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Even though How I Met Your Mother is technically the story of Ted Mosby and how he first encountered the woman who bore his children, without Marshall, Lily, Barney, and Robin as supporting players, the series would simply be a collection of Ted's most pretentious moments, interspersed with sweet romantic gestures toward all the wrong women. Without Robin to tell him when he's being a douche, or without Barney roping him into harebrained schemes, who knows how Ted's life might've turned out! Each of How I Met Your Mother's core characters has played a pivotal role not only in Ted's life, but in the series overall. So as the end of the show inches closer, we've decided to relive some their funniest and most memorable moments. We've already brought you the best of Marshall,  Lily, and Barney, but now it's time to go to the mall with everyone's favorite Canadian, Robin Scherbatsky! 

Cobie Smulders' Robin is one hell of a lady. The news anchor and recent newlywed enjoys drinking scotch, shooting guns, smoking cigars, and using the phrase "but um" when she's on the air. We've known since How I Met Your Mother's pilot that Robin is "Aunt Robin" and not the Mother, which has at times frustrated viewers who wanted Ted and Robin to stay together after seeing them date in Season 2, while simultaneously angering others who believed the series shouldn't've wasted so much time on their doomed relationship. But Robin has long been an integral part of the gang, despite being the last one to join. Over the course of the series, she spoke her mind and told Ted when he was being a douche, she became Lily's best friend, she bonded with Marshall over cold weather and sports, and she eventually fell in love with Barney, who appreciated her distinct level of bro. But one of Robin's greatest assets was that we never knew what "secrets" might discover about her, from her past as a teen pop star in Canada to her stint as Night Falcon (seriously, WHAT WAS THAT?) to what she was hiding in her purse. Robin had a life before the gang, and although we never really saw much of her other friends, she was definitely the most independent member of the group. Her greatest achievement will probably always be her alter ego Robin Sparkles (not so much Robin Daggers), but that's really only one of many things I love about her. And speaking of the many things I love about Robin, here are my absolute favorites:

Her love of scotch and cigars

When her Canadian is showing

That time she was still drunk from last night

That time she made a joke about everything I/we love




Those times Barney dared her to say ridiculous stuff on TV

Night Falcon

Her love of Patrice

Robin Sparkles, OBVIOUSLY



What makes YOUR list of favorite Robin Scherbatsky moments?

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