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Don't get me wrong I love Ted as a character and liked his character development. This post isn't about me disliking Ted over Barney. It's a question I've been wondering about lately. The last few years of the show it's been pretty obvious that Barney has been main the focus. Promos have Barney in them along with Robin and not Ted. Arguably the Barney/Robin relationship is more of what is drawing wider audience in than Ted's relationships and now we have Barney/Robin centric seasons that ends in their wedding, while the mother, the woman that the story has been building up to is having all her important moments with Ted being glimpsed at in flash forwards, until their eventually meeting this season.

The show justified the focus on Barney in the last few seasons by having Barney's development into wanting marriage and marrying the woman he loves as being important to Ted because he will meet his future wife at Barney's wedding (whether they succeeded in this justification or not is up t the viewer). The character arc for Barney that began season 3 or 4 has been rich story arc in its own right and overshadowed Ted's love life in season 4 after Stella and we got a long sting of minor girlfriends before the next major one, Zoey in season 6 (?) I'll be honest I'm not a fan of how Barney and Robin's romance hijacked the plot, but I can't deny their story has probably been a factor in HIMYM's longevity and that people really liked it, along with Barney's antics.

I remember in one of the earlier seasons Future Ted told his kids this story isn't about meeting with mother, but ultimately becoming the person he needed to be to fall in love with her and starting their relationship. Looking back on it Barney's story is about him becoming the person he needed to be to enter a successful relationship with Robin and ultimately marry her. It really mirrors Ted's story. Barney has all the elements to drive a romantic comedy, fun personality, quirks, strong relationships with the rest of the main characters, and his own romantic story that has been popular enough to get so much attention in the first place. Lord knows love triangles sell. Could Barney have been a successful lead for the show? Maybe the premise might have to be changed and certain elements would be altered (like Future Ted telling Barney's story instead of his own) , but I wonder if the writers could have made the show work with Barney as the lead from the start. I would like to hear other people's opinions.
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