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... How I Met Your Mother went out on a high note, as long as you ignore all the disappointment with the actual episode (read Kaitlin's review here). The series hit a personal high with 12.94 million viewers and a 5.3 rating in the 18-49 demo, meaning a record number of people tuned in to see that final, controversial twist. [CBS via press release]


... Netflix has sniffed out a new original series with Narcos, a drama about Colombian drug king Pablo Escobar and his Medellin Cartel that terrorized South America in the 1970s and 1980s (and made lots of people in Miami really happy around that time, too). Finally, Vinnie Chase's dream came true! Well, sorta. This isn't the Entourage take on Escobar; the project comes from director Jose Padilha (the new Robocop) and will star Brazil's Wagner Moura (Elite Squad) as the drug lord. Netflix has ordered 10 episodes for a 2015 release. This already becomes one of the most anticipated shows of next year. [Netflix via press release]

... Esquire Network woke up this morning, waxed its chest, threw on some body spray, and renewed Friday Night Tykes for a second season. The documentary series has raised eyebrows with its look inside the world of youth football and kids knocking the crap out of each other while parents scream for more. There's no word yet on when Season 2 will air. [Esquire Network via press release]

... HBO is marathoning the first three seasons of Game of Thrones TWICE this weekend on HBO2, starting Friday at 9am. That's 60 hours of the Wild World of Westeros leading up to the Season 4 premiere on HBO this Sunday, April 6 at 9pm. You know what to do to prepare: Acquire a potty bucket and a family-sized bag of Pizza Rolls. HBO is also launching a sweet Game of Thrones viewers' guide with exclusive post-episode features, a cool interactive map of the Game of Thrones world, and in-depth character profiles. It's much better than the shoebox diorama I'm working on. [HBO via press release]

... Just a week ago, Netflix dropped 24 from its streaming service. "DAMN IT!" said Jack Bauer. But Amazon Prime has swooped in and picked it up, and will be the exclusive streaming host for all eight seasons of the action drama. It's a smart move for Amazon as the upcoming 24 miniseries, 24: Live Another Day, premieres Monday, May 5 on Fox. [Amazon via press release]

... A&E has ordered the reality series The Herbert Brothers because A&E will try anything. The Herbert Brothers follows... the five Herbert brothers; they're a set of siblings in the advertising industry who found fame via a fan-made Super Bowl commercial that won a Doritos contest. A&E has ordered eight half-hour episodes with a target date of summer 2014. [A&E via press release]

... Discovery is taking the survival show to the next level with Survival Live, a series that will drop eight contestants into the wilderness and follow them Big Brother-style. There will be two episodes per week—one live, one pre-recorded—with the option for viewers to follow them live on the web-ernets. Survivors will also be able to interact with viewers online and request help in the form of phone calls or supplies. [THR]

... HBO is developing Women in Space, a comedy from Al Gore's daughter Kristin Gore. The series would follow a group of women who attempt to colonize another planet. Women as astronauts is almost an official comedy trend, as NBC has a pilot called Mission Control that stars Krysten Ritter as a female astronaut. Just one more show about women in space and then I can write a thinkpiece. C'mon Hollywood! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Lifetime's sequel to its campy TV film Flowers in the Attic has a premiere date. Petals in the Wind will premiere on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26. Get the family together to celebrate incest and mental abuse! [Variety]

... The final two episodes of Rake, the Fox drama starring Greg Kinnear as a grumpy lawyer, will air this Saturday, likely from 8-10pm. The series is being burned off after a disappointing first season saw it moved from Thursdays to Fridays and now to Saturdays. [Variety]

... DirecTV has ordered its first original comedy series with Things You Shouldn't Say After Midnight, based on Peter Ackerman's play of the same name. The satellite provider has ordered 10 episodes of the show, which takes place during a single 12-hour span between dusk and dawn and examines the relationships between various Los Angelenos. [THR]

... BBC America hasn't debuted The Musketeers yet, but it's okayed a second season nonetheless. The series has already debuted over in jolly England on BBC One; BBC ordered a second season, so BBC America said, "Sure, we'll take another round too." The series about the famous French swordsmen will make its Stateside debut on June 22. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Brooklyn Nine-Nine has promoted a few of its cast members for Season 2. Joel McKinnon Miller and Dirk Blocker, also known as old guys Detective Hitchcock and Detective Scully, will move up on the pay scale to series regular status. Given that they're two of the funnier characters on the show, I approve! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Once Upon a Time in Wonderland may not have found its happily ever after, but Wonderland actor Michael Socha still might. Socha, who played the Knave of Hearts on the Once Upon a Time spin-off, will move on over to the mothership if it gets renewed for another season (it will). [EW]

... Franklin & Bash casting news! Wait, wait, wait! Don't go... aww man. Well I will just talk to myself then. George Wendt (Cheers) and Kurt Fuller (Supernatural, Psych) will guest-star on the TNT bro-medy in the same episode. Wendt will play a health inspector, and Fuller will play a restaurateur. [TVGuide.com]

... FX's The Bridge is keeping it in the family by bringing on Demian Bichir's brother Bruno for a guest arc. Bruno will play a wealthy Mexican businessman who gets entangled with Marco (Demian) and is expected to appear in multiple episodes. [TVGuide.com]

... Vanilla Ice will guest-star on Travel Channel's Toy Hunter tomorrow night. So, that's what 'Nilla has been up to. ANYTHING. [Travel Channel via press release]

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