How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 24


Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on CBS

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  • A fine ending for a disappointing season

    In the final episode of season 5, we have Marshall and Lily deciding to get a baby since they stipulated earlier in this season that they will do so if they see the 5th doppelgnger of the group, which is Barney. Besides that, Robin gets offered a job as a news anchor at an important station in Chicago, but can't decide what she should do because she is actually in love with her boyfriend and co-anchor Don at the moment.

    So, while this is definitely not a very special season finale with big things or cliffhangers happening, it does feature hilarious scenes. For example, the doppelgngers of Barney (yes, there are more than one) or Ted dyeing his hair blonde (for real!!!) and the hilarious jokes that the other group members have got for that. Most of the actors, with exception of Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris, are acting rather weakly in this episode and the screenplay isn't that good. However, it's a nice season finale with some important decisions being made and funny parts as well.

    I enjoyed this episode although I have to say that it's very reflecting on the whole season: nice to watch, but they can do it a lot better as we know it from the first season.
  • The end of season 5

    How do you end a season? Sometimes it's done by something big being done or having a cliff hanger making look forward to the next season. This episode didn't do that. Lilly and Marshall make a decison that they are not going to have a baby until they see the fifth doppelgnger. I think they did it because of how long they been friends with Ted and maybe deep down inside they are not ready to have a baby yet. It's probably more of the first one. My biggest complaint about this episode was that you didn't get to see the fifth doppelgnger. It would've been a nice way to end the episode. However I did like Barney's new of trying to hook up with chicks. I also really like that you get to see his senstive side that he wants Marshall and Lilly to have a baby.

    Robin's realtionship with Don are going until a job offer comes along. For the first time she struggles with the decision in deciding a career or love. When her choice is love, she gets burned by Don who takes the same job. I thought it was a little cold of him. I did like that how all of her friends especially Ted tried to help her. The jokes on Ted as a blonde were pretty amusing. I was really glad when Robin and Ted were on the couch and didn't kiss. It's even better when, no not yet. That's a little ways down the road.

    As with the start to this season, this wasn't the best episode. This would've been better if it was not the finale. However all things come to an end and new things start. You will see that in the first episode in season 6. But like I said that's a little ways down the road.
  • When did Barney learn to drive?

    I liked this episode alot ...but I was wondering when Barney learned to drive a cab because last I knew he was terrified of driving...I guess it makes sense because Braney is just that awesome that he can magically overcome his fears, earn t drive and get a license offscreen without any of us knowing.
  • Lily thinks she's found Barney's doppelganger.


    "Doppelgangers" is a great episode, but disappointing series finale. I love the idea of Lily and Marshall trying to have a baby once they find the last doppelganger. I love how they finally see Barney's doppelganger. The only thing I didn't like was how confusing this episode was. That's the problem with season 5, they make some episodes too confusing where characters can't make up their mind about something, and it just becomes annoying. I'm just happy that Lily and Marshall decide to have a baby at the end of this episode. Don's a jerk for taking the job Robin was offer. I give this episode a 7/10.

  • Probably not the best season so far...

    HIMYM used to be funny. Now, not so much. I found season 5 very weak. Things started to go downhill last year but this year has been even worse.

    It was sometimes hard to find a reason to smile. 6 years later, Friends still make me laugh! What a contrast!

    I think the writers are trying so much to delay the moment when Ted meets the mother that they are short of funny stories to tell.
    Even Barney and Robin who used to be my favourites tend to get on my nerves sometimes. I'll admit, there have been some nice moments but not enough to make up for an overall terrible season.

    I seriously hope that things will improve next year. Otherwise I don't know if I'll stick for long...
  • The fifth season finale brings some life decisions to the group.

    First, let me start off by saying that this episode was good, stand alone. As a season finale, I would have to say it was sort of a disappointment. In every season finale of How I Met Your Mother, we've had some hint of the mother. In this finale, no mention or hint of the mother whatsoever. I think this episode was more focused on Marshall & Lilly's relationship, which was good in a way, but still I felt like it needed more focus on Ted, than anybody else. We should be getting closer to finding out the mother, but we didn't get that from this episode. We got a Marshall, Lilly, and Robin plot. Robin has to make a career choice when she has to leave Don and all her friends to accept a job offer in Chicago, and amazing job offer, the job offer that she's been waiting for. She chooses romance instead of her career, which only puts her in a bad situation, when Don ends up choosing his career over love leaving Robin all alone. Making Robin move back in with Ted, it was nice to see things going back to normal with Robin and the group. The part that I really enjoyed and brought the rating for this epsiode way up was Ted's speech about being your own doppelganger, and showing flashbacks from the very first episode. It was a heartwarming scene, that helped the episode overall. Marshall & Lilly see Barney's doppelganger, but it turns out to be Barney, and then Lilly sees the fifth doppelganger for real, but it turns out she was seeing what she wanted to see, it wasn't really Barney doppelganger, then Marshall & Lilly finally decide to have a baby which is definitely eventful. Ted going blond was a nice touch to this episode. The Robin/Ted almost kiss was also a nice addition to the episode, and fit in to the concept quite nicely. Overall, a great stand alone episode, but if you watched this epsiode, not knowing it was the finale, you wouldn't have noticed. Great episode, okay finale.
  • Doppelganger Barney driving a cab?! Seriously?

    My first reaction after they revealed that it is actually the real Barney, i was like....
    wait a minute....i remember Barney could barely drive....

    In Season 2, Episode 17 "Arrividerci, Fiero", Ted taught Barney how to drive, and he didn't even know which is the brake and he was like going 5km per hour?

    But sure, people moves on and so does Barney. This is seasion 5 now and he could have already master the art of driving, and be able to fool others to think that he is a professional cab driver.

    The Robin and Don conflict is not very convincing, why can't Robin take the job and ask Don to move to Chicago together? It wasn't really a serious dilemma.

    Overall this is not a bad episode, but really doesn't look like season finale.

    I like the sum up from Ted that we are all Doppelganger of ourseleves.
  • Out of path.

    The episode was pretty weak. It wasn't in the usual line of the show and it seemed like they were trying to wrap the season up somehow more than worrying about the episode itself. Result: it had little to do with the usual writing of the show and the end of the season was weak enough not to look like the end of the season. To me, I grade it as one of the weakest of all the show's episodes. Nevertheless, I think it was not entirely out of line, so the end was quite smooth and didn't revolutionate the whole show, therefore it has no big consequences or links to the upcoming season, besides the couple deciding to have a kid, which we will see if it ends up being true.
  • A great season finale! The doppelgagnger storyline is hilarious!

    I've been impressed with the culmination of an ordinary season of How I Met Your Mother. The "sight'" of Barney's doppelganger was awesome, and they really came up with some great ideas for who the doppelganger would be (Tazi Driver Brarney and Estonian Sword Juggler Barney). That was absolutely hilarious!

    Definitely a hilarious episode and I was laughing quite a bit throughout it. I found the storyline was awesome, and I can't wait until Marshall and Lily have their baby! (Hopefully next season!)

    Not much aof a cliffhanger, in my opinion, but a decent ending nevertheless. Keep it up, guys! I hope this calibre is maintained into the next season!
  • not the best finale but a great episode overall.

    Everything about this episode was well written and funny. I especially loved barneys cab driver play lol i knew from the beginning it was just going to be one of his moves to pick up chicks. Also the whole thing with ted dying his hair blonde because people tell him NOT to do is was hilarious. I have to admit though by the end of the episode i thought he was pulling it off. Just need the red cowboy boots to go with the blonde hair and its over. On a more serious note this episode actually left me feeling bad for robin. For awhile i was starting to dislike the relationship with don, because it seemed to take robin away from the main group but it was really sad to see her give up the job of a life-time (her dream job) for love, which is something she couldn;t have done easily. And then after all that she is the one who gets hurt. I also liked that Her and Ted didnt hook up at the end, because that would've been cheesy and overall just not in good taste. So not really the best season finale, but overall a great episode and im glad the show is coming back for another season. I hope they eventually show a confrontation between Ted and Tony for the Wedding Bride movie, because i would've been raging over that.
  • Lily and Marshall seem to keep seeing Barney's doppelgänger, their agreed upon sign to try to get pregnant. Robin gets an offer for an anchor position in Chicago and is torn between accepting it or staying in New York with Don.

    That was a nice episode of How I met your mother even if the quest of the mother didn't go further in this episode for us watcher. This episode was nice because for once Ted wasn't the center of the show. I tend to be a little bit bored by this character. But I think that his final speach was really important because all the characters understand that they are not the same as they were 5 years ago (at the beginning of the show) : that they are their own doppleganger.

    We can see a new Robin who now choose love over her career. Barney was so funny as usual by creating his own doppleganger first to catch woman from all over the world ( that so like him to pretent to be a taxi driver in order to meet girls from all over the world and complete his 'challenge') and then to help and encourage Marshall and Lily to take the decision to have a baby.

    In this episode all the characters have grown up and they are doing a kind of report of how they have change through the last 5 years.

    What was disapointing for a season finale is that they didn't leave us with some questions which could have introduce next season like when Lily left ....