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So the preponderance of threads and discussions are full of the jilted masses who are mad at the show about how they chose to end the series. I thought that for balance there should be a place for those who do not have negative feelings toward the finale to talk about what they liked about it!!

Some things that I thought were done well.

1. We got to see the gang through the years. Yeah they didn't cover every little detail of those years but enough to give us the jist.

2. Barney didn't entirely revert and we still got to see him grow. A lot of the past couple seasons have been watching Barney grow into someone who cared for other people. And while he did backslide a little after his divorce with Robin the birth of his daughter showed us the person we all hoped Barney could be.

3. The ups and downs the gang experienced, drifting apart coming back together and not always being as tight as they were in their 20's was a pretty accurate portrayal of what often happens when you know people that long. Yeah Robin was absent from the group for several years but that doesn't mean that she wasn't still a part of their family. And she came back for the big moments.

4. The transition from Bob Saget to Josh Radnor as older Ted was done almost flawlessly. No one is really talking about this but they handled it really well. There was no narration really until the last 5 or so minutes when Radnor took over the voice over and then we saw Ted in the study.

Those are some of the things I thought were down well. What about you?

P.S. If you just want to rail about how much you hated it, there are an abundance of other threads for that, please go there to vent.
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