How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 5

Duel Citizenship

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • Robin is from Canada

    When we first meet Robin you find out that she is from Canada. What makes Robin such a great character on this show is that is not your stereotypical Canadian you see on TV. Except for the occasional quirk, she is truly Americanized women. These quirks are funny and enjoyable. What was even funnier was the jokes the gang but mainly Barney did on Robin. Due to a misunderstanding (funny storyline) Robin has a chance to be deported. Unlike the previous time this was more funny. Barney drills Robin on test and then he helps her with the test. It was funny how Barney said he would help Robin. What was even funnier how he helped her to become a real American. His answers to help Robin had some truth to them. Again also funny. Robin ends up on a bender and ends up in her homeland. How this all ends up was a nice ending.

    Another good storyline with Ted, Marshall and Lilly. Ted and Marshall have always been friends since college and even when Lilly entered the picture they were a trio. They were a trio even after Marshall and Lilly were married. However somewhere along the line, the trio became Marshall and Lilly with Ted hanging out with them. Ted realizes this and wants to have a guys night out with Marshall to a pizza place in Chicago that they went to in college. Even though this pizza place was bad it was more about the trip. A wrench is thrown in the plan when Lilly decides to join. What follows was pretty entertaining. While this trip to the pizza place was different it help strengthen the realtionship of Ted and Marshall. On a small note, I did enjoy the energy drink Ted, Marshall, and later Lilly had.

    This was a nice episode, especially considering how the last two were.
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