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... I know, I know. I've crapped all over the idea of a How I Met Your Mother spin-off ever since it was first announced, and since I don't really have the power to stop TV shows from being made (OMG COULD YOU IMAGINE?), the pilot for How I Met Your Dad is happening. After some really thorough detective work, I've got my hands on just who's going to be playing the roles of Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, and Robin in the CBS pilot. Ready? Here we go (I've tried my best to match them up to the current characters, based on where they fit in the story):

Sally = Ted | She's the mother telling the story. She's described as being a "female Peter Pan" who's messy and doesn't really want to grow up. That sounds more like a Barney equivalent than a Ted equivalent, no? Anyway, she's getting divorced from her first husband when the series starts.

Juliet = Barney | She's Sally's wild best friend, who's really happy that Sally's ending things with Gavin. She also runs a successful fashion blog (really?).

Danny = Marshall | Danny is Sally's gay older brother. She moves in with Danny and his husband after her divorce, and although they get along pretty well, Danny's kind of an overachieving lawyer and Sally moving in isn't really the best thing for their relationship.

Todd = Lily | Todd is the aforementioned husband of Sally's brother Danny. He's way more easy going than Danny is, and actually loves having Sally around.

Frank = Robin | Frank manages IT for Juliet's blog, and because the current laws of television dictate that all series must have a hot nerd, Frank fills that role. He has feelings for Sally, but they're not reciprocated at the moment.

So, kids, what do you think? Are you more on board or less on board with the idea of a spin-off now that you know who the characters are? [TV Line]


... I say this with a lot of love in my heart: France is weird, right? Movie theaters there will be showing Sharknado on February 8, which is 10 days ahead of the movie's release on DVD. I didn't even watch Sharknado because Price watched it for me, and yet I still know that it was too much even for regular-sized screens. Can you imagine that baby on big screens? Anyway, keep doing your thing, France. I love you. [THR]

... NBC has ordered two additional episodes of its new series Chicago P.D., bringing the current Season 1 total to 15. Since its premiere, the series has averaged 6.8 million viewers. [TV Guide]

... Syfy is ever-so-slightly changing up its schedule. Opposite Worlds' live elimination episodes will air on Wednesdays at 8pm beginning February 5. The regular episodes featuring challenges will continue to air Tuesdays at 10pm. [Syfy via press release]

... Sherlock producers Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue (fun fact: they're married) don't know when the next season of Sherlock will happen, but in a nutshell, it won't be as soon as you'd like. The personal schedules of everyone involved are what make writing and filming Sherlock so difficult, and with Moffat's day job being to run Doctor Who, and with Martin Freeman being the Hobbit and currently filming FX's Fargo, "His Last Vow"—which airs in the U.S. on Sunday—will likely the last new episode we'll see for a while. [Collider]


... Psych's Timothy Omundson is making a habit of stealing things. He just stole the show on Supernatural, and now he'll be stealing ladies' hearts on ABC's new fairy-tale comedy pilot Galavant. He'll play King Richard, who stole Prince Galavant's (Joshua Sasse) one true love Madalena (Mallory Jansen). [Deadline]

... Pretty Little Liar Lucy Hale is guest-starring on Baby Daddy as Piper, the daughter of a client that Riley is representing. Apparently she lies (BIG SURPRISE) about being a party girl with a sex tape and some other stuff happens, but I've been confused by what I've been typing since the first sentence of this blurb, so okay! [TV Guide]

... Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire) is joining Hannibal's second season in a major role. He'll play Mason Verger, a wealthy character who was played by Gary Oldman in the 2001 Hannibal film. Verger is an unstable patient of Hannibal's, and because of where the series takes place in Hannibal Lecter's timeline, this is a younger version of Verger. According to a casting description, the character has been compared to Andrew Scott's Moriarty in Sherlock. Hmm. [EW]

... CBS's new drama Extant, which recently added Goran Visnjic to its roster, has now nabbed Grace Gummer, the daughter of Meryl Streep. Gummer will play Julie, a woman who helped create the robot kiddo whose parents are Visjnic's John and Halle Berry's Molly. [TV Line]

... Tony Hale (Veep) has been cast as Marcus's (Benjamin Stockham) father on NBC's new comedy series About A Boy. The character never appeared in the film, but he was in Nick Hornby's original novel, which the series and film are based on. [EW]

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