How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ted and his old boss

    When Ted gets hired to lead the design the building in Spokane, it was advancement in his career. This episode highlights some of his struggles with it. It's interesting to see him as boss. I think that the hours that Ted put into his job might have an effect on what happened at the end of the season. But maybe not. Anyway Ted's biggest struggle was his old boss. It was good to see him again. It was funny anytime he tried to fire him, something got in the way. When he actually fired him, well you have to see it. Also the song at the end of the episode was good.

    I also enjoyed the second part of episode. The picture of Marshall was a sight to see. The jokes that the gang played on him was very funny. It's too bad that we don't get to see it again. Yet. I also liked how Barney tried to get Lilly to paint him. How Lilly and Marshall end up tricking Barney was also very funny.

    While this was not as good as the previous one, it still had a lot of great moments.
  • Ted must fire his former boss and the others find a nude painting of Marshall.

    Hammond Druthers, who angers me so much, has become even more intolerable since Ted became his boss. Ted wants to fire Druthers but it set back when Druthers consoles him about his wife kicking him out and his birthday. Despite Ted's fair treatment of Druthers during these events, he continues to insult Ted and his building ideas. While Barney has agreed to pay for Marshall & Lily's honeymoon if Lily paints him nude, (like the painting of Marshall found in the apartment) Ted finally gets the guts to fire Druthers, but he has a heart attack. The rest of the office then fears and hates Ted, but he smooths it out by establishing Margarita Fridays, which was a random end to the episode but at least things are back to normal. Meanwhile, in a dull episode to me, the funniest part was when Lily has finished the painting but did not do Barney's genitals. Barney then said she left out "Barnana" which was funny. But other than that, the only good thing about the episode was it seems like Druthers has been written out.
  • Ted has to fire Hammond. The gang finds a nude painting of Marshall.


    "Columns" is a pretty good How I Met Your Mother episode. The Lily, Marshall, and Barney plot was awesome. In this episode, the gang finds a nude painting of Marshall. I love how Marshall hates the nude painting and tries to find where Ted, Barney, and Robin put the painting. I love how Barney wants to Lily to paint him nude. I love how Lily and Marshall say Lily won't paint him nude so Barney will raise the price he'll pay them. I love how Lily got the money from Barney and then gave him the painting and he had no genitals in the painting. The Ted plot was alright. I don't like Hammond. He was just really annoying. I thought the heart attack was interesting and I'm glad everyone liked Ted by the end of the episode. I give this episode a 8/10.

  • Great episode

    Out of the two storylines I prefered the nude art one. The whole Ted storyline was kind of boring and annoying. I just wanted him to man up and fire the guy, without almost killing him.
    The nude art storyline however, spoke to my immature side. I loved the mocking of Marshall "New dart- nude art", and how they scampered after him when he ran to McLaren's with Ted declaring, "Field Trip!" I actually laughed out loud when Marshall hurled himself over the bar to "grab himself." The Barnacle was creepy (yet oddly sexy) when he whispered "Paint me!" He has no shame, just a second Awesome gland. True story. Although I'm not sure why Marshall and Lily wanted to come to Scotland for their honeymoon. It rains all the fricking time here! Loved M&L's exploitation of Barnabus Stinson, although how could Barney afford to pay all that money? What does he do for a living? But she left out Barnacle Junior! How could she betray Barney like that?! :D
  • funny.

    Ted is now the boss, and his old boss is taunting him. Ted keeps trying to fire him, but doesn't do it because he feels guilty. First, it's because it's his birthday. So, instead, the other workers bring out a cake singing " happy birthday to you ... " Then, Ted is about to fire him when he finds out he's been staying in the office because his wife and him had a huge fight, so again, Ted feels too bad for him to fire him, and lets him crash at his house. The next day, he taunts Ted again. Ted pulls him aside and asks what's going on, since he let him crash at his house AND he ate all the cornflakes. He says something about his dog dying, so Ted doesn't fire him. By now, I was wondering if Ted was ever actually going to fire him at all! Near the end of the episode, Ted pulls him aside for a "quiet word". Ted is just about to fire him, when some people who were away yesterday and missed the birthday celebration walk in with cake singing "happy birthday to you ... " . Ted starts to yell "No!" and insists he has to say what he was about to say. Then, the other guy starts having a heart attack! Ted is so sure that he is faking it, that he fires him as he is fainting. When the ambulance come, everyone else is staring at Ted, shaking their heads. Ted knows that everyone hates him, and he wonders how he will change that. Then it goes to the next scene, where everyone is having margaritas. Yep, that was Ted's "best idea ever": margarita friday. very funny. And while that was all happened, Lily painted a nude picture of Barney, and left out his "little barnacle, my barnarna" for extra cash for her and marshall's honeymoon. one of my favourite episodes so far.
  • Ted needs to fire his former boss.

    The Ted plot wasn't that enjoyable, count how many times Ted says "There is no easy way to say this." You'll find out how annoying his plot was. It was pretty predictable, his plot. He couldn't fire Hammond because a bunch of bad things were happening to him, until it all blew up, and Ted gave Hammond a heart attack. Then Ted makes it up by creating Margarita Fridays. A huge filler in my opinion, and I always disliked the Hammond character, so having a whole plot devoted to him wasn't my cup of tea. The plot that boosted the rating of this episode higher than it would have originally have been, is Lilly drawing Barney nude. When the group discovers a nude painting of Marshall, Barney wants Lilly to draw him naked for 5 grand. Marshall trying to get Barney to pay them more was hilarious by creating a huge argument, I thought he was going to stop it for morals, but instead for money. Lilly ends up "Ken-dolling" him. By leaving out "the barnacle". Okay episode with the A plot leaving me unsatisfied, and the B plot impressing me more than the A plot, which is never good.
  • They left out his Barnana

    Ted has a mproblem: When he first started work as an architect the guy who plays Hal of Malcolm In The Middle was his boss, and a jerk towards him. But when Ted had one great idea, he became that guys boss. The guy is really annoying so Ted must fire him, but he can't as he sleeps in the office and its his birthday and his dogs dead. Ted finally fires him, but he has a heart attack and everyone hates. They like him again when he introduces Marghareita Fridays. Also, Barney finds a Nude Painting of Marshall and wants Lily to paint one of him, so he pays them $10,000 and Lily finishes off, missing out his, erm, member
  • Nude Marshall!

    In this episode Barney found a picture of Marshall naked! He wanted to mess with his head, so he and Robin put it up in the bar. After relizing it's true potential Barney offers Lily 5 grand to paint him nude. Lily was unsure how Marshall would take it. But all Marshall was worried about was to get more money out of Barney, so they could spend a better honey moon at a castle in Scotland. Eventually Barney offered a total of 10 grand. And that's how Barney paid for Lily and Marshall's honey moon. I really enjoyed watching this episode.
  • A good episode, two fun stories built into one.

    This was a fun episode, when they found the nude painting of Marshall I just knew this would be a good episode. And they really did make a great joke about it, putting it being the bar and especielly the "new dart" word-play. That was hilarious. And since there was also the parallell story with Ted having to fire his former boss, who always had some other trouble, that too was great. But the end was a little too predictible, how many times haven't we seen that, filled with compassion the hero, or villain, can't do whatever it is that is suppose to be done and then, when they finally do it, it's at the worst moment. But still, it was pretty funny and I liked the ending. Margarita fridays!
  • Ted "the boss"...

    Its good to see Ted in his office on his work. He identifies the dilemma of hierarcy very well :) Marshalls nude portrait was very good idea but I would like to see more jokes about it. And painting Barney's nude portrait afterwards didnt really fit into the episode well, there was no realy fun about it. Anyway good episode several "revieled secrets" again and we totaly want to see the kids in every episode. Keep them on the screen. And where is the slp bet again we want to see the rest of the slaps, there are 4 to go...
  • New Dart

    Et tu Robin Sparkles. How quickly they forget the pain when the joke is on them. Robin certainly did not relive her Robin Sparkles pain and was quick to join Ted and Barney on a Marshall torure session. Although the fact that it looked like Marshmallow had a Marshmullet in the painting would be enough for several weeks of torture.
    The whole Ted firing his boss plotline was definatly weak and the end bit with the heart attack, not exactly a shocker for anyone to see that coming.
    Can I just say how much I love Alyson Hannigan, she is definately thr Buffy Alum with the best post-Buffy career so far in my book.
  • You're not the Boss of me now!

    This episode is again quite weak. It's about bosses. There's been famous bosses in TV history. Mr. Slate!, Mr. Mooney! But the boss in this epsiode won't come close. Ted is the bos of a man who insulted him. He wants the guy fired, but couldn't get to doing son. Meanwhile, Barney wants have his painting done in the nude. Well that's the episode and frankly I'm tried of boring epsiode that leads to nowhere. I tried to like the show, but the only standout is Alyson Hannigan. I tried to like the show, but I can't. Maybe a better episode will come along.