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CBS (ended 2014)

I started watching HIMYM last year when I bought the first two seasons on a discount. Because I was going to get a surgery and had to lay in bed for two weeks, I needed something to watch, besides my regular shows. I fell in love with the show within the first episode and in the next few weeks I bought all other seasons and re-watched them like 7 times within a year. (Awesome is now my favorite word and I nearly use it with everything)

So like most fans, I started fresh on season 9 and like most fans I had a mixed reaction on this very long wedding weekend. I loved every scene with mother though and she was an extremely welcome addition to the group, and had an amazing chemistry with the cast.

When I watched last nights episode, I liked it, but the episode felt very rushed and actually out of place with the rest of the season.

I didn’t mind that Tracy (love her name btw) died and I even liked it that Ted wanted to give his relationship with Robin another chance, but they should’ve gradually built it up over the season… not just in one episode, and certainly not one episode after Ted declared that he and Robin basically would never work.

If I would’ve had the chance to rewrite season 9, It would’ve gone like this….

    -First I would’ve made this season 16 episodes long, instead of 24. The series and the story would’ve ended in a beautiful 200 streak.

    -The season would been split in 2, 8 episodes in the fall, 8 episodes in the spring.

    -The first 8 episodes would’ve revolved around the wedding. With the first episode of the season been the episode of the mother, so the fans would get to know her.

    -She would appear in the rest of the episodes in small flashforwards, or just in the background minding her own business.

    -In episode 8 Robin and Barney would’ve gotten married and the episode would’ve ended with Ted on the train station, seeing Tracy, but not meeting her yet.

    -Then after the midseason hiatus… the last eight episodes would’ve taken place in various important points in their lives.

    -We would see and understand why Barney and Robin divorced, the pressure of her work and Barney’s commitment issue’s.

    -We would see the courtship of Ted and Tracy, the day Ted proposed, their very long engagement, the birth of their children.

    -We would see the mother get sick and see Ted heartbroken when she passed away.

    -Meanwhile we would see story’s of Marshall and Lily and their growing family. Barney becoming a father and Robin seeing the price of her career.

    -After Tracy passed away, we see Robin becoming close to Teds kids. Not trying to replace their mother, but just be there for them and Ted. (Hence the drawings of the kids and their aunt Robin) In the next six years Ted gradually falls back in love with Robin and vice versa.

    -At the start of last episode Ted would’ finish telling the story and after the kids tell to go after aunt Robin, we would see the scene the real show ended with.

    -Then the episode moves forward to 2040, the day that Penny gets married. The kids will be played by the now adult Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie.

    -While Penny is waiting in her room, Ted, Luke and Robin join her. Penny and Luke would let Robin know how important she became in their lives after the death of their mother and how glad they are that she makes their dad happy.

    -Then when Ted walks his daughter down the aisle, the scene moves around the gang.

    -We will see flashbacks of Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin. Each of them smiling and realizing that even after all those years, they are still close friends.

    -Then it moves back to Ted and we will see a montage of Ted and Tracy. In the end Ted mutters to himself: “You were worth to wait”

    -The scene then flashes back to Farhampton and we would finally see Ted meeting the mother.

This is how I would’ve written the final season and episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Even though season 9 wasn’t what I would’ve liked it to be, I would still watch it over and over with the rest of the seasons. Because I love the gang and this show will keep a place in my heart and my dvd case...

How would you have written season 9 and the finale?
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