How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 2

Cleaning House

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on CBS

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  • Another pretty good episode

    I loved to see Wayne Brady as Barney's brother again and the story with the two trying to find their real father was pretty good. There was some stupid stuff in this episode as well, but I liked it a lot mostly.
  • Barney and his dad

    Ever since he was a young boy Barney has labored under the delusion that Bob Barker was his real dad. He thought this because his mom told him. It turns out that was not the only lie she told her son. Barney has believed them all and still does up until this point. James (played by Wayne Brady) realized early on when was younger. Speaking of James, it was great to see him again. I do wonder why James didn't get his partner. You would think someone used trickery would trick his partner into helping him move stuff out of his childhood home. But maybe love changes a person. I thought it was funny how Barney got all of his friends to help him move and you never find out why or how did it. I also liked that the other story lines with Marshall and Lilly with telling the truth and Ted-Robin with Robing trying to set up Ted with a women from her work, were smaller and did not take up too much time. They were not bad story lines but in this case with the main storyline, they did what they needed to do.

    When going through some stuff James comes upon a letter with a picture inside of it as Barney and James as kids addressed to Sam Gibbs that says your son on the back on the photo. Barney chooses to believe his mom's lie instead of truth. The way James told Barney that Bob Barker was not his dad and that Sam Gibbs might be his real dad was wonderfully done. Barney's reaction to it was also very nicely done. The gang decides to see Sam and see who he is. You get a real dose of Barney's serious side right before James knocks on the door. This was done wonderfully. Not to have things go too seriously, Barney upon seeing Sam thinks that Sam is his real dad. The producers did a very fine job not making this episode too serious with Barney acting like a child. It was a great choice for the person to play Sam. I like that he was never presented as a bad dad. His acting done very well. As with the last episode, the ending was great. It was very sweet and if you were sensitive, tears were rolling down the side of your cheek. What made this season so great this season, all of Ted's friends really shined in this episode even more then usual. This time it was Barney's time to shine.
  • Why do you guys give this episode a high rating?

    Ok guys, this show is comedy not a telenovela or a drama series. The only funny scene I saw was at the end where Barney sang like a techno robot thing. All the scenes where cheesy, corny, boring. Even the story about Ted having set up by Robin in a date is lame... How about Marshall and Lily, they do not have to be there... The writer got lazy and put them there. They have come up with another story for those couples.. It's a waste of time and electricity.. Come up with some real funny stuff not just a lame episode just to fill the season. Sorry it just doesn't work.
  • Barney, James, and the gang help Barney's mother pack because she's moving.


    "Cleaning House" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I love the return of James in this episode and I love how Barney helps James and Barney are helping their mom move. I love how Barney's childhood is filled with lies by Loretta. I love how she convinced Barney that he didn't make the basketball team because he was too good. I love how James is realizing that his mom lied to him as well. I love how James meets his birth-father and Barney pretends that Jame's birth-father is his birth-father as well. It was so sweet how Barney says that Loretta is the father he'll ever need. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Disappointing...

    Some things you feel. they don´t need to be said.
    Barney´s past was one of these things. It s called subtext. It s the place where you imagine because of little details the truth behind the scene. When someone explains it to you, it looses a lot of its power. And that happened in this episode. The writers sacrified Barney`s subtext to make an average and often not believable episode. The Robin/Ted-plot feeled just needless. The barney-plot was predictable and filled with cliches. The first episode of himym where i got bored and so by far the worst. I hope at least the next episode delivers a good setup for the rest of the season.
  • 602

    A really great episode of How I Met Your Mother, and to be honest, it was better than the premiere. We've got a sense of emotion that this show has been lacking lately. We got to see it in Barney's past, and how sad it really is.

    We got to see a lot of Barneyisms without having a Barney overload. The Ted and Robin plot was like a breath of fresh air. The interactions between them were absolutely hysterical. The situation on "overselling" or "underselling" it was actually pretty original and quite funny.

    You can't help but feel bad for Barney as this episode comes to a close, at the end, he decides he doesn't want to meet his father. At least we know, he's not actually crazy enough to believe that Bob Barker is his father. Because that was a bit ridiculous. We got to understand Barney more, for who he is, just a great installment of How I Met Your Mother tonight.

    A great balance of comedy and emotion with great development, great episode overall.
  • 602

    Another episode of How I Met Your Mother that was surprisingly not that bad. I recently read that the writers for this show were going to make it less "sitcomy" (their words, not mine) but that is clearly not the case. They did the standard, "There's no way you can convince us to do that," and immediately cut to the group helping Barney move. And then there was the fact that they dealt with James finding his father.

    But ignoring that this was definitely a solid episode of How I Met Your Mother. Josh Radnor is still terrible, but the rest of the cast was good here. The only thing Ir eally did not like was the lame moment where Barney said that his mother was his father.
  • Barney's mother is moving out of her house, and Barney and the gang (as well as James) help her pack up. Barney and James discover the name and address of one of their fathers. Meanwhile, Robin has gone overboard talking Ted up to a friend of hers.

    We find out more about Barney's life growing up, and I feel sorry for him. He's scared to face some truths about himself. It was pretty bittersweet. We knew that Barney tended to live in his own fantasy world, but to hear him admit that he didn't always feel good about himself as a child really touched me. We see his need to overcompensate. I felt for Barney. Once again, I remembered that beneath his jerk exterior beats a pretty big heart. He's also incredibly naive and gullible. Once again, I was reminded that this series, although maybe not the funniest series ever, did have a lot of heart. This is the first heartwarming episode I've seen in a long time.

    By the way, Ted's voiceover at the end seems to have been cut down. The closed captions say that Barney would find his father soon.
  • Great episode, and an amzing start off to the season!

    I thought this episode was great because of the drama in it and if we get another repeat, i think that might be a sign that craig and carter wants to get this show back on track to their old HIMYM, if they want a season 7. I loved how Barney admitted that Bob Barker is not his father and his problems and even though meeting his father would be great i'm happy he ripped up his address. Barney's scene's with the piano's was hilirious. IN the end it was great episode probably better than the premiere and i do belive the show is back on track.!!!:)
  • A great 2nd episode to this season.

    I always liked seeing Wayne Brady guest star on this show in the past so i was excited when i heard he would be on last nights episode. The whole thing with their mom lying to them and the "post master general" was just hilarious. All the flashbacks to barney and james' childhood was just great.

    I hope they keep up the good writing for this season and end the show with a good finale. I think its time to meet the mother and wrap things up nicely. Overall i think this season is looking promising and better than the previous.
  • Great & funny Episode!

    This episode was better than "big Days". But this episode is hilarious and its a great start to the season 6. This episode is mostly all about Barney.But the Ted and robin Part is a little boring But everything in the episode is funny if you understand it.The ending of this episode ends really funny. Its a great second episode for the season. Barney is funny in this episode when he interrupts his brother and the dad singing. This Season is already starting to look better than the last season. Season 6 will be one of the best h.i.m.y.m seasons.
  • Neil Patrick Harris in complete.

    I always like the episodes with James, and this was no exception. I felt really bad for Barney and his desperation for a father. The first scene between James and Sam was great. The ending between Barney and his mother was good too, regardless of how cliched. I absolutely loved the Stand By Me scenes. Between Barney scatting, Robin cracking up in the background, and Lily pulling him off-screen, I laughed pretty hard. And any time you can use Wayne Brady's singing ability is a plus in my book.

    The sub-plot between Robin and Ted seemed unnecessary to me and a little weird. But that's my only complaint.

    In conclusion...can we go camping??
  • I really enjoyed this episode!

    This was a very great episode of 'How I Met Your Mother', because we delved into Barney's past, and this episode was essentially surrounding his character.

    This week's episode goes to show just how fantastic an actor Neil Patrick Harris is! He was brilliant, hilarious, and downright enjoyable as we watched him nearly meet his father, but things don't quite qwork out that way.

    The funny stories (fictitious stores) from Barney's life and childhood weree fascinating, and they added another level of coemdy to the episode!

    Keep it up, How I Met Your Mother! A brilliant episode, I would highly recommend this one, and it would go down as one of my favorites!