How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 5

Duel Citizenship

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • Robin has to make the choice whether to become American while Marshall invites Lilly on his and Ted's Bro Road Trip.

    This weeks ep is a big improvement on last weeks ep that lacked any sort of real laugh out loud jokes or any real heart for that matter. While this week still wasn't as funny as seasons gone by it did have a fair wack of heart in it for the fans of the show.

    This week Robin is having to deal with some consequences after breaking a guy's nose during a fight at the Hoser Hut, her Canadian Bar. The guy files assault charges and may lead to her being deported. She tells Barney that she may need to become a citizen to avoid leaving New York and Barney decides to teach her to become a true american. All seems well before Robin relapses at the Hoser Hut and ends up in Toronto after a bender with the Canadian Women's Curling team. This story arc is basically one big Canada joke but it is quite funny and sheds some light on how Robin sees her self.

    In other stories, Ted and Marshall's pizza place in Chicago that they used to road trip to in college is closing down. They decide to visit it one last time with a final bros road trip. But Ted is left disappointed when Marshall invites Lilly to tag along for the road. Ted soon realizes that Marshall is no longer his own person and is always tied to Lilly. This arc has more heart than laughs, the recurring proclaimers joke from seasons gone by brought a smile to my face but nothng truly histerical in this story arc. This one again was more about heart and the relationship between Marshall and Ted and how it has changed since Marshall got married.

    Like I said this was a bi improvement on last week's Sexless Innkeeper but the writers really need to raise the bar or this show is really goig to fall by the wayside.
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