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How I Met Your Mother is the story of Ted Mosby and how he first encountered the woman who bore his children. His best friends Marshall, Lily, Barney, and Robin were the supporting players of the series, and without them the series would have been a collection of Ted's most pretentious moments, interspersed with sweet romantic gestures toward all the wrong women. But the story was essentially Ted's story, from the moment he met Robin to the moment he'll meet the Mother in tonight's series finale, this is what HIMYM has been building to since its premiere in the fall of 2005. All that matters now is that after nine years of legendary adventures in New York, Ted's about to meet the Mother. We've been revisiting the best of each of the show's character in an attempt to keep the sadness accompanying the knowledge that is the end from completely overtaking us. We've already celebrated the the best of MarshallLilyBarney, and Robin, and now it's time to celebrate the reason we're all here: Teddy Westside. 

Some fans might argue that Josh Radnor's Ted Mosby has long been one of television's most unlikable central figures. He's pompous and pretentious. He spend a lot of time reminding viewers of why his friends are generally more fun and interesting than he is. But Ted also believes in a world where romance still exists, and where big gestures are worth making. At its core, How I Met Your Mother has always been a love story, and there are very few shows that've mixed comedy and heart as successfully aHow I Met Your Mother has over the last nine years. For every stupid scheme Barney dragged Ted into, there was a sweet moment between Ted and Robin. For every funny adventure Marshall and Ted set out on, there was a moment in which Lily reminded Ted of what was important in life. There would be no show without Ted Mosby, and I don't think you could change one aspect of his personality without completely altering the DNA of the series itself. For all of his douchey moments, Ted is still a hopeless romantic—a welcome change from the carefree attitude of many leading male TV characters. A lot of what makes his character funny is that he simply doesn't realize just how uncool he actually is (or was), and you'll find several examples of that on the following list of my favorite Ted moments. I probably could've listed plenty more; heck, if I'd had the time, I'd have done my own rain dance for him.

His red cowboy boots

His doucheyness


The entire Pineapple Incident... 

...and the fact Ted never solved the case

The rain dance

Vomit-free since '93 

The Two-Minute Date

That time he forgot how to spell professor 


The day he taught Barney how to drive

And lastly, his "45 Days" speech


What makes YOUR list of favorite Ted Mosby moments?

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