How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 2

Double Date

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2009 on CBS

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  • A nice episode, but only fair compared to episodes from season 1 to 3

    This is another one of the rather ridiculous How I Met Your Mother episodes, as its plot is about Ted having a blind date with a girl he's had a blind date with 7 years ago. Of course, to bring up great jokes, we see both dates side by side as they run down practically identically. Lindsay Sloane plays Ted's date Jen and I really liked her, the two had a nice connection. The other story part is about the first double date of Marshall & Lily and Barney & Robin. It's a relatively unconventional double date as it sets place in a strip club in which Barney and Marshall had found a stripper doppelgnger of Lily earlier.

    This episode contained one laugh-out-loud-moment for me, when Barney tries to prove to Robin that he isn't visiting this strip club that often which absolutely fails. There are a couple of other well-written gags in it as well which at least made me smirk. The plot is better than average on this show and everything was executed well, therefore "Double Date" didn't disappoint me. However, there are a lot of little flaws such as the stupid final scene or Robin suddenly being totally pro-relationship. Great fans will really like it, though.
  • Ted's second date

    After Ted meets a women, quickly into the date, he and his date both realize that they have been on the date before. This was an interesting take. If you think this is bad on Ted remember this was before he met Robin. Also remember the girl didn't either. Another thing to remember is that Ted was close to a beard. When he and Robin broke up, remember how his face was. I think the blending together of the two dates was shoot very good as they both try to learn how they can improve. The first date that Ted had was important in that this was the first time you see a doppelgnger. While this was not having anything to do with the mother (I think) it is a fun part of the series. I also like that the producers tried to do use doppelgnger and not twin. You see 3 of them in this episode and yes (spoiler alert) you see them all.

    The relationship of Barney and Robin hits a snag when she gets upset that Barney went to the strip club. I think it's kind of funny how Barney kind of blows off Robin being mad. At the same time Barney is not a jerk at least not too much. Another reason this episode was good that the nymph side of Lilly is brought out when she sees her own doppelgnger. I like this is not brought up often and when it is I think it's a bit of tribute to her character on American Pie. The only bad or weird part was the dream that Marshall had so doesn't feel guilty of finding another women attractive. Plow her like a cornfield was pretty funny though. I enjoyed the ending when future Ted said of the mother on his first date with her.
  • Ted goes on a blind date.


    "Double Date" is actually a pretty cool How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Ted goes on a blind date, only to realize he's been on that same date with the same girl seven years ago. I love how picked out all the things that went wrong with that date in the past and they made things right in the present. I love how they had a great date but the major thing that went wrong with their date in the past was Ted never called her back. Marshall is so cute with feeling guilty about fantasizing about other woman. I love how he has Lily die in his fantasies to justify thinking about other woman. I love how Barney and Marshall find Lily's doppelganger at a strip club, Stripper Lily. I love learning about the other doppelgangers like Lesbian Robin and Mustache Marshall. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Mildly funny...

    A touch better than the season opener, HIMYM still continues to amaze me with ridiculous storylines.

    I did like a small part of strip club storyline, but the rest involving Ted and his date had the usual drag touch to it. A lot of shows thrive on some insanely stupid fantasies, HIMYM tried its hand at producing something similar to that. And unfortunately, it couldn't pull off an effective one like Scrubs usually does. The whole idea of Marshall's inability to fantasize about another woman, without having to kill of Lily is an insult to even a person with the maturity of a 12 year old. Things like Lesbian Robin, Mustache Marshall, and Stripper Lily are good, and probably they are themes like these that made HIMYM funny in the first place. It would be good if the show explores themes like these.
  • Ted goes on the same blind date he went on seven years ago.

    A definitely interesting situation, I found myself laughing through the whole thing. I have a good feeling about this season, it's like refreshed. It brought back why I love this show. Its unexpected comedy, heartwarming scenes, amazing work with the timeline. In this episode, it showed every aspect. The only problem I had with this episode was Marshall killing off Lilly before fantasizing about another movie. That was from an episode of King of Queens, the same exact situation except for the doppelganger. I didn't really mind that it was copied, but this show does have a reputation of "taking things" from other shows, so it bothered me. They did make it to something of there own when they realize that there is a stripper that looks exactly like Lilly. Robin finally admits she is in an actual relationship with Barney when she's mad that he went to a strip club. She's mad through the whole thing, and Barney just ignores it. The Ted plot was genius, when Ted realizes that Jen (his blind date) is the same girl from the blind date seven years ago, they both try to find out what went wrong. I love how they transition to seven years ago and the present. I also find it hilarious how they find their flaws from their last date. Things start to become serious, when Jen finds out the problem was that Ted never called her the next day. Then Ted apologizes, and just as he is about to kiss her. He remembers why, all the things that annoyed them about their date. He thinks that the one that you should be with can at least tolerate or slightly like those annoying things about you. So they end the blind date bluntly. It's still a great concept that developed amazingly. Great episode, like I said, I have great hopes for this season.
  • It was great, I loved it!

    The second episode of this season was even better than the premiere, in my opinion, and it was a very funny episode too.

    I loved the idea of the dopplegangers, particularly Lesbian Robin, and I can't wait until Barney and Ted are revealed. That will be awesome!

    I thought there were a lot of great moments within this episode, especially Lily throwing money at the stripper version of herself. That was hilarious!

    I would highly recommend this show and this episode because they are really funny! I hope we continue to get awesome episodes like this one. It had a great concept, and I enjoyed it, thoroughly.
  • Ted goes out on a date with a woman named Jen who he dated once seven years ago and works with her to see what went wrong. Marshall and Barney go to a strip club and find the other Lily.

    While this was a funny episode, what will make it legendary is the introduction of the character's doppelgangers. We have learned that Lily's is a stripper, Robin's a lesbian on the street, and Marshall's is a mustached man on a bus advertisement. According to future Ted, Barney and Ted's doubles will be introduced around Summer 2010.

    Season five is only two episodes deep but we are getting a lot more information on the mother than we have in the first four seasons. So far we know she is probably an economics student at NYU, she once owned a yellow umbrella, and she laughs a Ted's silly menu joke. It was funny to watch the flashbacks between 2002 and 2009 and see how times have changed for both Ted and Jen. What was interesting about this concept was that Ted and Jen had the chance to see what went wrong the first time they dated and see if seven years had changed things, as they changed their previous mistakes a series of jokes unfolded, and the two played out a different evening, which ultimately led to their wedding complete with feline bridesmaids. When they realized what went wrong, Ted never called, he admitted to being so busy the last seven years, and the two thought they could change their somewhat annoying quirks. In the end Ted realized that all the things Jen wanted him to change were the things he wanted in life and in his wife.

    Meanwhile Marshall and Barney went to a strip club, but pretended to go to a Chewbacca convention. Barney was admitting that since he and Robin started dating he is feeling like he needs a night away from Robin. So he takes Marshall to a place where they can both be men, a strip club. While at the club the two start up a conversation on how their respected partners will deal with their night out. Barney sees that Marshall is too terrified to even look at the waitress there, and then he explained an elaborate fantasy where Lily gets an incurable disease that leads to Marshall getting it on with a hot delivery girl. Then we meet her, Jasmine, Lily's doppelganger who just so happens to be a stripper. This discovery leads to what could be the funniest Barney line to date, "But first I'm going to make Marshall watch while I wedge Ulysses S. Grant between his wife's ta tas." This is the start of the doppelganger story, just another thing for us fans to keep anticipating, in the family of the five slaps and the goat. The girls now realize that the boys went to a strip club, while Robin was annoyed, Lily was curious as to how the guys in the club reacted to her stripper double. Still going on about all the things stripper Lily could do, Robin was still upset by the boy's evening out. So the four went to strip club to fix Marshall's fantasy problems. Robin is disgusted to see how familiar the staff is with Barney. Then we bring out Jasmine (Stripper Lily) who Lily goes crazy for, even slipping her a hundred dollar bill, then buys Marshall a lap dance. While Robin explains to Barney how this changes their relationship. To top the episode off after the lap dance Jasmine and Lily swap places, and Jasmine posing as Lily was great and then Lily fell off the pole.

    While season five is only two episodes deep there seems to be a recurring pattern, Ted has his own story and Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney are involved in their own story. Could this because Ted is now the only single one in the group? So far we have never seen this in the story of How I Met Your Mother, and it makes me think with his free time from the group could this be the year we finally meet the mother?
  • Ted goes on the same blind date he had seven years before. As Marshall and Barney discover a stripper that looks exactly like Lilly.

    As I have said many times in reviews, season four was poor to be very kind to it. When I saw the first ep of season 5 I was happy, it seems that there has been a solid start to this season and I am happy to say that this episode continues the move back into quality sitcome territory.

    This week Ted is on a blind date with a very pretty woman only to discover halfway through the date that they had already been set up seven years before. The two of them decide to retrace their steps and find out what they are doing wrong on first dates. Their journey takes them from the restaurant to McLarens and ends up on Ted's roof. They soon find out why things didn't work out and they react to that discovery, nothing bizarre or funny just nice. This was a great plot as you feel that the show could just be back on track with its premise of finding Ted's wife.

    As for Barney and Marshall they break off from Robin and Lilly to go to a strp club where they see a stripper that looks exactly like Lilly. Barney is having fun but Marshall feels guilty about fantasizing about other women, so much so that he has to first fantasize about Lilly dying and grieving for some time before being about to sleep with other women. To the boys' surprise Lilly is fine with them at the strip club but Roin is not. Barney plays dumb though and pretends that Robin is fine with it. A lot of the laughs from this ep comes from this plot.

    The show this week was funny and back on track I can only hope that the writers keep this up. It's not too late to get back to the heights of the earlier seasons!
  • Ted is on a date with a girl when they both realize they are having their second first date seven years later. Barney takes Marshall to a strip club and they find alternative Lilly the stripper. Marshall tells and Lilly is OK, but Robin gets mad.

    How the mighty have fallen. After last weeks fantastic premiere this story was not awesome! Especially the whole Ted second date part. The alternative Lilly part was better but could not carry the rest of the episode.

    Ted and Jen are on their first date in 2009. The funny part is they are reliving a date they had in the same restaurant seven years before. It should have been really funny but for some reason it was just mildly amusing. Ted's little quirks and the girls little quirks. They keep going back and forth trying to figure out what went wrong. When finally they realize that they're not compatible. That's what was wrong!

    Barney sneaks Marshall out for a night at a strip club. Marshall freaks as he thinks Lilly will be upset but Barney says Robin will be cool about it. Then they see alternative Lilly the stripper. Of course now Marshall must confess as they have met alternative Robin and Marshall in the past.

    So back to the bar to tell Lilly and sure enough Lilly thinks it's cool and Robin is actually pretty angry with Barney. As much about the lying as the strip club. Really!?! Barney?!? She can't be that surprised can she? Things get even more fun when Lilly takes Marshall back to see the stripper. The one thing Lilly does get mad about though is the fact that to fantasize about other women Marshall kills off Lilly in his fantasies. Therefore making it alright to look at other women? So we see Lilly, alternative Lilly and Marshall together having fun. Over at the bar Barney's trying to pretend that Robin's not mad but not doing a very good job of it. A fun episode to watch once. That's about it. I'm sure they'll bounce back next week. Thanks for reading...