How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on CBS

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  • How many times does Barney steal the show?

    Barney is just too much. NPH is nailing the character every episode. If in one episode he aint good enough then in the next one he gives u a laugh for both the episodes combined.About the episode though, it revolves around lily trying to tell Marshall about the credit card debts when Marshall plans to buy a new place in this shady area. Theres also a reason why the place got a strange name too.Ted tries to re-enact his detective self trying to solve lily-marshall fight and the scene where he thinks hes solved it and puts on a old fashioned sunglasses on is just too hilarious. Overall this episode was good and consistent with the previous one.
  • Marshall and Lily buy a new place, but their headstrong approach kicks them in the end. Barney admits to using apartments to seduce women.

    I liked this episode, I only now remember the Marshall and Lily storyline, but I feel like there wasn't really one for Robin and Ted, and we just got some slight Barney humor.

    Maggie Wheeler pops up again, now as a snoody realtor in the uber-exclusive Dowisetrepla neighborhood in Manahattan. I got to say I was like, I thought I knew all the Manhattan neighborhoods, where is this one. I liked the vision that Marshall and Lily had for the future family, Marshall's family band and Lily's little orchestra thingy, both ending with chocolate breakfast foods.

    Highlights of the episode;
    Lily in Shopaholic's Anonymous
    Robin mixing it with AA
    The giant champagne bottle
    Barney getting the spare key to new apartment, and his Asian parents.
    The CSI-like investigation of the fight that Lily and Marshall had, by Ted, Barney, and Robin.
    Dowisetrepla actually standing for DOwnWInd from a SEwage TREatment PLAnt.
  • A great episode.

    Marshall and Lily's plan to buy an apartment is hampered by mistakes and Lily's hidden debt; Barney claims to love commitment to seduce a girl This was actually one of the first episode of How I Met Your Mother that I ever saw, and I was pleasently surprised. I thought it was funny how Lily kept her shoppping addiction away from Marshall, and I thought that the ending was very cleaver. As always Barney stole the show, but he is the type of character that can make anything funny. Definately give this episode a watch. Bottom line it was just great.
  • Dowisetrepla = Downwind of the sewage treatment plant

    An amazing episode, and a setting stone in Marshall & Lilly's relationship, I didn't say a good setting stone. Lilly & Marshall have marital problems when Marshall finds out about Lilly's credit card debts that were revealed about in the last episode. Since Marshall has his new job, he unknowingly buys a new place. When he finds out, Lilly considers divorce so Marshall can get a better rate on the apartment. But Marshall was right when he said when he married Lilly, he married Lilly's problems as well. They end up buying the place putting everything on the line regardless of Lilly's debt by the end. We see Maggie Wheeler & Phil Lewis make an appearance. It was pretty much the same plot with Barney, he met a girl, led her on, slept with her, and left her the next day. I can't help to feel bad for all the girls Barney sleeps with, even though Barney remains to be the funniest character on this show. Ted & Robin reveal it's weird that their still friends after dating, that sounds more dramatic than it is. It was just part of a joke that I thought was eventful for them to say. I loved how Ted was using his "detective work" to dissect Lilly & Marshall's fight. I also liked the "That's what he/she/we should have said" gag. Great episode, that brought a lot of laughs especially by the end, since they find out that the town they now live in is downwind of the sewage treatment plant which makes it smell terrible during the week. Yikes. Excited for the episodes to come. Amazing funny episode.
  • Marshall and Lily try to buy an appartement in a neighbourhood called Dowisetrepla ... which is the main event of the episode, and the most boring event ever ...

    I'm getting bored watching that show ! We knew already that Lily had debts, so it was not really something new when it popped out during the interview with the bank ! Besides, it was not really a surprise seeing Barney inviting another girl in that appartement just to spend the night and not give a damn about her the next day.
    I'm expecting something new ! Something which really reveals who the characters really are, where they are really going ... how Ted meets his wife ! I'm bored waiting, I think I can't wait anymore ... this show needs to end or to find another direction anyway.
  • Lily and Marshall look for a new apartment.


    "Dowisetrepla" is an entertaining How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Lily and Marshall get a new apartment. I love how Marshall wants to take out a mortgage, and Lily's terrified he's going to find out about her debt, but then he finds out about it anyways. I love how Ted, Bareny, and Robin walk into the his apartment, only to realize that Lily and Marshall got into a fight. I love how Ted looks at all the clues about how the fight went down and what it was about. I love how Lily and Marshall find out that Dowisetrepla is short for Downwind od the Sewage Treatment PLant and that their neighbourhood smells really bad. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Marshall and Lilly get a place is what I should have said

    In season 1 Ted and Marshall get into a "fight" over the apartment. They decide to get their own place once they are married. Before they are married Ted moves in with Robin or least tries to only to move back in and be welcomed warmly by Marshall and Lilly. I think that with the wedding soon after that and that the first time they lived without Ted was weird is why they take longer to find a place. This time with they had too much and decide to move out and find their own place. I like that they never got in a fight over the things that Ted did or that Ted was mad at them. Also I think the things that Ted did was not too mean.

    I enjoyed that Lilly's secret was brought out in the open. If this was dragged on this season would not be as good. I also like that you never get to see the fight in it's full form. Ted going all NCIS was pretty enjoyable with Barney by his side. How Robin responded to Ted when he said he was good at being a detective is why well you know I won't tell you. (read my previous reviews) The trick that Barney did was pretty bad. But not for Barney. That is the great work of Neil Patrick Harris. Another thing I liked was that Marshall and Lilly never came close to a divorce. This is what Marshall and Lilly such a great couple. How Barney reacted was very sweet and may have done to offset what he did to the girl.

    This does not happen often but when future Ted interrupts the story (which is what I/Marshall.we should have said) is something I really enjoy. Also the callback to what Marshall did on this wedding day (his second of three very stupid things he did) was very good. This episode had a great ending.
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