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For some reason, I already knew the mother was dead, not because I actually remember the episode, but because the way Ted told the story it always hinted towards something that was over. No father I know would be as cruel as to tell his kids the story of why did he divorce their mother, so at the back of my head I was enthralled by the story of a man that had already bury the mother of his children.

Then again, I always wanted Ted to end up with Robin, but I thought it was impossible after the final season spent so much time with them either meeting or getting married to their respective spouses. This was their happy ending, their one true love, the better-half that finally completed them...in any other show but HIMYM.

To me, this ending was about two people growing old together, not with the mother/father of their children or their first love (or even the love of their life): Ted and Robin didn't "settle" for one another. In fact, neither one was the other's first choice. Its the choices they made what honor what they have, and because they let go of one another is that they became the person they were always meat to be. Just like the choice his kids made is what honors what their mother meant to me.

How Ted met their stepmother also honors these kids's existence, for Penny and Luke wouldn't even be here if aunt Robin and their father wouldn't have chosen the lives that they led. Penny and Luke didn't depend on a twist of fate, but a series of choices that shaped the father they got to have, the mother he finally met and the aunt they made the conscious choice to let into their lives.

Would I wish to believe in soul mates? Sure. Do I still believe in true love? You bet I do. But this show gave me something new to believe in: An attainable, no short-cuts, realistic look at love. The kind of love you look back on even after divorce, death or break up and remain grateful for that one person who chose to be part or your life because, regardless how that story ended, you couldn't imagine yourself without it.
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