How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2006 on CBS
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Ted's parents visit New York for their anniversary, and he learns a family secret, while Robin worries that they won't like her. Lily and Marshall try to adjust to the new format of their relationship now that they are no longer together.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Not a good episode

    Jason Segel is the only one of the bunch that did a good job. All of the stories weren't really interesting and there were several silly parts in the screenplay.
  • Ted's Parents Visits

    This episode had a classic storytelling of this series. What made this good was that all three parts were good. What I also liked was you got to find out something different in all three stories.

    Let's start with Ted's story. I liked his parents. Both are likeable people. I like that they are both uncomfortable with anything less then perfect. I think it was funny that Ted's mom didn't bug her about marriage. I think it wasn't just because what you find out at the end but maybe she really believes that Ted and Robin won't end up together.

    And now Lilly and Marshall's story. I thought it was funny how they tried to upstage one another. It was good that it was done in a humorous way and not in a childish way.

    Now Barney's story. I liked that Ted's dad was his wing man. I think that it's interesting how easily he can pick up women. It was funny how he stole Barney's women from him. I also find it enjoyable how Barney sucked up to Barney's mom. It was done in a funny way and shows how great the character of Barney is.

    This was just an overall good episode. My favorite part is you find out why future Ted goes into detail of how met his wife.moreless
  • The gang reveals three sides of a simple brunch with Ted's parents.

    In what I think was one of the best episode formats the writers have thrown at us all season or series, we meet Ted's parents for the first time. We get to see the Marshall & Lily side, Ted & Robin side, and Barney side, which all have something to do with the fact that Ted's parents are secretly not married anymore, which obviously upsets Ted in the end when he finally finds out. While Marshall & Lily are mainly competing to make each other jealous, Barney snaps when his new wingman in Ted's dad is caught making out with another girl. Barney assumes he's cheating but when Ted confronts his parents at the memorable brunch, his parents admit they've been separated for quite some time. Kinda sad that Ted had to find everything out this way although the laugh track proved otherwise. However, it was my favorite episode at that point of the young Season 2, making me excited to see more between Ted and his parents and Marshall vs. Lily. They're having sex mighty fast again, so it obviously won't be long again before they start dating.moreless
  • The gang and Ted's parents have brunch.

    "Brunch" is an amazing How I Met Your Mother episode. This is the first episode I saw of How I Met Your Mother. I love the beginning of this episode where a picture is taken of the gang plus Ted's parents and it looks like the perfect pictures but it's not. I love how Ted tells the story of how they got to taking that picture. I love how Ted and Lily try to make each other uncomfortable at brunch. I love how Lily wears tighter clothing while Marshall is flaunting his calves. I love how they go to the bathroom to have sex. I love how Ted introduces Barney to his parents and he thinks Barney's going to be inappropriate but he's super nice to them. I love how Ted's dad becomes Barney's wingman and Barney catches him kissing Wendy, so he takes a picture and shows Ted. I love how Ted warns Robin that his parents may ask her about having children, and then they don't ask her about children. It's so funny how Robin wants Ted's parents to want her to have Ted's children even though she doesn't want children. Anyways, I love how Ted finds out his parents are separated. I give this episode a 10/10.moreless
  • Clever.

    A great well executed episode with a lot of twists along the way. Sounds like How I Met your Mother was definitely up to par this week. A great concept that deals with Ted's parents and how it affects the whole gang. I'm liking the Marshall/Lilly development. Them fighting and having a quickie in the bathroom because of Marshall's calves was hysterical. Robin trying to impress Ted's parents was a bit too predictable for my liking, but it definitely developed in to something more serious. First we think Ted's dad is cheating on Ted's mom. Then Robin finds out they're divorced, which definitely makes branch uncomfortable. All the plots tied together perfectly which is what I love about this episode. We find a lot of similarities between Ted's parents & Ted and Robin. Looks like we definitely know they're not going to end up together, and if they stay together, they're just going to end up like Ted's parents which was sad to see but still awesome development. An amazing episode, funny at times, editing was great.moreless
Noel True

Noel True


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Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Voice of Ted, 2030

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Michael Gross

Michael Gross

Alfred Mosby

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Cristine Rose

Cristine Rose

Virginia Mosby

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Marshall and Lily argue over who gets the U2 box set after they break up. Actually, at the time this episode aired there had not yet been a physical box set released by U2 for them to have fought over.

    • In this episode Ted points out to Barney that everytime he makes up a statistic he uses 83%. He has used other numbers: the only two times he has made up a statistic during a show were in "Mary the Paralegal," one was one in eight, the other was 75%.

      Although in his blog, not mentioned in the show, he mentioned that 83% of surveys are accurate.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Virginia Mosby: Oh, Barney. You're just delightful.
      Barney: No, you're delightful. I'm delighted. And he's just Ted. I'm just making this stuff up. I don't know where they're coming from.

    • Barney: No one is turned on by a man's calves! They're a completely unerotic body part.
      Marshall: You would say that because of those chicken legs.
      Barney: I'll be waiting by the phone for your apology.

    • (after having sex in the bathroom)
      Lily: Really wasn't expecting that to happen.
      Marshall: Yeah, me neither. That kinda complicates things, doesn't it.
      Lily: Yeah it does. Why did you have to throw your magnificent calves at me? You know you have a punter's leg.
      Marshall: Well, why did you have to throw your beautiful boobs at me? You know you have...boobs.

    • Marshall: Are you wearing a push-up bra?
      Lily: Did you Mystic Tan your calves?
      Marshall: I withdraw the question.

    • Barney: Robin, I'm his best friend, that's a commitment. You're just his girlfriend. That's like a bad flu, out of your system after a couple of weeks in bed. High five!

    • Barney: But I'm your best friend.
      Ted: No, actually Marshall is my best—
      Barney: I'm the most important person in your life
      Ted: Actually, Robin is the most import—
      Barney: How could your parents not know about me? I'm delightful!

    • Virginia: Oh, I forgot to tell you. Your cousin Jimmy had a wonderful time at the spa he visited.
      Ted: You mean that spa the judge ordered him to go to, to quit cocaine?
      Virigina: Coffee?

    • Lily: I wish your face would melt off.
      Marshall: I wish your eyeballs would explode.
      Lily: I hate you!
      Marshall: I hate you more!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Ted: (to Mr. Mosby in akward moment) You think Cerrano has a shot at the RBI title?

      "Cerrano" is an allusion to Pedro Cerrano, the fictional character played by Dennis Haysbert from the movies Major League (1989), Major League II (1994), and Major League: Back to the Minors (1998).

      Cerrano was a Cuban defector who was famous for his power hitting, inability to hit a curveball, and Voodoo beliefs. He played right field for the Indains and was one of their best players during the movies.

      It was stated two episodes before ("Where Were We") that Ted (and most likely his father) is a Cleveland Indians fan. He is also most likely from somewhere in Ohio as his parents clearly don't live in New York and Ted tells a story about being trapped under a rock in a mall in Ohio when he was 7 years old in "Slap Bet".