How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2010 on CBS
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When a night of partying with bad-luck pal The Blitz ends up ruining Ted's planned Thanksgiving feast, the gang ends up celebrating at Zoey's.

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  • The Gentlemen

    Thanksgiving brings together family and friends. In addition to the regular gang two more people part of the feast with Zoey and the Blitz. Blitz was played by Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost, the best show ever) did a wonderful of playing The Blitz whose real name is Steve. I loved all the Lost references and it wasn't just that, It felt like he was part of the gang. His timing of jokes was perfectly done. I liked that he hung out the group at earlier times. Unlike Steve the bartender, Steve fit in with the group more naturally. My only complaints were that in the flashback Steve mentioned about playing Madden 2K1, Robin was with the group. Als Ted hosted Thanksgiving or tried to. I thought Lilly and Marshall did it every year. Maybe that's a story to come later. Those are just minor complaints.

    I loved the history of the Blitz and how easily or hard it can be pased. The things that can and will happen to the Blitz when he leaves may be over the top but amusing. I would've liked that when the essence or spirt of the Blitz was passed it would've been black. However I can understand why it was not. The arc of Zoey continued. She was slowly becoming more liked. This may be a far fetch theory but I think that Hannah may be the mother. Think about it. The captain is in his 50's. Ted is 30 or about that. The mother is probably the same age. It would make sense if Hannah didn't want to see her step daughter who was her age or even may be older then her.

    Overall this was just a fun and enjoyable episode.moreless
  • It's Blitzgiving!!

    "Blitzgiving" is my favourite season 6 How I Met Your Mother episode. It's just hilarious! I love all the BUffy references with The Gentleman and the "Blitz" entering Ted as he slept replicating the effect of the magic entering the mouths of sleepers in "Hush". I love how Steve was the blitz, then Ted was the blitz, then Barney was the blitz, and the Steve was the blitz again at the end of the episode. I don't watch Lost but I did appreciate the Lost reference. I give this episode a 10/10.moreless
  • 610

    Wow, this season has definitely impressed me with episodes like "Subway Wars", "Natural History", and now this episode. Episodes like these just remind us that How I Met Your Mother can still deliver a genuinely warm hearted episode with comedy. Something this show tends to lose sometimes, but this episode just reminded me that HIMYM still has it. I laughed at most of the one liners here, almost too many to count. Every single time someone said "Aw Man" I cracked up. When Robin fixed herself up for "Wang" guy when taking the picture was hilarious. The "Blitz" didn't do much for me, but I'm sure Lost fans enjoyed his stay on How I Met Your Mother. As for the emotion, we've got a lot of Ted & Zoey here. When Ted put two & two together when Lilly stole the stuffed turkey, it just reminded me of classic How I Met Your Mother. And when Ted finally let go of the grudge against Zoey, it just reminded me of classic Ted. We got a feel good ending, development, and just a hilarious episode in general. What do you have in the end? You have a good episode of How I Met Your Mother. Definitely will stand out as one of the best in the season, by far.moreless
  • How to take another caracther to a diferent show and make it good!

    As a big fan of the great J.J.Abrams show "lost" I enjoyed Hurley and his defenitly important contribute to it, a great performance!

    Sometimes when authors try to take other caracther from a tv show things may go in the wrong direction but not this time! He wasn't the Hurley from lost of course but as you watvhed he had some of him, that's the reson why I think it became good!

    Talking about HIMYM, I think that episodes like this one will for sure improve the show, it's difficult to make it good for many seasons but in my point of view HIMYM is still on and will stiil continue to be as I didn't suspect. It was a good surprise!moreless
  • 11/22

    It is good to see Hurley back on TV, but more importantly it was good to see a somewhat decent episode of How I Met Your Mother, something that has certainly been alluding us for years. I know that I'll be saying, "Aw, man!" for the next few days, so they succeeded in getting me to remember the episode that way, but a lot of this show was actually well-done. The cast was funny all around and the idea of a "blitz guy" is actually something that I think can exist in certain groups of friends.

    Congratulations HIMYM, you made me laugh tonight.moreless
Jorge Garcia (I)

Jorge Garcia (I)

Steve "The Blitz" Henry

Guest Star

Audra Griffis

Audra Griffis


Guest Star

Roger Narayan

Roger Narayan


Guest Star

Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Voice of Ted, 2030

Recurring Role

Joe Nieves

Joe Nieves


Recurring Role

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Zoey Pierson

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Lily tells Ted about the skateboarding dog, we see the event in flashback with Robin, Barney, and Marshall on the left and Lily and Zoey on the right by the bar. But when Marshal tells Ted he changed the course of Blitzstory, we see the same flashback, but this time The Blitz is suddenly there and is the most prominent person in view.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Barney: Robin, I will pay you to be The Blitz. $100! No, $10,000! No, 60 bucks. What's a lot of money for someone like you?
      Marshall: Dude, The Blitz isn't something that can be bought or sold.
      Zoey: Yeah, it's not like Ted's integrity.
      Ted: What was that? I was distracted by the four carat diamond your 53-year-old husband bought you.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates: United Kingdom: February 24, 2011 on E4; Australia: March 10, 2011 on Channel 7; Germany: October 5, 2011 on ProSieben; Czech Republic: January 30, 2012 on Prima COOL


    • The guys have an in-joke where they yell, "The gentlemen!" Also, there is the imagery of the 'the blitz' curse being passed as smoke which enters the new host via the mouth while they sleep. This is a reference to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Hush" where the villains are called 'The Gentlemen' and there is imagery of smoke exiting each host via the mouth whilst they sleep.

    • The random numbers the Blitz yells out at McLaren's for Marshall to text a picture of his junk to, "4 8 15 16 23 42," are the same mystic numbers featured throughout the entire run of the show, Lost, which also starred Blitz portrayer Jorge Garcia as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, who felt he was cursed by those numbers. Additionally, when Barney misses something cool he says, "You told me I had to leave the building," and Blitz's reply was "Sorry, but I was on that island for what seemed like eternity," referring to the island the Lost crash survivors had to live on.