How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 1

Do I Know You?

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on CBS

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  • Season 4 starts

    As with the start of season 3, the first episode of season 4 was a cliffhanger this time even more of one. Not having watched this series until season 5 was out (I got caught up watching the previous seasons on DVD) you were left wondering what Stella's answer would be. Before Stella answered, Ted imagined all the possibilities, my favorite was the high school quarterback one. Stella of course said yes when afterwards he realized he didn't know anything with her.

    Another yes made me smile in this episode. Yes indeed Barney was in love with Robin. I really liked that he confessed his secret to Lilly. I also really enjoyed how Barney wanted to start something more with Robin other then a friendship he can't help but get away from his past of hooking up with random women. I think and I may be wrong but Barney wants to date Robin but he wants it just happen with no interruptions. I loved the callback to the pilot with the have you met Barney to the waitress. On a small note I could understand how Marshall was feeling with his unemployment. At this time I was without a job too.

    A great ending to a great season and series with Barney watching Robin on TV.
  • Marshall and Ted make Stella watch Star Wars to see if Ted and Stella are meant to be together.


    "Do I Know You?" is a great season opener. I love the beginning of this episode when Future Ted is telling his kids that possible reactions to Ted asking Stella to marry him. It was cute when Stella said "Yes". I love how Marshall thinks Ted shouldn't marry Stella because they don't know much about her. I love how they get her to watch Star Wars and if she likes it, then they were meant to be together. I love how how Stella hated it, but she said she loved it. I love how she tells Marshall that she can live with pretending to like Star Wars and he gives her his blessing to marry Ted. I love how Barney tells Lily that he's in love with Robin. I love how she tries to go out with Robin and he acts all nice and Robin thinks it's totally weird. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • A Dull Starter

    The point at which the third season ended, it looked liked this season and this particular episode was gonna be a lot more exciting one. But really this episode crashed my expectations. It was a particularly dull one. Ted was boring as usual. He looks pathetic when he is single, but he looks way more pathetic when he is in a relationship.

    But that's not why I didn't rate this episode high. I thought that the real attraction of this episode will be Barney-Robin relationship. But the attitude of Barney even while considering his Daddy role, was way more cavalier. As his character, the casual feelings he has for Robin look artificial. With feelings, its like you have it or not. You don't go around being a Barney and being in love at the same time. That's why the directors are trying to show and it sucks.

    The only part which I enjoyed a bit was with Robin getting over with her job and its ridiculousness.
  • Stella says 'Yes' to the proposal - Marshall copes with unemployment - Ted & Stella spend the summer in love - Barney tells Lily he's in love with Robin - Stella almost dies of peanut allergy - Barney and Robin sort of date - Stella & Ted watch Star Wars

    HIMYM seems to be starting Season 4 on a high note. Amazingly, this episode mixed two full, complex storylines into a twenty minute episode, exactly why I love this show. Both Ted & Barney's stories had jokes which ran smoothly with the plot and were laugh out loud funny without being gimmicky or just silly. It was nice to see Stella's bittersweet response to Ted's favorite movie. It gave her character & Ted & Stella's relationship more depth & brought back the air of reality that makes HIMYM so great. Lily & Barney's story was also fresh and it made Barney a much more relavent character. Overall, an episode that was hilarious but also had heart. I loved it!
  • Barney reveals he's in love with Robin.

    Ted gets an answer from Stella, after that highly anticipated question from the season 3 finale. Ted asks Stella to marry him, and she says yes! I love all the possible answers Stella could have said. In this epsiode, after Stella almost dies after a peanut allergy, Ted wants to get to know Stella better since they're now engaged. In the process he finds out that Stella has never seen Star Wars. Marshall urges her to watch it. Marshall says that if she doesn't like it, then Ted & her can't be together, which I thought didn't make sense. That concept didn't go through to me much. Ted & Marshall are dying to find out if she liked it, Stella lies to Ted and says that she likes it, she tells Marshall the truth. "Are you willing to pretend you like a movie all those years" - Marshall "Yes" -Stella. Or something like that. I didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. The good thing is that the Stella/Ted arc will continue for a while, even if they get married or not. Meanwhile Barney reveals to Lilly that he is in love with Robin, so Lilly sets Barney up with Robin on a date. On the date, Barney acts like a totally different person for Robin. As soon as everything is going great, Robin plays wing man, and sets her up with a girl. Can Barney continue sleeping with bimbos, and still be in love with Robin? By the end, it sure does seem like it. I'm excited to see how these two arcs unfold. A solid season opener.
  • A wonderful way to kick off a season!

    Stella says yes to Ted's proposal, but before Ted can be sure shes perfect she must make sure she loves his favorite movie, Star Wars. Barney is in love with Robin, and he must choose between being a PIMP and being in love with Robin. To be honest, this episode was just fantastic. All the characters were in tact and funny, and both plots were just hilarious. This is definately a must see episode because it is hilarious and has a good plot. I did feel bad for Barney tho especially at the bar seen. We'll have to see how things turn out between him and Robin.
  • Nice start for season 4

    Season 3 ended with some very interesting developments. This premiere was great, however I have mixed feelings about some of the current storylines.
    First off, Barney. Barney is truly the most AWESOME character of the show. He is in love with Robin. I think this is a mixed bag. On one hand, it`s good character development and brought some funny lines. On the other, I fear this might hurt the character in the long run. I hope they work this out well. On a side note, the whole Barney-Robin story looks like Joey-Rachelle in friends. It`s not a bad thing but can`t help to notice it.
    Ted was always. Funny at times, annoying at others. Stars wars story was very funny. However, I don`t want Stella to be the mother...I doubt she is.
    Barney chooses the Bimbos...for now. I`m curious to see where this goes. Hopefully next episode will explore Marshall`s employment more. Nice start.
  • Ted gets an answer and Barney gets help from Lily.

    In the premiere, Ted gets the answer that we've been waiting for all summer. Stella says yes and now they're engaged, but will she end up being the mystery mother?
    In the throes of their his engagement, Ted is reminded by Marshall that he and Stella hardly know each other. At first Ted gives into blissful ignorance and believes that he will simply learn these things as the two of them grow old together. It isn't until he accidentally almost kills her with peanuts does he realize that maybe getting to know your future spouse before you take the plunge down the isle would be a good idea. Then he finds out that Stella hasn't even seen his favorite movie of all time. This becomes a test for Stella and Ted as he nervously waits for her to watch it on her own and give her verdict. Knowing how important it is to Ted, she tells him what he wants to hear, even if it meant lying to him about his favorite movie for the rest of their lives together.
    And of course, the story line that I have personally waited all summer to see: Barney falling for Robin. Barney, the obnoxious, arrogant womanizer and avowed bachelor who jeopardized his relationship with his best friend when he slept with Robin now found himself in love with her. It was hilarious how he kept laughing at her jokes, and how nervous he was when he finally confessed his feelings for Robin-albeit to Lily whom he sought help from. I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face, and yet I found myself touched by the softer side of Barney. I love that call he made to her and that garbled girly noise that emanated from him when she answered. I did find myself saying aawwwww when he described wanting a relationship with Robin while denying that he wanted to be her boyfriend. The same Barney who got laid after texting a question mark to a woman was scared to ask Robin out. Lily promised to help him as long as he doesn't sleep with other women while he is in love with Robin. He agrees, and Lily sets him up on a date with an unsuspecting Robin. On the date, Barney acts charmingly unBarneylike even ignoring their buxom waitress and encouraging Robin to go after the job that she wants. Just when they're getting along, Robin decides to do Barney a favor and act as his wingman, setting him up with the waitress. When Robin leaves, Barney confesses to the girl that even though she is normally his type and he would take advantage of her if not for the fact that he was already in love with Robin and he knew that she would never feel the same way. Next day, Lily goes over to his place to find out how the date went only to find that he was again having random sex. He gives her a hilarious speech about bimbos that utterly disgusts Lily, but when he's alone in the room, he turns on the TV to Robin's newscast and smiles before turning the TV off again. I doubt that this is the end of the Barney and Robin story.
    Loved this episode. Great way to start a season. Go Bobin!
  • Season Premiere

    In the fourth season premiere - Ted asks Stella to marry him. She says yes. Barney relizes that he loves Robin and tells Lily. Lily tries to make Barney tell Robin that he loves her. But he can't make himself do it.

    As pretty much a first time watcher, this show is really, really great. It's hilarious. It reminds me of Friends, even though nothing will ever replace Friends, this show sort of has the same something about it. lol. SOMETHING. I can't think of what to say there that makes sense. Lol. I am hooked on this show!

    Ted relizes that Stella hates Stars Wars. Which is his favorite movie of all time! So, he makes Stella watch it and she lies to him saying that she loves it! lol.
  • Greatly written.

    Marshall confronts ted on how much he knows Stella, ted does not show much effort to care what he knows about Stella he feels that he has is entire life to get to know her. Barney has started to have strong feeling for Robin but refuses to show it when things gets tough, after a date with Robin he confronts his feelings for bimbos he hands out an epic speech on how bimbos was always there for him. But lets not take this as the story of Robin and Barney is over. Ted has a date with Stella he tries his hardest to get to know her, he finds out she has never seen star warz ever in here life. On a movie night Ted and Stella spends the night watching star warz. Stella had no liking towards the movie and never got the whole wookie sense of it. Side notes.
    Stella may not like star warz but she is willing to pretend a life time of liking it for Ted. Closing Comments. This has some bright spots towards it, it is funny with drama in the mix with it.
    They push well into the characters and dig a little deep into barneys emotional side. It shows a lot to come strong back after a long strike. Hopefully this season will have some streaks of the good but the bad will always be there.
  • Great!

    It was such a pleasure to see HIMYM again. The season 3 finale left a lot of questions hung in the air and the season 4 premiere is just as good as I expected.

    Stella said yes to Ted and is ready to pretend that she likes Star Wars just to please him. I have no idea if she's the mother but if she is it's a great choice.

    Barney finally shows his feelings. The writers are brilliant because Barney is not just any guy who has a crush on a girl. He's Barney! So, of course, it's hard for him to confess and even harder to stop sleeping around in spite of Lily's request. I really like where this is going. I just hope that Robin will open her eyes any time soon.
    The only thing I didn't understand is that during Lily and Barney's conversation, never do they mention the fact that Barney's crush could ruin - again - his friendship with Ted.

    Marshall and Lily don't have much in this episode but the nose taping and the rhinocerous part were de- wait for it - lightful, delightful!
  • "De... Wait for it... Lightful. Delightful"

    So Stella said yes, unfortunately, and Marshall points out that Ted knows very little about Stella and vice versa so they have a firsts session during which Ted finds out Stella has never seen Star Wars. Ted forces Stella to watch it realizing that he couldn't be with her if she didn't like it. Stella then pretended she liked it and claimed to Marshall she could carry on pretending forever.

    Barney has feelings for Robin and Lily sets Robin and the legendary Barney up on a date but Barney ends up going home with a different woman at the end of the date.

    Fantastic ratings also Viewers: 9.36 million (#2), A18-49: 3.6/10 (#2). Well above last seasons average and they didn't even need Britney to do it.
  • Legen-wait-for-it-dary

    After an agonizing wait for months, HIMYM is back with a bang with another hilarious installment. Moreover, I have always noticed that comedy shows with less number of characters always hits the right note. This show is probably an excellent example to my point.

    'Do I know you?' kicks off with Barney revealing his feelings for Robin(who is frustrated with her job). Ted is engaged and Marshall is jobless. Though at a superficial level, the is a significant bit of character development (which lends a bit of seriousness to the show) , the sheer volume of well timed jokes each character delivers is simply impeccable. I do agree some bits and pieces are ripped off other shows. Nevertheless, it was indeed a gut popping 20 minutes of TV. Wish it gets better, wish it gets legen-wait-for-it-dary!
  • How I Met Your Mother's fourth season premiered last night, and boy, were we in for a treat! Ted proposed to Stella! Barney told Lily about his feelings for Robin! Marshall is unemployed! Stella hates Star Wars! Well, let's get to reviewing.

    Season Three ended on a surprising note, with it emerging that Barney has feelings for Robin. I have always been a champion for these two ever since Robin acted as a substitute bro for Barney in Season Two I believe? Anyway, bottom line, I love these two!

    Last night's episode revealed that Barney's feelings were more than just the "I want to have sex with you" sort but more along the lines of "I want to hear about your day." And of course, this is just like a typical boyfriend. But don't tell Barney that. The very idea of commitment and exclusivity terrifies him, and so he tries to push his feelings aside, maintaining that he loves bimbos. The episode ended on the loveliest note, with Barney turning on the tv so as to see Robin on Metro News 1. The episode was a vehicle for Neil Patrick Harris and only furthered my belief that he should have won the Emmy on Sunday night. But whatever. I'm not bitter.

    The other dominant storyline was Ted proposing to Stella, only to realise how little he knows about her. He decides that the ultimate test to see if their relationship will work is to see if she enjoys his favourite movie, Star Wars. And of course, she hates it. But Stella being the amazing girlfriend she is, pretends to love it, so as to spare Ted's feelings, and this endears her further to Marshall.

    A sub-plot included Marshall being unemployed and bothering everyone else. I might add that Jason Segel was looking foxy tonight. I'm liking the longer hair. Another subplot included Robin being dissatisfied with her job, and being forced to read inane lines such as "Stay tuned to find out the tooth" in a story related to poison dental floss. She reveals to Barney that she is looking into another job and Barney makes her promise him that she'll apply, once again proving how awesome Barney is!

    This episode was a great start to the season. It wasn't the funniest episode, but it showed great character growth, and allowed Neil Patrick Harris show his incredible acting abilities as Barney struggled with unrequited love.
    I'm getting kind of jaded with the Ted and Stella storyline, so I'm glad we have Barney and Robin to keep us occupied in the mean time.

  • At the end of the day, my heart belongs to bimbos!

    It is good to have HIMYM back - I sure missed its 20 minutes of escapism.

    Barney/Robin - It was very cute to see Barney enlist Lilly's help on the terrifying new world of "feelings". And his attempts to contact Robin and tell her how he feels were endearing. As was in awesome Bimbo speech.

    Marshall - He is hilarious out of a job, but the upshot of this is his looking out for Ted even more (Star Wars).

    Stormtrooper - Never saw it in Barney's apartment!

    Ted cannot act! - Yes. And he ain't learning either.

    Overall a good episode - in that it maximised on Barney and minimised on Ted.
  • Barney admits that he is in love with Robin.

    Seeing the high scores for this episode baffle my mind. Sure, there were some funny lines from Marshall and Barney, but the majority of these storylines were out of character and way too generic for old-school How I Met Your Mother episodes. The behavior of the main characters was ripped off from various shows. Marshall bothering everyone resembled Jemaine following Bret on his dates in Flight of the Conchords, something Marshall did as well. Marshall continues to act like Michael Kelso from That 70's Show and Stella passing out from peanuts happened on CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory not four months ago. This show has just been going downhill since the writer's strike.
  • Amazing start to a new season, in which Ted gets his answer, Stella watches Star Wars, Marshall lurks, and oh yeah, Barney is in love with Robin.

    So I had been waiting for this since I saw the last season finale. Not because I was so psyched to hear Stella's answer, but because of Barney. When I saw the season three finale, I knew something had to happen between Barney and Robin. And it did. We saw the return of dorky Barney, which makes me smile and makes me miss confident legendary Barney. He's in love with Robin, which I'm seriously happy about. Bad part: he transforms into Ted 2.0. Lily tries to get them together, Robin is clueless and sort of wants the old Barney back. And I don't blame her. The Barney scenes in this episode were the best. When it comes to Ted and Stella, I'm just blegh. I mean, I like Stella, and I like Ted, but there's not really that much that really draws me in. I like that she would lie about the film for Ted, and I liked her moment with Marshall, but otherwise? I don't know. What I missed were the Marshall and Lily scenes, and some scenes at McLaren's bar. Hope to see those next week! Overall, legendary episode.
  • Ted's engaged. Barney's in love. Robin's clueless. Marshall's unemployed and , well, Lily is a kinder garden teacher...

    Ted realises that he doesnt know many things about Stella although they're engaged. Marshall points this out so Stella has to pass the Star Wars test. Barney on the other hand tells Lily he's in love with Robin. Lily tries to help him get her. Robin, has work problems and thinks of quitting her job. Lily sets Robin and Barney on a date where Robin really misses the old Barney. Its a great pivotal episode about all the caracters taking the next step. Its a promise for a freat fourth season. Lets hope its not the last one. There's room for at least one more.
  • Does he know her? Does she know him?

    This episode was awesome! I had heard that Thomas and Bays had shot different outcomes to the 'proposal', but I didn't expect that we'd get to see all of them! I love how this show just knows it's characters. It can add a different dynamic (Barney being in love, Ted being engaged) and yet, it's still the same old characters that we all love! And still funny too. They dealt with Barney exactly the way (no, in fact better than) I hoped they would. Barney was still Barney, despite these new and unwanted feelings. This episode had the perfect amount of balance between the stories. We didn't see too much of one character, and yet we didn't see too little either. All in all, I was very impressed. Now, the Ted and Stella story will continue for at least a few more episodes (and I would guess, if Thomas and Bays have their way, for the duration of the series) It's still too early to claim that Stella is the mother. I'm just glad we didn't see them break it off, at least not in this episode.

    If this episode is any indication, we're in for another solid season of my (and your)favourite show on television.
  • Perfect!! I'm so glad HIMYM is back!!

    OMG, I loved it!
    Barney is in love!! Soooo cute!! And he asked Lily for help! Hahaha the punches are great, I always punch boys just like her when they do something wrong!
    Marshall needs a job!! Maybe he could go to work with Barney again!! Also, he needs a haircut!!
    I don't think Stella is the mother! I wonder what will happen for she and Ted breakup! Maybe it's when he realises she doesn't like Star Wars!! BTW, I've never watched Star Wars!
    I hope Barney don't give up on Robin...he laughing of her stupid jokes, so funny!! One's too long!! I can't wait until another episode!
    Ohh, I just remembered, gotta go check on barnet's blog!!
  • Season 4, Episode 1.

    Great episode! YAY for Barney and Robin! They are so cute together! Great episode!
    ROBIN: I went to the dentist. He drilled me... He drilled me hard... He filled all of my cavities.
    BARNEY: You're teeth look perfect.
    ROBIN: Who are you?!
    LMAO! I love them together! Ted and Stella too! They're so cute. I loved when Ted didn't know anything about Stella, and he made dinner with a secret ingredient that Stella was allergic to. Peanuts! Haha, that rocked so much! An ambulance rushed to the scene! Great episode, definitely, with a lot of good plots. It's definitely worth buying the whole DVD for. :)