How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 16

Desperation Day

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2011 on CBS

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  • Valentine's Day Eve

    Valentine's Day is a day for love and in the case of Ted, his new girlfriend in Zoey who is recently divorced. With that in mind Ted wants to takes things slow (so slow that kids in Lilly's class go faster). Unexpectedly Ted bolts to Minnesota to see Marshall. No offense to Zoey but I am not too upset that Ted did this.

    Marshall again was brilliant in this episode. The death of Marshall's father while tragic was handled beautifully as well the after effect of it. There are many ways to handle a death and everyone has their own of dealing with it. Marshall had his and it was handled wonderfully. You saw it in the previous episode but Marshall was doing reverigo. He was even looking like this high school self. I loved how Marshall's mom supports him and at the same time wants him to leave. It was nice to see her take a step forward. The tradition of Lilly and Marshall had on Valentine's Day is cute. It was amusing to see how Lilly was handling Marshall being gone. Great speech by Marshall about his dad when he drove to the cabin. I also liked how Marshall's dad came back for him when Marshall decided to leave.

    The day before Valentine's Day can be hard for some people and not surprisingly Barney tries to take advantage of it. I liked how Robin was protesting 2/14 but at the same time was no way like her friends who came with her. One friend, Nora join later and protests the ladies protest by wearing her own clothes. First she makes a very good first impression and way to go for doing what she wants to do. Similar to Robin, Nora quickly calls out Barney on what he is doing. I love how quickly Barney becomes smitten with her. It was a very nice of Robin to help out Barney find a date for the first time on Valentine's Day. It shows that she wants Barney to be happy. Yet another great song at the end.
  • Future Ted tells the story about meeting Wendy the Waitress in an airport in 2021.


    "Garbage Island" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I think it's cool how Future Ted tells a story about meeting Wendy the Waitress in an airport 2021 which leads to the story of how she and Meeker got together. I love how Marshall got all environmental in this episode and got Meeker fired. Then Meeker meets Wendy and it's a happy ending for them. I love how Robin tricks Barney into admitting that he has feelings for Nora. I find the whole The Captain/Zoey/Ted thing to be entertaining. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • 616

    Kind of a throw away episode for me, some of the jokes here really weren't all that great, and the show seemed to have regressed with this episode entirely. The only upside was Zoey & Ted getting together in the end which kind of was the same ending as the last episode, but I'm glad that Marshall finally dealt with his father's death.

    Some jokes just didn't fly, like the pillow replacing Marshall, or the predator bit, but it was still an entertaining episode overall. I liked that Barney's character has been developing especially with having a "date" on Valentine's. Fair episode overall.
  • Desperately average...

    Nothing really happened in this episode of How I Met Your Mother. Or, no rather nothing funny happened. It seemed somewhat like the writers weren't trying to be funny at all this episode and so if you ignore that aspect of the show, this episode wasn't entirely bad. There was some story progression I suppose, although what happened didn't need to take an entire episode at all. This could have been 5 minutes scattered throughout an episode in which much funnier and more significant things happen. Ted and Zoe(y) have gone from not even being aware that they are in love, to in a serious relationship in about 4 seconds, Marshall admits to himself that he isn't dealing with his Dad's death as well as he would like (and this was probably the better part of the episode, reminding you that, despite the silly nature of most of the show, these people are, in fact, people) and Barney sort of likes a girl. Whether or not this girl Barney likes is going to return and thus making this episode the beginning of a more significant story is not established, so as for now, that might be not all that important or particularly interesting (given that he has done the entire love/not being such a womaniser thing all before). In reflection I guess this wasn't the worst thing you're going to look at over some 20 minute period of your life. If you've been in it from the get go and you are invested in these characters, you'll probably take something away from "Desperation Day", but as a one time view, this is one of the least funny episodes that I've seen in a while. That said it has at least added to the slightly more serious (we're not children anymore/the whole point of the episode) nature of the more recent parts of the series, and might lead to more significant character arcs as time progresses.
  • Nicely done "tribute" to Valentine's Day

    I thought this episode opened with a bang after the Ted and Zoey first kiss. The banter at the bar followed by the ancient Rome skit were great. Barney as his invented St. Desperatius delivered the goods with the Roman numeral puns -- Her body is an X(10) followed by St. Valentine(Ted) saying, "High V(5)". Corny I know but Barney always pulls it off. We learn that Marshall has been in Minnesota grieving the loss of his father under the pretense that he is helping his mother. This is not the case and Lilly comes to see him. Not much comes from this segment. Then we get to the best part of the episode with Barney doing the "predator stalking" of the women on Desperation Day which leads to the pursuit of Nora. She is not easily influenced by his charms and Robin becomes the ultimate bro when she sets Nora and Barney up for an evening of his favorite hobby--laser tag.

    Back to Ted and Zoey. Feels like too much, too fast, too soon.
  • I expected more.

    This was a Valentine's Day episode, and when you consider a program which has a character like Barney Stinson on it, Valentine's SDya is certainly an exciting prospect!

    The term'Desperation Day' referred to the day befroe Valentine's Day - I enjoyed Barney's ancient Roman explanation on what Desperation Day is, and that was very funny!

    However, the episode went downhill from that point forth. It was not very interesting as the episode eventuated, and I didn't enjoy the whole scene with Robin and her female freinds. It was not enjoyable at all.

    As fo r Marshall, I hopef that he won't disapper again, because it wasn't interesting with a character in another city. Glad to have everyone back in New York City.