How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 5

Duel Citizenship

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • Robin must get her citizenship or return to Canada so Barney decides to help her. Ted and Marshall hear that their college road trip destination, a pizza parlor in Chicago, is closing so they go on a road trip, but Marshall brings Lily too.

    I'm not sure what happened here. I saw but didn't read all the other reviews for this episode. Lots of low scores though? I found this episode absolutely laugh out loud funny. Sure there was some really dumb parts but come on, it's a comedy, not rocket science.

    Anyways, the boys (Ted and Marshall) try to relive their college days and any of you who have tried to do what you did in your 18-21 age range again when you're in your thirties you know you're in trouble. Heck even your late 20's!

    The Tantrum soda bit was funny, Lily on the car after drinking four Tantrum soda's was funny, Crowley's Pizza was a scream and was classic, and finally the reaction to the pizza many hours later was very funny. Despite Lily going along and the Tale of Sparky, which was sort of humorous, overall a very funny storyline. The B and B was sort of different, but even that was a little strangely odd and funny.

    Now the Barney and Robin tale was a little more brutal, but maybe because I lived on the Canadian border for many years and have know some Canadians (Yes, it was a rude stereotype, but remember this is a comedy. South Park does it all the time! In a lot of ways this showed how stupid Americans can be as well!) I found this tale pretty humorous. This part was not as laugh out loud as the other storyline, but it was pretty funny. What was with Barney, Queen Elizabeth, and Elton John? They managed to even throw in the Canadian medical system as well as a jab at the end. I really enjoyed this episode and I still laughed out loud despite the fact I have an ingrown nail on my big toe that's about to pop! I'm not sure I can give this a better review than that. Thanks for reading...