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Last week we introduced you to the five primary characters of CBS's How I Met Your Dad, the spin-off pilot of the network's long-running comedy How I Met Your Mother. And now we know who's going to play the most important one! Golden Globe-nominated indie actress and filmmaker Greta Gerwig has landed the lead role of Sally—the Ted Mosby of the series—who is described as being a "female Peter Pan." 

There's been a lot of OMGWTFBBQ going around in the wake of Gerwig's casting, with many people claiming that she's sold out. Sorry, hipsters, but you need to get over it! If Gerwig wants to star in the pilot of a spin-off of an established sitcom, then why shouldn't she? I'm not familiar with Gerwig's film resume, so I'm pretty neutral on her casting. The only question I really have isn't whether or not Gerwig has sold out, but whether or not she's right for the part itself. If she can properly convey Sally's messiness and restlessness, then does her past work really matter?

Need I remind you that when Neil Patrick Harris was cast as Barney Stinson, the common response was, "Doogie Howser? As a ladies man?" And look at the humor and emotional depth he's brought to the role over the course of nine seasons. And if you're worried that Gerwig will stop making independent movies, please remember that Josh Radnor—her male counterpart—has written and starred in several during his breaks from How I Met Your Mother. But if you're simply worried that the rest of the world will know one of your secrets, now would be the time to grow up. 

The fact that Gerwig isn't very well known to most of the America viewing public actually works in her favor here. Despite there being a general air of disapproval regarding CBS's creation of a How I Met Your Mother spin-off—including from your yours truly—the original show has lasted nine seasons and made its network quite a bit of money. It doesn't matter if HIMYM fans believe that the quality of the series has suffered in recent years; the spin-off is still a huge opportunity for CBS. Casting a high-profile, well known actress in the lead role could have resulted in unrealistically high expectations. With Gerwig at the center of How I Met Your Dad, the new show's writers will have more of an opportunity to tell the story they want to tell. According to TV Line, Gerwig will also be a producer and occasional a writer on How I Met Your Dad if the project is picked up to series, so fans of her work should be less focused on whether or not she's selling out, and more about what she can bring to the table here. If she's working behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera, maybe we should all start looking at this spin-off in a new light.



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