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How I Met Your Mother S09E20 : "Daisy"

With only four episodes left before How I Met Your Mother signs off for good, time is running out for the writers to tie up dangling plot threads from previous episodes. The events surrounding Lily's abrupt change of heart regarding the move to Rome, for instance, could not go unexplained, which is why with four hours until the wedding, Marshall was recruiting Ted and Barney on a mission to find out what exactly happened that night. Or as Barney put it, they were going to "teach someone some manners."

The man in question was none other than Lily's boss the Captain, which felt like a bit of a stretch. Of course the series wanted to find a way to bring back both Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Bell Bundy—the pairing of the Captain with BoatsBoatsBoats is actually perfect—but their presence was a stretch none the less. The end result of "Daisy," however, made this entire storyline, however implausible, a happy occasion. 

From the moment Lily exited the 24-hour mini-mart at the beginning of the episode, I wondered if she was pregnant, or at the very least if she thought she was pregnant. If she thought she was, she wouldn't be consuming alcohol, and it would explain why she kept drinking Linus' never-ending parade of drinks and never getting drunk, a topic often discussed in the comments of these reviews over the course of the season. Her middle of the night run to the convenience store for a pregnancy test was also reminiscent of another time in the show's history when Lily thought she was pregnant. During the episode "Belly Full of Turkey" in HIMYM's first season, Lily feared she was pregnant while on a trip to Minnesota to visit Marshall's family. She eventually panicked, purchased a pregnancy test from a convenience store, and ended up being arrested for public urination as she attempted to take the test in the alley behind the store. Despite having eight seasons worth of story in between them, the situations were similar enough to trigger the memory in my mind.

Remembering all of this, I was let down when Ted—being classic douchey Ted—claimed to have solved the mystery of what Lily was doing in the Captain's powder room only to have him declare her a smoker. Ted's recounting of what transpired was a nice way to work in flashbacks to seemingly unimportant events from earlier this season, as well as make a joke about how much had actually transpired since the gang arrived in Farhampton all those episodes ago. To his credit, Ted was right about everything. He was able to discern that there was a secret Lily was keeping and where to look for the evidence to prove his theory, but he really Tedded the conclusion, because Lily wasn't smoking again, she was pregnant. And when Marshall pulled that pee stick out of the daisy I did a silent fist bump to my empty living room. Kaitlin: 1, Ted: 0.

This explains why Lily was so quick to change her mind about Rome, and why Marshall was equally quick to reverse that decision. To be honest, it didn't matter what they chose to do, because we already know that Marshall eventually becomes a judge and the police commissioner of Gotham City, so in a way, it actually makes sense that they eventually end up in Italy, too. But it is a little upsetting to think the series made us sit through nearly an entire season of Lily and Marshall bickering about their future only to flip-flop on their decision several times throughout an already rocky season.

While Lily and Marshall—who've been the most steady couple throughout the series' nine seasons—were working things out, Robin, on the other hand, was beginning to have doubts about marrying Barney after her mother began recounting all the red flags in her own marriage to Robin's father. Every word out of her mouth could also be applied to Barney, which meant Robin was beginning to question whether or not she was doing the right thing. There's only one way this can conclude, and it sure as hell isn't with Robin realizing Ted is the man in her life that she can always count on, not after Ted finally let go of his dream of ending up with Robin. 

I knew this moment was coming, but I wasn't ready for it, especially not like this, which is why "Daisy," despite hitting nearly all the right emotional beats in regards to the Marshall and Lily storyline, was not as good as it should have been. With only three episodes remaining, now is hardly the time for the series to pull this sort of stunt. Robin has given no indication in recent years that she feels anything more than a deep love of the friendship variety for Ted, and to have the series rehash this from her perspective at this time is slightly out of character. Having Robin get cold feet is one thing, having her get cold feet because she thinks she might have made the wrong decision all those years ago is another. 

I understand the writers want Robin to let go of Ted just as he had to let go of her in order achieve perfect symmetry in this storyline, but their relationship has never been symmetrical. Ted has always been more in love with Robin than Robin has ever been in love with Ted. She made peace in her relationship with Ted awhile ago. For her to suddenly question everything is disrespectful to the character the show has spent the last nine years building, as well as to the audience who stuck around. Here's hoping the final three episodes of How I Met Your Mother rectify this mistake and go out on top. It would be a shame to have come this far and end up with anything less than perfect.


– I'd never accuse How I Met Your Mother of being true to life, but there is no way in hell Robin would still be in a hockey jersey or that the guys would have the time to run over to the Captain's and punch him in the face with only four hours before the wedding. It's well established that Robin isn't that type of woman, but four hours is also not enough time to transform "Daisy" Robin into a woman with a perfect up do and perfect make up. Sorry, but I have to call shenanigans on this. I've been lenient with the timing of everything at this wedding up until this point, but I cannot let it slide any longer.

– Ranjit doesn't have a driver's license!

– Billy Zabka says he saw Lily at the convenience store while "out doing a little late-night dirt biking in the sand." "Naturally," Marshall responds.

– "That’s crazy, you’d never moor a dinghy in a lagoon." 



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