How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 1

Big Days

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2010 on CBS
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Ted runs into Cindy, the girl he dated who rooms with his future wife. Meanwhile, Robin is still crushed over Don's decision to take a job in Chicago, and Marshall can't stop talking about wanting to have a baby.

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  • A very nice debut for the new season

    This episode indicates that this new season will be better than the two disappointing ones before, because it's sympathetic, funny and also indicates some things to who might be the mother of Ted's children. It was great to see Rachel Bilson againb ecause I really like her and her role. Robin at the beginning was really stupid, but the rest of this episode is very enjoyable and a lot better than most of season 5.moreless
  • The Start of season 6 is something special

    Remember when I said in my reviews for season 5, that it gets better? It starts with this episode. Ted is outside a church that according to the timeline is a little ways down the road. He is seated with Marshall waiting for a wedding. I loved the start of this episode. It was a great song. Ted is nervous, pealing back a label from a beer bottle. And you what more on this later.

    Back at the present time Ted is doing the same at the same bar. It turns out that he is nervous because of a women sitting down. Ted is thinking about talking to her until Barney declares dibs on her. It was too bad that you don't get to hear the story of Sir Walter Dibs. That's one of the few complaints about this episode. If this were in season 5 it would be a bigger complaint but in this season and episode it's not. Elsewhere, Marshall and Lilly are starting the process of trying to have a baby. Not to be offensive by Lilly was looking extra hot in this episode. (remember I am a guy) Her outfit was just the right kind of attractiveness hot but over the top hot. The mini argument they had were pretty funny. I also enjoyed how Marshall's co-workers encouraged him as he left work. Also at this time Robin is in the middle of getting over Don. Her look was so funny. I really liked Barney's d-rection line. Another funny part is when Marshall taking one look at her was good to "keep it I think Barney's jokes on Robin were amusing but mean. The best comment was the milk comment. Barney was not only funny in this episode but you got to see his serious side too. You have seen it before in bits and pieces of in in previous seasons. But this was the start of seeing a Barney in new way without changing his character. I would say more but that would spoil things.

    The end might have been one of the greatest endings in while. It was not just because Cindy (the mother's roommate) kissed the girl Ted was thinking about maybe the possibility of talking that women was not the one for Ted. However I don't think it was a tease. I don't think the mother would be shown at the start of an episode. The greatest part of this episode was that it got you thinking whose wedding it was when it was and how Ted was going to meet the mother. There was finally a place where Ted was going to meet her. It's what made it exciting. This may have been one of the best starts and endings of this series. Season 5 was not the best season. It never challenged my love for this series but this episode reaffirmed my love for this show.moreless
  • Ted sees Cindy at the bar.

    "Big Days" is an awesome episode and amazing season premiere for season 6 How I Met Your Mother. This episode is a huge improvement from season 5. I love how Ted sees Cindy at the bar and she's with this woman who Ted assumes is her room mate. I love how it turns out that Cindy and this woman are lovers and that they got married and had a daughter. I love how Ted reveals that he met their mom at a wedding and it shows that Ted is the best man. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • So he met his wife at a wedding for which he was best man, question answered and guess what I don't care any more.

    Cheesy, unrealistic and just downright stupid are words that I would never have used to descirbe the early episodes. Scratch that, maybe cheesy sometimes but a sweet kind of cheesy that kept you watching. Nowadays the only reason I watch the odd episode is for some kind of closure about the main point of the series.

    There are 2 ways of looking at this show, either the whole point of the series doesn't matter to you or it does. The former means that you actually care about these characters the latter means that you have followed the story from the start and just want to find out how he met his wife. I started off liking the characters, even Ted I found charming for his ridiculous naivety, Barney was funny and then again Marshall and Lily were sweet in their way. But ultimately I still wanted to find out the answer, now I am just left with a minor wish to see what happened. I probably should just give up but the memory of how much I liked the early series keeps me coming back......moreless
  • When will this show get to the Point?

    Yes, the kissing scene was amazing and this eps was good by standards.

    But seriously, when will this show get to its own point?

    Its How I Met you're mother, not When I met your mother or...

    Who I was before I met your mother. Five seasons in, and no where close to answering this show is promising at all. What they don't get is if they continue down this path, its like slapping the viewers in the face. Do that, and come next season, we'll see how many people stick around. Seriously, if things don't start changing and gets to the point, then you can say "Can-wait for it-celled".moreless
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    • Robin: Say goodbye before you leave?
      Ted: Her words exactly.
      Barney: Dude, you are so in. A high-five doesn't even cut it. High-six! (Ted and Barney high-six)
      Ted: She didn't see us high-six, did she?
      Robin: No.
      Barney: Good, that was pretty lame.
      Ted: Yeah, let's never do that again.

    • Lily: What if I can't have a baby? That… could happen. I could totally let you down. Has that thought not occurred to you?
      Marshall: Not even for one second. Not having a baby would suck… but the idea of you letting me down? That's impossible.

    • Lily: Marshall, woah! Wait. A big package just arrived.
      Marshall: Yeah, it did.
      Lily: No no, it's a real package from your dad.
      Marshall: Okay, that's a little weird, but yeah, it is.

    • Lily: Barney, am I crazy? Marshall talks to his dad way too much.
      Barney: (nervous chuckle) You don't want my opinion on that.
      Lily: Why not?
      Barney: If I had my dad's number, I would never not be on the phone with him.
      Lily: Wow, Barney. That was really...
      Barney: Whoa, check out who just walked in! A hottie with a body! (makes motorboat noises)
      Lily: Brief.

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    • Barney comments a girl could be reading Are You There Barney? It's Me, Horny. This play's on Judy Blume's 1970 young adult novel Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.