How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 1

Do I Know You?

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

The show starts with Ted and Stella in the funhouse, right after Ted asked Stella to marry him. Future Ted says to the kids that the longest pause in one's life is immediately after one proposes. During this pause, he imagines all of the possible answers ("No", "Oh, God, no", laughter, etc.). Then, Stella gives her actual answer: "Yes."

The gang is at McLaren's and Robin complains about her job, calling herself a bogeyman with a teleprompter. Barney laughs way, way, way too hard at this, causing the others to look confusedly at him. The next day, Barney calls Lily over to his apartment and confesses that he is in love with Robin. Lily talks with him a little and gets him to promise not to sleep around and to call Robin, although it goes poorly. The next night, Lily sets him up on a date with Robin at a fancy restraunt. On the date, Barney manages to act polite, ignoring the waitress's generous cleavage and getting Robin to apply for a job at a distinguished cable company. Robin, in turn, tells the waitress, April, that he is the Yankees' second baseman, causing her to want to go home with him. She then leaves. Barney tells the waitress that he is not a New York Yankee and that he is really in love with the girl who just left.

The scene then switches to Barney's apartment, where he is telling Lily about all this. April comes out of Barney's bedroom cheerfully talking about how they will go to the game, then reenters the bedroom. Lily is furious at Barney, telling him that he has to choose between Robin and bimbos. Barney makes a desperate speech about what he likes about bimbos, after which Lily leaves. He then turns on the television, which is tuned to MetroNews1, affectionately watches Robin newscast for a few moments, and then goes off.

Meanwhile, Marshall is asking Ted for ideas about Stella's wedding shower and finds out that he really doesn't know much about her. That night, Ted makes dinner for Stella containing peanuts, which she is deathly allergic to. After going to the hospital, Ted and Stella start telling each other their "firsts" in an attempt to get to know each other better. Ted finds out that Stella has never seen his favorite movie, Star Wars. Marshall is very concerned when he discovers this, saying that "nobody" hasn't seen Star Wars and that Ted would not be able to marry Stella if she didn't like it. Ted says it's "just a movie", but he ends up watching it with Marshall and saying that if Stella dislikes this movie, he cannot marry her.

Hence, Ted and Stella start watching Star Wars together the next night. Stella is watching with little interest, but Ted is staring at Stella. She mistakes this for foreplay and starts kissing him, but Ted rebuffs her with "great scene, great scene". Stella realizes that Ted is trying to gauge her reaction and kicks him out. Ted and Marshall then try to eavesdrop on her movie watching, to which she reacts negatively. They leave her alone to finish the movie. Afterwards, she says that she loved it, to which Ted reacts ecstatically, saying that ever since he was fifteen he wanted to marry a woman who was attractive and loved Star Wars. He then exits. Stella admits to Marshall upon being asked that she detested the movie, citing the logical flaw of the humans understanding Chewbacca's speech. Marshall is initially very concerned by this, because Ted watches Star Wars with great frequency, almost to the point of being married to it, and so Stella would have to watch the movie infinite times, always pretending that she liked it. However, Stella thinks she can pretend to like this movie forever.