How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 9

Disaster Averted

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2011 on CBS
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The gang recounts their actions when Hurricane Irene bore down on New York City. Meanwhile, Barney seeks a way to stop wearing the ducky tie.

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  • What an ending!

    Really funny episode! I LOVED survivalist Ted and super nervous Marshall getting attacked by a bear. All the parents calling to check up on their grown children (Including Barney's and Robin's) was sweet and the storytelling premise was well done. I loved how Kevin exposed Barney's reason for being desperate to get rid of the tie and how sweet it was that he wanted to impress Nora's parents. This really shows how far Barney has come as a character growing up since dating Robin and Nora, meeting his dad etc. The slap bet thing was also a nice touch (although I felt really bad for poor Barney getting hit like that). But the BEST thing was the ending! The kiss between Robin and Barney (although super controversial because they were both cheating) was passionate and so well delivered! Plus it was my dream come true because those two have AMAZING chemistry and I know I will cry if they don't end up together.moreless
  • Not the perfect episode, but not too far off, either!

    There were many great moments in this episode, most notably the scene with everyone 'staying' and 'going' based on who else was staying and going. That scene was hilarious, and I was laughing hard!

    Meanwhile, the storyline was quite interesting, and the end of the episode was great and suspenseful, and I'm looking forwward to a resolution next week! Should be interesting!

    Marshalls' paranoai about bears attacking him is a little random, but still quite funny!

    Can't wait for the episoed next week and I am looking forward to it!!!moreless
  • FINALLY!!!

    I am so glad that How I Met Your Mother finally seemed to get back to the storytellig that it does well. I still wish that there had been a CLUE as to the mother, again, but I will get off that dead horse and stop beating it.

    Barney's hatred of the ducky tie is laughable in the first place, he loves to look so good all the time, and to play on that is brilliant. I love it. The slap agreement made me so happy that there will be at least 2 more Slapsgivings, or a couple more slaps... that is so wonderful. I remember the 5 slap bet, and the first Slapsgiving, and the second, and the Barney one man show where he got slapped, it was all so hilarious, just like the 2 Marshall tagged him with leaving Barney terrified of more, just like before. I love it.

    I actually really like the addition of Kevin to the cast, recurring basis or no, even though it started a little icky. I like that he figured out the motivation between the compromise for the ducky tie, and that he led the group in the storytelling of Hurricane Irene (which Hurricane Errikson, not a good name for a baby, but if she is a girl, how about Irene?)

    However, I think that if he is so insightful, it might be hard for him to not see that Robin is still so crazy about Barney. Maybe they do a good job of hiding it, but I think it would be pretty obvious to someone so insightful.

    BUT, the KISS!!! I think Barney just assumed that Robin wasn't into him any more, or just hasn't come to terms with everything, but it would be so excellent if she is really the one. I love that they smooched (although it stinks that they each have other people in their lives) and I can't wait to see the repercussions of the kiss. Which of them ends it with their significant other? Which one has a hard time keeping the secret? Which one plays it off like it wasn't a big deal, and which one finally tells the other how they really feel?moreless
  • Most romantic screen kiss!

    Loved this episode, it's just so cool how this show manages to do a zillion flashbacks every time and never gets confusing.

    But for that kiss... I'm a sucker for romance as it is, but this topped the bill, big time! Especially since I didn't see it coming, well done Neil and Coby,they have this amazing chemistry on screen. Ok, so not fair on Kevin and Nora, but hey, they were going to be temporary characters anyway.moreless
  • Just loved this episode.

    This season had begun really well with keeping us in suspense about the bride and Victoria's statement about Ted, Barney & Robin, although somewhere in between it was losing its way, with episodes like "field trip" and "slutty pumpkin".But bang its back with with this stormy episode about how Robin and Barney feel about each other. I so hope that Robin is the bride..Also the fact that Marshall will get an extra slap, is really cool (always loved the slapsgiving episodes)..Really cant way to see what happens in the next episode n just hope it continues to keep in pace with this awesome season.

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