How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 2

Double Date

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2009 on CBS

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  • Ted is on a date with a girl when they both realize they are having their second first date seven years later. Barney takes Marshall to a strip club and they find alternative Lilly the stripper. Marshall tells and Lilly is OK, but Robin gets mad.

    How the mighty have fallen. After last weeks fantastic premiere this story was not awesome! Especially the whole Ted second date part. The alternative Lilly part was better but could not carry the rest of the episode.

    Ted and Jen are on their first date in 2009. The funny part is they are reliving a date they had in the same restaurant seven years before. It should have been really funny but for some reason it was just mildly amusing. Ted's little quirks and the girls little quirks. They keep going back and forth trying to figure out what went wrong. When finally they realize that they're not compatible. That's what was wrong!

    Barney sneaks Marshall out for a night at a strip club. Marshall freaks as he thinks Lilly will be upset but Barney says Robin will be cool about it. Then they see alternative Lilly the stripper. Of course now Marshall must confess as they have met alternative Robin and Marshall in the past.

    So back to the bar to tell Lilly and sure enough Lilly thinks it's cool and Robin is actually pretty angry with Barney. As much about the lying as the strip club. Really!?! Barney?!? She can't be that surprised can she? Things get even more fun when Lilly takes Marshall back to see the stripper. The one thing Lilly does get mad about though is the fact that to fantasize about other women Marshall kills off Lilly in his fantasies. Therefore making it alright to look at other women? So we see Lilly, alternative Lilly and Marshall together having fun. Over at the bar Barney's trying to pretend that Robin's not mad but not doing a very good job of it. A fun episode to watch once. That's about it. I'm sure they'll bounce back next week. Thanks for reading...