How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 2

Double Date

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

Future Ted tells his kids the story about a date that he had – twice. He was set up on a blind date with the same girl in 2002 and 2009, though neither of them remembered it, until later.

Barney arrives at the bar with four tickets to the Origins of Chewbacca exhibit and tries to get Marshall, Lily and Robin to go with him. The girls are clearly not interested and Marshall hops in a cab with Barney, excited to see the exhibit. Barney tells him it was just a decoy plan and the two head to a strip club. Barney says that they need guy-time together now that they're both in relationships. Barney believes that Robin would be completely supportive of his being at the strip club.

Ted takes his date Jen to the same restaurant they had been to seven years earlier and began having the same first date conversation they had.

Barney discovers that Marshall doesn't actually fantasize about other women. Marshall says that he has to kill off Lily in his dreams before he can have a fantasy about another woman. Barney tells Marshall that Lily gets him in real life, and she has no business in his fantasies. He tells Marshall to forget about Lily and focus all his attention on the next dancer to come out on stage. At that point, a dancer who looks exactly like Lily appears and the two freak out. Barney quickly calls Ted, who is still on his date, and tells him about their discovery.

Ted hangs up and he and Jen start to decide on food. Ted asks if she'd like to share the oysters and after she agrees, Ted cracked a bad shellfish joke and the pair realize they had already been on this date together seven years earlier. They start to remember other bits about the date and what went wrong. They decide then to relive that night and figure out what was so wrong with their dating habits that they'd end up on the same blind date. Ted finds out that Jen thought he was too snooty. Jen discovers that she spends too much time talking about her cats and her ex-boyfriend.

Marshall and Barney return to the bar where they share the news with the girls that they've found the third doppelganger. Future Ted explains that over the years they've found strangers that looked like members of their group of friends. First, there was lesbian Robin, then Mustache Marshall. Stripper Lily was the third. Marshall thought Lily would be mad that they'd gone to a strip club, but Lily was psyched to learn there was a stripper that looked like her. Meanwhile, Robin did not seem too pleased that they had gone to a strip club – the exact opposite reaction of what Barney expected. Barney makes Marshall tell Lily about how he has to kill her off in his fantasy before he can think about another woman. Lily is a little offended and wants to be a part of that fantasy.

Ted and Jen join the gang back at the bar and everyone tries to figure out what it was Ted did wrong that scared her off. Jen says that she remembered Ted being kind of a player. She thought he was checking out a girl when in fact he was checking out Mustache Marshall hitting on a girl. Ted then takes Jen up on the roof and they try to remember what happened. The two ended up kissing on their 2002 date and they realize the reason they never saw each other again was because Ted never called her and Jen turns around to leave. Ted calls her from the other side of the roof and asks to see her again.

Lily tries to fix Marshall's fantasy problems by going back to the strip club with him. She gives him permission to fantasize about Stripper Lily. Robin is there reluctantly with Barney and just as he tells her that he doesn't go there that often, the waitress brings over his usual drink and the DJ gives him a shout out. Stripper Lily arrives on stage and Lily starts throwing her money – a one hundred dollar bill!

Ted tries to redeem himself with Jen and they think about what could have happened had their original date gone well. They kiss and then Ted realizes why he didn't call her – because she didn't tolerate all of his little quirks.