How I Met Your Mother

Season 9 Episode 20


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2014 on CBS

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  • I thought it was great

    Its great
  • Flowerpot

    Well, so there's that. I knew Ted would be wrong, but I didn't expect what the real answer was. I guess it makes sense because it helps set up the 'this is how things turn out' that we so desperately need with three episodes to go. And while I was annoyed with how Robin reacted to marrying her dad, it does set the stage for her freak-out over whether or not Barney's ready/the one. A little clunky, but a good episode overall. Definitely jerked some tears.
  • How I and everyone else found out Lily was pregnant (again!).

    Seriously, I thought it was called How I Met Your Mother.

    Have they run out of stories to tell about how Ted meets his future wife so that they spend a whole episode on telling the story of how everyone found out that Lily was pregnant by re-introducing a character that has not played a role this season - only for Lily to use his house to pee on a stick.

    And I agree with the person who wrote it ruins the Linus thing.
  • Shocked to be shocked

    Although the episode was not very funny in my opinion but it did one thing that the show couldn't do for a really long time - Lily's secret was totally unexpected and it managed to shock me after a really long time. But I kind of disapprove Lily and Marshall's final decision about Italy. And I really hope that Robin's final words weren't about Ted because that would suck.
  • Non Stop Shocks!

    Superb Episode. Most impressed me. Marshall was fair to Lily, Ted worked verry well as "Detective Mosby", Barney was hillarious, the Captain and Zabka were also impressive and probably the most, Lily had a big shocking Secret that non of us would ever expect her keeping. Also, This was one of the milion times this Series shocked me!
  • Thank you, Linus!

    Well this kinda ruined the whole "Thank you, Linus" thing for me.. :(

    The show is awsome it has all my favorite actors i just love it.