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Recently told a while How.I.Met.Your.Mother one of the three male protagonists, is simply the sound of the three men inside.

Marshall is the BABY.
Marshall is the emotional experience of these three people was the most smooth, like a favorite child.
Suffered a setback cry and trouble, has a pure ideals, will play some adults seem to be very boring game.
Sometimes even any willful, needed to blow off Johnson, because he knew that Lily would go to appease him.
Ted is the NICE GUY.
Ted respect for women, thoughtful,'m a lover, the standard model boyfriend.
Their words and deeds properly, praised by others, and also take care of their image (always tinkering with his hair)
but they often do not respect their own inner voice, always suppress their thoughts, often insincere,
was among three people live most tired.
Barney is the DEVIL.
Barney is the man inside the wildest sounds,carpe diem style, exquisite exposition, so Barney can exudes charm.
Barney is the devil, but not evil.
Although many little things being held in contempt, but in the big things is very decisive, a little "Dongxie" flavor.
In fact, men are like.
Ted demands of society for men, but also the goal of many men,  But it can also be very comforting to imagine, like Marshall, as cynical as Barney,
Marshall is Cool. Barney is awesome.
Accepted three voices, so we can hear them.
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Jul 04, 2013
it seems like your overthinking this......But also neat
Jul 05, 2013
I just express my own views on it, hee hee.
Jul 05, 2013
very well thought out.
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