's sleep and you've got statutory written all over your body.

  • NOTES (6)

    • David Burtka, who plays Lily's ex Scooter, is Neil Patrick Harris' real life partner.

    • The German episode title is "Nur zwei Monate", meaning "Only Two Months". The French title is "C'est mon dernier bal", meaning "It's My Last Dance". The Italian title is "Il dubbio", meaning "Doubt".

    • International Airdates: Czech Republic: December 30, 2009 on Prima COOL

    • The band that Lily and Marshall want to play for their wedding is named "The 88." It is a real band featured recently on MTV news for their successes, including the cameo on this show.

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      "Freshmen" by the Verve Pipe. This song is played during Lily's prom flashback; When Lily and Robin get to the prom the 88 are on stage playing "Hide Another Mistake"; "Good Feeling" by the Violent Femmes

    • This episode was formerly known as "What About Prom?"