How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2007 on CBS

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  • funny.

    Ted is now the boss, and his old boss is taunting him. Ted keeps trying to fire him, but doesn't do it because he feels guilty. First, it's because it's his birthday. So, instead, the other workers bring out a cake singing " happy birthday to you ... " Then, Ted is about to fire him when he finds out he's been staying in the office because his wife and him had a huge fight, so again, Ted feels too bad for him to fire him, and lets him crash at his house. The next day, he taunts Ted again. Ted pulls him aside and asks what's going on, since he let him crash at his house AND he ate all the cornflakes. He says something about his dog dying, so Ted doesn't fire him. By now, I was wondering if Ted was ever actually going to fire him at all! Near the end of the episode, Ted pulls him aside for a "quiet word". Ted is just about to fire him, when some people who were away yesterday and missed the birthday celebration walk in with cake singing "happy birthday to you ... " . Ted starts to yell "No!" and insists he has to say what he was about to say. Then, the other guy starts having a heart attack! Ted is so sure that he is faking it, that he fires him as he is fainting. When the ambulance come, everyone else is staring at Ted, shaking their heads. Ted knows that everyone hates him, and he wonders how he will change that. Then it goes to the next scene, where everyone is having margaritas. Yep, that was Ted's "best idea ever": margarita friday. very funny. And while that was all happened, Lily painted a nude picture of Barney, and left out his "little barnacle, my barnarna" for extra cash for her and marshall's honeymoon. one of my favourite episodes so far.
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